Friday, May 26, 2017

Ben Carson

So Dr. Ben Carson, who came from poverty and worked his way to a very high function in society, says in an interview that sometimes what contributes to poverty is a negative mindset. He points out that some people will climb their way back up from poverty if you take everything away from them, while others will descend into poverty even if they win the lottery. Both of these are valid statements. Saying a mindset can "contribute" to poverty is no more invalid than saying that a mindset can contribute to success.

So what happens? Heads explode all across the progressive stage, furor arises, the news focuses on this, an apology is demanded, and he is again vilified as an ignorant Far Right extremist.

Uhh... but he didn't say anything that isn't sensible, reasonable, and he more than most has every right to that view. None of that matters, of course, because he strayed way over the PC line and that simply cannot be borne. The nasty idiocy rolls on. --Del

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