Friday, December 30, 2016

Pettiness of the Left

So they ask the young singer, Jackie Evanko, to sing the national anthem at the inauguration. She happily agrees. She instantly comes under all kinds of vicious personal attacks, a prediction of her career ending, and a move to boycott her albums and performances. She stays firm in her commitment to sing our national anthem at our national ceremony. Her album sales quadruple. Maybe there's a lesson there, that there are more moderate and conservative Americans than idiot whiners and super sore losers. Maybe more of us admire willingness to sing our anthem anywhere for anyone than those who think they can oppress people from acting their free will. And what this does is just more of betraying the stupidity and downright meanness of those on the Left, who haven't figured out that acting out like this just demonstrates how unfit they are to make decisions for the rest of us. If they keep this up- and it seems they will- they may yet damage the Democrat Party for a very long time to come. --Del
More than Obama already has? Pettiness for political reasons never plays well. The nasty pettiness of the left is driving people to Trump. ~Bob

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