Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lucky or good?

Campaigning in Terror’s Wake. By Jim Geraghty
Excerpt: s of this writing, America is witnessing something close to its luckiest stretch of days in the war on terror. A homegrown radical Islamist set up multiple bombs but didn’t succeed in killing anyone. One bomb, aimed to go off during a marathon, detonated but didn’t hurt anyone because registration problems delayed the start of the race. Another went off in Chelsea, injuring 29 people but somehow managing not to kill anyone. A third was accidentally disarmed by a thief stealing the suitcase in which it was planted. Two homeless men discovered other bombs hidden in a trash can and alerted police. Less than a day later, the primary person of interest was captured alive in a shootout with authorities. Will the bombs allegedly set by Ahmad Khan Rahami be a major factor in this year’s presidential race? It depends on whether the electorate sees the events of the last 48 hours as sheer luck or a sign that the U.S. government, for all of its flaws, is succeeding in protecting the public.

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