Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cover Me Veterans

Cover Me Veterans - new charity in Madison Wisconsin.

At the quarterly luncheon of the Wisconsin Chapter, Third Marine Division Association on September 24, 2016, we had a speaker, Heidi Sigmund, PhD, a psychologist at the Madison, VA.

In her own time, Dr. Sigmund has started a 501c3 charity, and is president of Cover Me Veterans. Her woke with this charity is entirely on her own time, completely separate from her work at the VA. CMV seeks to reduce the number of suicides among veterans. Since they tend to be gun suicides, they are making available "gun skins" which go on the grips and magazines, personalized with something the vet cares about like family photos, to make him--or her--think twice. These are provided to veterans at no charge.

Their website is They are working to expand nationally. their website says: "Cover Me Veterans™ seeks to intervene in the act of suicide by placing a personally relevant and meaningful image on an individual’s firearm.
This powerful reminder will strongly encourage the Veteran to think twice before ending his or her life."

She reports an excellent response so far. Check out their website.

Bonnie and I made a contribution and the Wisconsin Chapter contributed $200 to their efforts.

If you know vets who might be in the danger zone, please pass the information about this organization to them. ~Bob

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