Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Vietnam Charity Fraud

A.G. Schneiderman Announces Settlements With Vietnam Veteran’s Charity And Its Founder For Squandering Millions In Donations
Another horrendous example of a fraudulent charity raising many millions of dollars for vets, essentially none of which ever got to help any vets. I'm sure glad they caught this guy, but it should have been sooner. And above all, a fine of $100K and an apology and banning from charity raising are scarcely enough punishment for his crimes. And he was a VA lawyer! This is utter, total slimeball ripoff for personal gain. He should be fined every dime he has, his house, his car, his VA retirement should all be gone, and he should be in jail for maybe ten years. Or the old colonial thing of being put in the stocks in a public place, like right outside a VA hospital or a military base, so every day people could come by and throw garbage and worse at his face. Sadly none of that will happen, and he will go on in a free and probably affluent lifestyle. With happy memories of all the things he did with the money that was supposed to go to help vets. We can only hope that in the next life he'll be in front of a much sterner judge. --Del

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