Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Impeach Trump

Negating History. By Jim Geraghty
The Democratic message in 2018 will be that 2016 shouldn’t have happened. There’s a strange and sudden consensus in the political world about what topic will dominate our national discussion for the coming year or two: whether or not President Trump should be impeached. Ben Domenech sees Representative Ted Lieu (D., Hawaii) reading up on the House procedures of impeachment and predicts, “Democrats will impeach Trump if they win the House regardless what the investigation finds.” Washington Post columnist David Ignatius predicts the 2018 midterms will be “the ‘impeachment election,’ and it may be as bitterly contested as any in decades.” (Perhaps it will mark the seventh or eighth consecutive “most important election of our lifetimes.”) The Economist declares that Democrats and activists on the Left want “a speeded-up Watergate, fit for an on-demand age.” In other words, what unites and galvanizes Democrats today is the idea that the 2016 election should be undone.

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