Wednesday, September 21, 2016

From a pilot on global warming

From the Net, supposedly from a commercial pilot. ~Bob

"I'm a senior Captain and pilot with (a major airline). On Wednesday June 8, 2016, I was flying into JFK from Asia. Over Montana, we were told by the company to expect a small delay in landing since Air Force One was landing at 3:00 pm. Looking at the FMS (computer), we were scheduled to touchdown at 3:23. Luckily, we were ahead on fuel by 6000 pounds. About the time we passed over Green Bay, they changed our route to go further north over Toronto and to the Kingston 1 Arrival. The closer we got to New York the more vectors i.e. heading changes we received. ATC gives vectors instead of holding patterns because they are graded on efficiency, and holding patterns i.e. delays, are not rated as "efficient." Alas, it became unavoidable, and we were put in holding over Kingston VOR. This was around 3:10, and we were given an Expected Further Clearance time of 3:45, or about 35 minutes of flying ovals in the sky.

Long story short, we landed at 4:23. Originally, we were going to be 30 minutes early, but due to Air Force One's priority handling, we were 30 minutes late, and very close to having to divert to Philadelphia. Understand that late afternoon/early evening is prime time for international flights arriving in JFK, and we heard several flights having to divert because of low fuel. This was just in our sector, and not including all the diverts in all the other sectors. No telling how many airplanes diverted.

So why am I passing this along?

Just think of the the number of passengers that were inconvenienced, by being late and missing their connections. Think about how much fuel was wasted by the many planes diverted or rerouted, and what was the cost to the airlines? How much extra did the airlines have to spend for employee pay? I get paid by the minute. How much did this Air Force One flight and all its ancillary expenditures (for a second plane, armored cars, personnel, security, etc.) cost the American people? All because His Highness was going to be on a late night talk show.

I don't know where he flew in from, but, if it was DC, he could probably have gotten there just as fast on his Marine One helicopter. In any case, there could have been a better way than flying a massive Boeing 747 (VC-25A) for an hour to JFK.

So the next time Obama talks about carbon emissions or cutting expenses, just know that it's YOUR carbon footprint he's talking about and NOT HIS. And now that he's announced he's going to support and stump for Crooked Hillary, the American public will also have to pay millions for his travel to present a totally-biased, liberal, anti-American philosophy that hasn't worked in the entire 7+ years he's been President. That just really pisses me off even more.

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