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Random Thoughts for December, 2014.

Random Thoughts for December, 2014.
By Robert A. Hall
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The GOP sweep of the midterm elections has some conservatives calling for "no compromise," and stringent measurers. But the GOP majority in the house and senate must try not to do things that damage the GOP brand with voters, if they want to win in 2016. The media will spin every action as negatively as possible. We need to talk about being willing to work with everyone, just as they do. Democrats also call for bipartisanship when in the minority, after years of Reid blocking every House bill, including bipartisan ones. But we can't alienate the base and donors either. A political tightrope, but necessary to walk if we want to stop "Benghazi Hill" from becoming the next failed president.

Whether in war, business, sports or politics, if you wish to make the opposition angry so they work twice as hard against you in the future, I recommend gloating.

Liberals lost because they didn't clearly tell voters how much big government helps them, and how government programs just need more money to be successful. They need to be more liberal and to state it clearly to win. Be sure to let your liberal friends know this.

We learned in this election that a "Clinton Democrat" is really an "Obama Democrat" who doesn't want the voters to know. In most cases, the voters knew anyway.

Obama said of the Midterm Elections that, "My policies, all of them, are on the ballot." His party got crushed. Now he says he doesn't "feel repudiated." What does it take to get through to this guy?

Obama's post-presidency book should be titled, The Audacity of Lies.

Impeach Obama? To budge 14 senate Democrats and convict, you need more than a smoking gun. Maybe a body, on video, and 100 angels as witnesses. Maybe. An effort to impeach helps the Dems raise money, and a failed vote to convict helps Obama the way it helped Clinton, because the media will blame the GOP and politics. But suppose you did convict? First, there would be riots in the cities, with hundreds dead and millions in damages. Which the media would blame on the GOP, not the rioters. Then you'd have President Biden. Who would go into 2016 with a united party, tons of cash, and 100% turn out among blacks itching to punish the GOP. Think about President Biden through 2020. Get over it.

Okay. Both President Obama and Congress have had ample time to act and didn't. Now the situation is a crisis. So by BEO (Bob Executive Order) I am relieving myself from paying any taxes. It's the right thing to do. (Note to IRS. This is satire. Look it up.)

I bet Sen. Mary Landrieu will be happy when the runoff is over. Win or lose, she can come back to her Washington mansion and get out of her parents basement, her legal residence in Louisiana.

The penalty for being neat and organized is that you often find yourself picking up after others as well as yourself. Doesn't help to just try to ignore their clutter--they can tolerate it and will outlast you.

What President Obama should have said in the case of Trayvon Martin. And in the case of Chris Cervini. And in the Case of Gilbert Collar. And in the case of Michael Brown. And in the case of Dillon Taylor. (If you don't know Cervini, Collar  and Taylor, Google them. They were whites shot by blacks in similar circumstances, but no riots so no media circus.) "I am as saddened and concerned as other Americans at any tragedy where someone loses his or her life. But we are a country of laws, not of men, and these cases must be adjudicated by our judicial system without pressure or comments from the President that would make it appear he was corrupting our system by putting his thumb on the scale of justice for one party or the other."

It is just as racist to attribute good characteristics to an individual based on his or her race, as to attribute bad ones. Character is determined by individual genetics, family environment and most of all culture, not race.

What the Grand Jury said: "We do not find enough evidence to indict Darren Wilson." What the protestors heard: "Good news! Free TVs, beer and fun for everyone!"

When you question Muslim beliefs, it's Islamophobia and racism. When they question yours, it's fulfilling their religion. When you question liberal beliefs, it's hate. When they question yours, it's politics.

We learn nothing from war. I think Sex, Shitting and Slaughter are in the human DNA and can't be removed.

Folk say you should balance work and personal life. If they meant it, wouldn't the weekend be three and a half days long?

I recently read American Freedom, American Slavery: The Ordeal of Colonial Virginia by Edmund S. Morgan, published in 1975, this well-written history of the Virginia colony and the foundations of American slavery is straightforward and free of today's PC requirement that every publication by an academic in the liberal arts areas advance progressive principles, however obvious the facts. In the 1600s, the Virginia Assembly complained that an act of parliament affecting their trade was the result of avaricious men "whose sickle has been over long in our harvest." I laughed out loud--nothing changes. Government is still where "avaricious men" go to put their sickle in your harvest. Here's other good quotes from the book: "Men with guns are not as easily exploited as men without them." p. 240. "Firearms were great levelers, and the use of them by ordinary men against established authority was in itself enough to generate leveling thoughts.

Any favorable mention of guns is now so taboo on our PC-campuses, that in ten years a historian writing about WWII will not be able to mention that the allies were armed when they took on the evil Nazis. Of course, the Nazis may not be depicted as evil by then--after all, they were certainly anti-Zionist and are still revered by Islamists, who are very PC.

If the Muslims ever decide to get along and stop slaughtering each other over who practices the True Islam, we are in real trouble.

I must be thick, as a liberal cousin once called me. I just don't understand how black thugs, cheered on by black "leaders,"  burning down the businesses of hard-working black owners fights white racism.

The New York Times doesn't like me owning guns. I don't like them peddling left-wing propaganda. Rights are not subject to other people liking your exercise of them.

Only a liberal like Obama could campaign on lowering medical costs, then put a tax on medical devices, raising the costs to patients.

Blacks who attack other blacks as "acting white" when they try to get an education are ensuring that many of the next generation of black adults will be poor, ignorant, dependent on government handouts and usually unemployed. Since educating slaves was illegal in the slave states, blacks who get an education are acting in defiance of the slave owners, some of whom were black. Blacks who don't get an education are acting as the slave owners thought proper.

Getting political advice about candidates or policy from a singer or actor is like getting investment advice from a hooker or health care advice from the pest control guy. It might be right...

"Unbiased source." Someone who agrees with you.

The Democrat rule of politics. Illegal: "If you vote for me, I will pay you ten dollars." Legal: "If you and your group votes for me and I win, I will pass a program that will put millions of dollars from the public treasury in your pockets."

When China doesn't honor the new climate agreement (and they won't), we will send then a strongly-worded note along with our next request to borrow money to fund vote buying.

Be interesting if the media would send interviewers to ask American Imams about their views on gay rights & same sex marriage. The clash of liberal-favored groups is coming.

If elected President, will 1/32-native-American-by-family-tradition Sen. Elizabeth Warren ban "Hail to the Chief" as racist?

Want to keep wages and jobs down for black people? First, encourage them to be anti-education as "acting white," so they don't have the education for better jobs. Second, increase the minimum wage to eliminate a lot of entry level jobs so they don't develop basic job skills. Third, import lots of low-skilled but hungry third world immigrants to depress wage to minimum (or less under the table) and to take the remaining low-skill jobs.

I'll consider what Obama says about global warming, ISIS, fast and furious and the IRS right after everyone gets to keep their plan and their doctor.

The courts often knock out suits because the plaintiff "lacks standing." Any citizen should have standing to sue for a violation of the Constitution.

I think Democrat senators fleeing the state a few years ago so the legislature couldn't vote on Walker's reforms may have been the start of Democrat decline in WI.

Scariest thing in the world: A sociopath who is also an idealist.

Always kick your enemy when he is down. If he deserves kicking at all, that's the best time. If you let him get up, there's a fair chance you will be the kickee rather than the kicker.

Peter Kassig converted to Islam, and was heedless of the danger of the Islamists. Now he's headless as well.

Uncle Tom. Noun. Derogatory Democrat name for black people like Dr. Thomas Sowell, Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Walter Williams, Senator Tim Scott and Rep-Elect Mia Love, who came from humble backgrounds, often poor, who through hard work, intellect and ability made a success of life and dare to have their own opinions.

I have a new bumper sticker: "Pacifism is a luxury paid for by Warriors." But given the way the world is going, fewer are ready to pay every year. The time is fast coming when the pacifists will have to give up their luxury or their lives. Given their limited mental toughness for doing what is needed to survive, they will likely lose both.

There is a big push to eliminate political gerrymandering of Congressional districts. But only in Republican controlled states. No interest in states where Democrats control the legislature. So it's a hot issue in Wisconsin, no issue in Illinois.

Thug rioter logic: Give us what we want or we'll wreck the community we live in!

As is the way with guys dealing with the challenges of age and health, I'd give a lot to be young and back in the field with Marines. I wouldn't even complain if I drew Ham and Limas from the C-rat box. (Yes, I know they were long ago replaced with MREs, but I'm sure they have come up with something equally noxious.)

Islamists are just Nazis in nightgowns....

Liberals love veterans. But they'd like them better if they hadn't used all those nasty guns in the wars they were in.

I notice that the criminals who are most demanding of their legal rights in the judicial system were usually totally unconcerned about the legal rights of their victims.

Note to self: When making notes to self in note book, be sure self can read the note the next day.

When I grow up, I plan to have a career in the booming field of Protest Looting. Lots of things offend me, so I should do quite well.

Here's wishing all Islamists what they are wishing for Christians and Jews. Does that make me Islamophobic?

I don't go shopping on Black Friday. Does that make me a racist?

How about we pull all white cops out of black neighborhoods, and give black cops the option of serving there or not? If there is a crime, only black officers who volunteer can respond. That will end the constant charges of racism against white cops. Of course, the last business will be gone in three months.

Everyone has good stories to tell. But not everyone is a good story teller.

The majority of voters want a travel ban to keep Ebola out. The majority of voters have always opposed Obamacare. The majority of voters support the Keystone Pipeline. The majority of voters oppose late term abortion, not to mention partial birth abortion. The majority of voters oppose illegal immigration. The majority of voters support Voter ID. The majority of voters think the IRS was used politically. The majority of voters support school choice and vouchers. The majority of voters support fracking and want lower energy costs. The majority of voters support concealed carry. The majority of voters oppose Common Core standards and testing in the schools. The majority of voters oppose giving benefits to illegal aliens. Like slave owners who believed that as the elite, they knew what was best for the slaves, the Government now strives and usually succeeds in blocking the things a majority wants and ramming through things a majority opposes. It is hard to believe that government of the people, by the people and for the people has not perished from the Earth.

We are always in the process of "becoming." No one is the person he or she was five years ago, or will be in five years. Change continues until death. but positive change is under your control.

I wish I had time for all the things I was going to do and see when I got the time.

I think the reason big business and the chamber support illegal immigration is a racist one--they think for low level, unskilled jobs, Hispanics are better, more reliable workers than native blacks.

I was going to ask Santa for a gun for Christmas, but figured I couldn't pass the background check. I'm a veteran, Christian and Republican. That's three strikes.

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