Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trump re-tweeting Mussolini

As even casual readers of my blog know, I have held Donald Trump in contempt as long as I have had the misfortune to know anything about him. Indeed. I have said all year that I would not vote for him top be sewer commissioner, never mind president. That's a pledge that I intend to keep, unlike Trump's "I can't be bought because I'm self funding" or "I will release my tax returns" pledges.

I have compared him to Mussolini, saying he was far more like that bombastic, incompetent dictator than he does of Hitler, who was an evil genius at first, until he went completely nuts. So when I heard the Trump was re-tweeting Mussolini quotes, as reported in the NYT, I wasn't surprised. Then I read the terrible quote, "Better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years as a lamb."

Anyone with a nodding acquaintance of history will recognize this quote, attributed to Mussolini by one source in 1942, as being a variation of several much older quotes going back to Alexander the Great.

So Trump still reminds me of Mussolini, and I still won't vote for him, but the NYT needs better educated spin doctors for their hit pieces. ~Bob 

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