Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Electoral College

The Democratic Party’s 2016 Death March Presages GOP Suicide

Excerpt ...the one enduring function of the Electoral College is to ensure that presidents can't be chosen solely to represent the interests of the larger states and big population centers.... Let's put this in terms that might be easier for today's left-leaning young people to understand. In the popular Hunger Games books and films—a future dystopia written by a modern "liberal"—the nation is divided into rural districts that are subservient to a big, densely populated Capitol. That is precisely the result the Electoral College is designed to avoid. It is intended to give the outlying rural districts a political weight that makes them impossible for the urban elites to ignore.  (This article makes some really good and valid points. I’m a bit more doubtful of his conclusions. Time will tell. Ron P.)

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