Monday, December 26, 2016

Climate Change

Congress: Obama Admin Fired Top Scientist to Advance Climate Change Plans
Isn't this neat? An actual case of a federal employee scientist of high rank getting terminated for giving Congress actual answers to questions! Well, we certainly can't allow that kind of thing to go on, can we? Why, it undercuts Mr. Obama's divine mandate to do whatever he wishes on whatever subject. I hope this woman has been found, now that she's been vindicated, and she gets her job back, with back pay, and will be part of the new day under the new Administration. Where maybe telling the truth will be the normal practice. --Del


  1. You quoted the Free Beacon? Wow. Ok, I'll ignore that for a moment. But I cannot ignore the misreporting that you have repeated here. Nothing like twisting the facts to support your version of the truth, but it's commonly done by people like you.

    Lamar Smith is a well-known science denier. He's been taken to task many times for his phony position on climate change.

    The key claim by the Beacon is this:

    "removed Dr. Metting from federal service for allegedly providing too much information in response to questions posed by" Congress.

    The same story comes from the same source found elsewhere, the Beacon. Yet it is not true. It is a bogus claim regarding the real reasons for removal.

    As a former government employee, you have to be a pretty big screw-up to be removed. If your position is full-time, you probably have tenure as I did. To get fired, you have to violate a number of ethical rules. And you have all kinds of methods even if you are in 'trouble' to get reinstated.

    There is no possibility that Metting was removed for the reasons Lamar Smith is claiming (he made it all up in other words). If it were true, Metting would have had all kinds of legal recourse to be reinstated. That never happened as the record shows.

    His claim is pure speculative bullshit - being regurgitated by you and the Beacon.

    The "allegedly" comment in the original report is being widely ignored to support the bias and assumptions on why Metting was removed. It was not because as claimed, "for providing information to Congress". This is not supported anywhere and is the basis for your comments, the Beacon's comments and Smith's comments. This claim is totally unverified and without merit.

    The problem is Lamar Smith, who has gone after any climate change actions and activities. Smith has deliberately skewed the so-called "findings" to imply what he wants it to say - not what the finding ACTUALLY said.

    This is typical of Smith too, he's done it before.

    Smith goes even further in his bogus report ( claiming the LDRRP
    in favor of climate priorities. There is no evidence of this either, it's just something more that Smith has made up to fit his agenda.

    Read the report yourself. Take out your assumptions and preconceived notions. Smith is taking emails out of context for his agenda (and only reporting the cherry-picked ones he wants you to see, there are many more).

    Smith is a dick and he's making a mountain out of a molehill without any real proof.

    And this is old news, not even worth regurgitating, but typical of climate deniers who surely wish nature would get on board with their bogus "beliefs".

  2. As for firing, Weatherwax said Metting was leaving out important details.

    “The proposal to dismiss Dr. Metting enumerated a number of issues,” she told lawmakers. “There are a number of those issues which are not related at all to the briefing.”

    As I said - you have to be a real screw-up to get fired, and there are all kinds of things you can to to stop this, be reinstated, etc.

    Smith and his Republican dicks are lying. Which is what this asswipe always does.

    Now you have a chance to stand up and tell the truth. But I doubt you will.