Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Science Rules

Science Rules for the 21st Century.

1. Find a grantor (government, foundation, etc,.)
2. Research to find out what the grantor's agenda and biases are.
3. Propose a heavily funded research project to conclusively prove that the grantor's premise is correct.
4. Receive a large grant with a huge stipend for the researcher, plus a promise of more "if the research is acceptable."
5. Gather data from a wide range of sources.
6. Discard or "adjust" data that might be upsetting to the grantor.
7. Run the remaining data through your carefully designed computer models.
8. Discard invalid models/results that are incompatible with the grantor's premise.
9. Present the research paper to the grantor. Have it "peer reviewed" by a committee that already believes the grantor's premise.
10. Publish the research as a book declaring that the grantor's premise is settle science and must never be challenged, earning academic credit from your university and royalties, plus appearances on media outlets that already accept the premise.


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