Monday, December 26, 2016


Berlin’s Zero Hour Is Also Angela Merkel’s: After an attack on the German capital, the chancellor’s moment of reckoning is upon her.
This is of course sad news, yet as the writer says, hardly unexpected. Of course it will deepen the concern of many Germans, and fuel the fires of the more radical. Can Merkel survive all this, or will the next election be likely to see a change in top leadership? I doubt that there will be continuing strong support for taking in large numbers of people from the Mideast. And the countries already refusing them, like Hungary, will get stronger in their policies. I can't blame them at all. If the German government could get off the fanatic PC bandwagon, they'd empower their police to get really serious about finding all the remotely fanatic ones, and the phonies who are not war refugees but just freeloaders for the great social welfare system, and start shipping them back forthwith. And any refugee who commits any crime past a traffic stop is on the next plane back within 24 hours, no long goodbyes, no appeals. Keep it simple. --Del

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