Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Jihad in Denmark by Judith Bergman
Once again, yes, it is quite possible to be Muslim and be really OK with getting along with everyone else and there are millions of Muslims living in Western countries who are like that. However, that there is a sadly broad streak of fundamentalism in the world of Islam, where the passion for conquering the world is really deep, and the worst parts of some religious texts are considered to be the most important parts, cannot be denied. That would be like denying that some Germans who believed totally in the Nazi creed and policies existed. Unfortunately, the strong emotional drive of some in the West to hang onto fantasies about everyone being really OK, and multiculturalism is 100% a wonderful thing, just seems to roll along. We are seeing, after the many years of buildup of extremism and the pattern of atrocities, at last some reaction to radicalism in Europe. Long overdue and still not anywhere near where it needs to be to safeguard the societies there, but at least the sleepers may have one eye partially open now. --Del

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  1. The sleepers are the, seemingly, benign muslims to whom you refer.

    Every muslim must do as he is told by his immam and is to overthrow us by whatever means possible.

    The only difference between the sleeper muslims and ISIL is that the former, whilst engaged in the demographics of mass immigration and procreation, are happy sit back as their more impatient friends spread terror.

    It's all part of the plan.