Monday, December 26, 2016

Hockey Stick

The D.C. Court of Appeals Undermines the First Amendment
Micheal Mann's famous "hockey stick" graph was totally debunked by very competent scientists years ago, to the point where even the fanatic Climate Change believers don't mention it anymore. He was formally admonished by the Nobel Prize committee to stop calling himself a Nobel Prize winner, which he had claimed falsely for years. Every comment about him by Steyn and others was based on the facts, the easily discernible facts, that he is a liar and a disgrace to real science. It's not libel when you call the guy a bank robber and the evidence of his being a bank robber is easy to find. How the DC court managed to stall this case for years and then come up with this inane decision is a real puzzle. It's cost the defenders tons of money and untold aggravation and wasted time. Now they have to fight and spend more, but when this goes up to the Supremes, it'll finally get demolished. At least, it better, or no one will be able to seriously criticize anyone else ever again for anything. --Del

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