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A Real Thanksgiving Hero

We had ten for Thanksgiving, could have fed 20 and sent them home with leftovers. I baked Blueberry Crumble, two Pumpkin Pies and made Cranberry Sauce--all low sugar. We had two gallons of no-sugar-added vanilla ice cream for the crumble.. One guest brought a large pumpkin pie and two tubs of homemade fudge, another brought two chocolate silk pies. Thus all this was equal to at least 8 regular pies for 10 people, one a toddler. That was just the dessert. It went from there. By the end of the night, Bonnie was engaging people in conversation while I slipped leftovers in their cars. Oh...~Bob

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General News and Comment

Libertarian Commandments

The Statist Dictionary. By Robert A. Hall
Older, but still timely I believe. ~Bob

Excerpt: Hagel told interviewer Charlie Rose in the third week of November that budget cuts are threatening American military capability. ...Captain Fanell, a senior intelligence officer with the U.S. Pacific Fleet, also paid with his job for stating that Chinese policy is becoming increasingly aggressive as it seeks political and military objectives in the South and East China Seas. Put Hagel’s warnings (and those of his Obama-appointed immediate predecessors) about a hollow U.S. military together with Captain Fanell’s caution about Chinese aggression in the West Pacific, and uncomfortable questions about the substance of the U.S. “pivot to Asia” emerge.

Worth Reading: In His Son's Steps. By Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran.
Excerpt: As soon as Bill Krissoff glanced out the front window during breakfast to see who had rung his doorbell at eight on a Saturday morning, he knew. Three Marines, ramrod straight in their dress blues, stood next to an Army chaplain. Nate, Krissoff's elder son, twenty-five years old, had deployed to Iraq with an elite reconnaissance battalion as a first lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

Planning consultant says Antioch’s crime, schools, homeless are deterrents to employers locating here
Excerpt: Arnold and Jerry released 50,000 criminals from prison. An unknown number of criminals were never prosecuted by DA’s. since they knew even if convicted the criminals would receive little or no jail time—so why waste the money and effort. We now have Prop. 47 which will release another 10,000 criminals—and more crimes will not be stopped since cops no longer have an incentive to prevent crimes. Policy has consequences. In Antioch it is an economic dislocation.

Silicon Valley Uses Foreign Workers to Cut Pay and Jobs of American Workers. By Stephen Frank
Excerpt: Zuckerberg, Gates, Schmidt are all tech leaders. They are demanding and begging Obama and the Democrats increase the H1B1 visas and to increase the length of time an Optional Practical Training visa from one year to unlimited. They back up their efforts with millions in donation to Democrats and some Republicans—if Washington agrees it will save their firms hundreds of millions. It will also cost the jobs of tens of thousands of honest Americans qualified for the jobs they and the Democrats want to give to foreigners. Why? They pay foreigners significantly less than Americans. Crony capitalism is alive and well in the Democrat Party.

Worth Reading: My Fellow Marines/Navy and "Like-minded" Friends:
Excerpt: I am looking forward to the book ABOUT Hillary Clinton and EXTREMELY happy that as a woman, I am NOT blinded by her lies and inability to effectively perform any duties she has ever been assigned. I am also happy that I still remember her so-called "exploits" in the White House with Marines I knew who worked there and talked about her rudeness and contempt for the military. I would not let her take my dog to the hospital if it bit me and had rabies! Women in this country need to start doing their homework and taking responsibility for that magnificent right to vote. Just because there is a female running for office does not mean that she needs to be elected or even deserves your vote. ... Just Sayin', The Gunny (a black, female, retired U.S. Marine). [I received this from another veteran, who knows the author personally, but did not supply me with her name and e-mail. I still thought this was worth passing on, as a welcome reassurance that there are people of color who aren't all about the color, but are about being Americans first. Actually, there are a lot more than a few such other Americans, but of course they don't exactly get sought out by the mainstream reporters. We all understand how that works. I just want to say to 'the Gunny' thanks so much for your input. You've expressed yourself just like we like to hear a Marine do a shout-out of what's on their mind, and we are with you all the way. S/F --Del]

Getting Bolder: NATO unconcerned by Russian warships in English Channel
Excerpt: A squadron of Russian warships entered the English Channel on Friday but a NATO official dismissed a Russian media report that they were there to conduct military exercises.
Russian news agency RIA quoted the Northern Fleet as saying its vessels, led by anti-submarine ship Severomorsk, had passed through the Strait of Dover and were now in international waters in the Seine Bay to wait for a storm to pass. (Where is Drake when they need him? The Brits can stand on the shore and sing, "Rule, Britannia, Britannia rules the waves..." ~Bob)

Finland legalises gay marriage
Excerpt: The Finnish parliament has narrowly approved a citizen’s initiative to legalise same-sex marriage. Gay couples in Finland have been able to enter into registered partnerships since 2002, but until now the country was the only in the Nordic region not to allow same-sex marriage. Finland is now the 12th European state to do so. (My senate district had a large Finn population. Strong and independent folk--I dated several Finnish girls. The local Finnish society made me an honorary Suomalainen [Finn]. Which entitles me to be itsepäinen. [Stubborn in small matters.] I have tried to deserve the honor. ~Bob)

What a Burger King Employee Did After Finding $100,000 in Cash
Excerpt: So Bakawla opened the backpack, hoping to find an ID or some way of getting in touch with the owner. She never expected to find stacks of $100 bills, adding up to roughly $100,000. ... Police are looking for the individual who forgot the bag, which also contained a small amount of marijuana and some candy.

Excerpt: The Daily Caller first reported that ex-IRS official Lois Lerner and White House policy adviser Jeanne Lambrew exchanged confidential taxpayer information about a conservative group that was suing to stop Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate in 2012. Now, with 30,000 Lerner emails set to be turned over to Congress, new information is surfacing about the White House-IRS information pipeline. The legal advocacy firm Cause of Action sued the Treasury Department’s inspector general for information about further IRS coordination with the White House. 

Poll: Nearly One-Third of NH Republicans Would Support Romney in '16. By Daniel Doherty
Excerpt: All of which is to say that New Hampshire has history of bucking national trends and electing and re-electing candidates unexpectedly. It’s also the first-in-the-nation primary state. Thus, it’s somewhat interesting to learn that roughly one-third of GOP primary voters in the state have a candidate in mind who they’d support in 2016. According to a freshly-released poll, presidential also-ran Mitt Romney garnered 30 percent of the vote, followed rather distantly by Sen. Rand Paul (11) and Gov. Chris Christie (9). (While I'm not for Romney at this point., would support him over Obama-savior Christie and Rand Paul due to his foreign policy. ~Bob)

Obama Putting at Risk “What’s Best About America
Excerpt: "As families gather to celebrate the American miracle, many are troubled and in disbelief this Thanksgiving because the President of the United States has “gone rogue” and is abetted by a compliant media,” Mike Flynn, spokesman of Conservative War Chest said announcing the new 2-minute television ad. “Just weeks ago, millions of Americans voted for a new direction in this country. Unfortunately, the President has chosen to slip the surly bonds of politics and ignore the voters,” Flynn added.

Interesting: Myths & Misconceptions: Vietnam War Folklore. By Michael Kelley 
I'm not sure who Michael Kelley is, and this essay of his is now 16 years old, but he sure put a lot of work into it about various aspects of the war. A great deal of it is very good, valid and accurate. I disagree to some extent with his trying to say that almost all of us disliked and distrusted all Vietnamese, certainly some of us did, some of those who served in the big bases never dealt with any VN anyhow, and some of us tried to get along with them, and understand what a mess the war had made of things for all of them. The major disagreement I have is with his very last section, where for reasons I just don't undestand, he implies that we had lots of "volunteers" who weren't really volunteers at all, like during WW2 when all kinds of petty and not so petty criminals were given choices by a judge of jail or enlisting. Even then, such men were a tiny percentage of the 13 million who served. In Viet Nam I never met anyone who'd been forced to enlist, nor among any of the many vets I've met since. I doubt there was one guy in a thousand who was forced to join by some judge. Did we have some idiots, jerks, and slimeballs among us? No kidding, you can't possibly get a million guys into any of the services and not have some who aren't among the finest that the nation has to offer. But the vast majority of men I knew were great guys, with whom I was honored deeply to know and serve with. Anyhow, some may find parts of this guy's essay, apparently written for a class at the college, to be informative. Or you may find other parts you disagree with.... hey, we get to do that! But I pass it on for everyone to make up their own mind. And I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, it was the best one I've had with my wife and her extended family for some years. We all have so much for which to be thankful. --Del. I liked and trusted a lot of the Vietnamese and Bru we worked with in Khe Sanh ville. And I volunteered for the Marines and volunteered for Vietnam. My outfit, G/2/10 was going on a Caribbean cruise. When they told me no orders, I requested mass with the Col.--and got orders. And a stripe. Guess he thought if I was that nuts, I deserved to be a Cpl. ~Bob)

From the e-newsletter: My Son
For all of those that have sons or daughters at boot camp let me pass on what I found. Let me give you a little background first. When my son left home he had no motivation, he was lazy, slobby, no pride, no self-worth. This is the boy that got off the bus March 18th at Parris Island. The man that I met on Thursday for parent's day is AWESOME. There is no way I can describe to you all the difference. He looks different, he walks different, he talks different, he has such a sense of bearing and pride all I could do was look at him in awe. Oh yes, the training is hard, what he went through is unimaginable to any one that has not been there. They are definitely taught to be Warriors. Let me tell you the surprise of what else they are taught. My Marine son has better values, better morals, better manners than anyone I know. It is so much more than Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am... so much more. He cares about how he looks, he cares about what he does, and it's not a boastful, bad azs thing. He is a true gentleman. I saw patience, and a calmness in him that I have never seen. I could never express my gratitude enough to the Marine Corps for what they have given my son. I know this, I have an 11 year old Devil pup still at home. When the time comes for his turn if I had to I would take him kicking and screaming all the way. Although I'm sure that will not happen. The hero worship I see in my younger son's eyes for his Marine brother tells me I will have two Marines in the family, and I will be one very proud mother. --"Cybil", Mother of a Marine

What Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation Tells Us About Separation of Church and State. By Carson Holloway 
Excerpt: At this time of year 150 years ago, in the middle of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln issued his second presidential proclamation setting apart the last Thursday of November as a day of national thanksgiving. By doing so, and thus repeating a practice he had first established the year before, he set in motion a tradition that Americans still observe today. Lincoln’s proclamation—and indeed the entire history of presidential proclamations of Thanksgiving—challenges contemporary liberalism’s claim, endorsed by liberal majorities on the Supreme Court, that the Constitution requires a strict separation of church and state. (Excellent article pointing out that the Founders and all of the Presidents intended for separation to mean there could be no official religious sect for the entire nation, as there was for centuries in Europe under the Catholic Church, or later on under Henry the 8th in Britain, or in some parts of Europe at various times under particular Protestant sects, or today, as there is in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and ISIS under whichever Islamic sect is in power there. But the Founders most certainly believed in the need for and power of religion as a basis for society, and that the system of ethics coming from religion was a great foundation for the exercise of democracy. The idea of a religious foundation for morals and ethics was a mainstay of belief and practice for the Founders and those who came after them. There is nothing like enmity between the nation's government and the ideas and practice of religion, although the fervent secularists want to say there is. And then they want to substitute their secular belief system for religion, which is actually just replacing one system of beliefs with another, although they don't see it that way. Meanwhile, I'm with Lincoln and the Founders, religious principles and ideals were the foundation of this country, and we need to keep honoring them. --Del)

Tenn. dad attacks alleged pimp with baseball bat for trafficking 12-year-old daughter: police
Excerpt: Before officers arrived at the scene they were flagged down by the child's father who accused Jones of holding his daughter against her will to perform sexual acts on several men.

The Mighty Moms of Walter Reed: Caring for children wounded in war. By Jennifer GriffinJustin Fishel
Excerpt: As Americans give thanks, there is one group of women they especially need to remember over the holidays: the Mighty Moms of Walter Reed. They pick up the pieces when their children return from war. The stories of ten mothers and their children are featured in a new book, Unbreakable Bonds, The Mighty Moms and Wounded Warriors of Walter Reed.

Pensioners storm banks, sue president as economic blockade enforced on E. Ukraine
Excerpt: Kiev is enforcing an economic blockade on eastern Ukraine, where banks are closed and cash machines and credit cards aren’t working. Disrupted social payments to the elderly have become the most acute issue.

Gun News

Students had ‘clear shot’ at FSU shooter; Gun free zone disarmed them. By Michael Dorstewitz
Excerpt: One of the victims of last week’s Florida State University shooting is a concealed weapon permit holder. Another person who was there is a seasoned combat Army veteran who “had a clear shot at the shooter” during the incident. Both were helpless to do anything because FSU is a “gun free zone.” Although the concealed carry holder, Nathan Scott, was himself shot in the leg, he was nonetheless able to limp out and warn others. (The people who are going to break the law by shooting innocent victims are not going to obey the law on gun free zones." Only idiots think otherwise. ~Bob)

Excerpt: There is probably a place, somewhere in the country, where people are already camped out in front of a Cabela's, waiting for Friday at 6 a.m. so that they can go in and get a discount on a new firearm. Of the 10 days on which the FBI has conducted the most background checks since December 1998, two are the last two Black Fridays.

Race Card News

How to keep blacks poor
Want to keep wages and jobs down for black people? First, encourage them to be anti-education as "acting white," so they don't have the education for better jobs. Second, increase the minimum wage to eliminate a lot of entry level jobs so they don't develop basic job skills. Third, import lots of low skilled but hungry third world immigrants to depress wage to minimum (or less under the table) and take the remaining low-skill jobs. ~Bob

Post from a blog reader
Overheard in the checkout line at a store: "If they don't want to be gunned down like rabid dogs, then perhaps they should not be acting like rabid dogs." Words to live by... 

Final evidence on Michael Brown case
It turns out that all the forensic evidence has been made public, using the link. One of the files there is the toxicology report. Below the link is a key section from that report. Those levels of marijuana chemicals in the blood and urine are extremely high. Brown was seriously stoned out of his mind when this sad mess started, which goes a long way to explaining why he would slam a police car door on an officer, then punch him through the window, then grab his gun, and then, finally, charge him in rage. All this is now open to anyone who wants to see what the Grand Jury saw, but we still have people spotted all across the country in aggressive protests of the Grand Jury not indicting the officer for anything. How in hell could they possibly indict him, with all the solid evidence of what happened? They did their job, the system worked just as it is supposed to work, but because of the rampant extreme emotionalism we now see in the increase in racial divide in this country, which is only magnified by the "leaders" of the Black community, there is not application of facts, logic, and reason to the situation. And businesses who have total zip to do with any of this get burned and looted by thugs, who don't care if the business is owned by a Black or not. I am deeply disappointed that the authorities haven't come down really hard on this, arrested people by the dozen as soon as the first stone was thrown or window smashed. Allowing mobs to run rampant doing huge damage is exactly what those in authority are supposed to prevent. This has been and remains a sad and incredibly stupid mess. --Del

Interesting: The Pain of the Watermelon Joke. By Jacqueline Woodson
Excerpt: I was a brown girl growing up in the United States. By that point in my life, I had seen the racist representations associated with African-Americans and watermelons, heard the terrifying stories of black men being lynched with watermelons hanging around them, watched black migrants from the South try to eke out a living in the big city by driving through neighborhoods like my own — Bushwick, in Brooklyn — with trucks loaded down with the fruit. (At a flea market in NJ, there was a fellow selling collectible metal figures. He had a section he called "derogatories," mostly demeaning figures of blacks. They included many with watermelons. And when researching the election of 1912 in the Fitchburg Sentinel for my masters in history, I discovered the paper used to run a strip called "Coonville Comics," where Sambo eating watermelon was a regular feature. So no one denies that racism was and is a huge problem. But in my view, it is no longer the main thing holding blacks down. That would be the culture too many grow up in, where getting an education is "acting white" and pathologies lie violence, non-martial births and drug abuse are endemic. Government dependency is encouraged by race baiters, black and white, who get their power and wealth by having a base of docile black voters. Dr. Thomas Sowell, the brilliant black economist who has done a lot of research on race, points out that in the entire 1930 "Jim Crow" decade, 119 blacks were lynched in the whole South. More black folks than that are murdered in three months in Chicago by black thugs, to little notice or concern. Race means nothing--culture is everything. I recommend Sowell's book, Race and Culture. ~Bob)

Why many whites dismiss racism: Black Firefighter Cries ‘Racism, Police Bullying’, Cop’s Body-Cam Proves Him Wrong
A Black firefighter with his two young sons leaves a game in the city and walks by his own fire station, which somehow had been left wide open with no one in attendance. He went in to check it out and close it, a passing cop saw him, thought it might be a burglar, and accosted him, in clearly firm and somewhat aggressive manner initially. After hearing his explanation, he accepted the man's official ID, told him and his two boys they could lower their hands and relax, and he checked out the ID, came back, apologized for scaring them, but said he was just checking out things as he should. This is fine, it's what's supposed to happen, although no one likes to be taken for a burglar and told to stand with hands up for a few moments until things are clarified. The firefighter, for whatever reason, decided to make a complaint about this, and told a very different story and had his sons tell the same story about being threatened and crying and the cop being nasty and never apologizing, etc. The cop was White, so he claimed this was racial profiling and nastiness, etc. What he wasn't aware of was that the cop was wearing a body camera, that recorded the entire incident, including him telling the man and his boys to relax while he just confirmed the ID, and his also apologizing for scaring them. He really did things properly and with no racism involved. I don't know what will happen to the firefighter, but he's blown his credibility completely, and the worst part is that he coached his two young boys to tell the same false story about how badly they were treated. Now he owes the cop an apology, but of course that won't happen. Why would a man try to make the encounter something it wasn't? It has to be part of some kind of mental contortion where he ends up feeling he must have been victimized because he is Black, and to really get attention he has to have a story that is dramatic, so he makes it up in his mind and gets even angrier when he tells it. He may have come to believe it himself after running it through his head a bunch of times. When things like this can happen, it scares the heck out of me, it says that we've developed so much paranoia about White cops (yes, I know there certainly are some bad actors and bad practices, but it's not everyone, everywhere, every time and we need people to not think that it is) that they can react like this to something that wasn't racist or nasty. It becomes a lose-lose situation for everyone, and just keeps deepening the racial divide that we need so badly to lessen. --Del

Worth Reading: Ferguson’s Violent Hangover and The Incredible Shrinking President. By Patrick Henningsen
Excerpt: Professional street agitator of Freddy’s Fashion Mart fame, FBI supergrass, and (somehow) now a White House ‘advisor’, Al Sharpton, wasted no time getting in front of TV cameras and claiming that street outrage, rioting and looting were somehow ‘warranted’, and proceeded to deliver a veiled threat to the prosecutors office stating, “This is not our first rodeo McCulloch, we will deal with this in a way civil rights leaders have”.

3 Myths About the Rioters and Looters of Ferguson. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: The angry rioter is a sacred figure in the progressive pantheon of social justice. The shirtless men in bandanas carting away cell phones are so outraged by injustice that they are willing to take to the streets and do what progressive hipsters taking social justice selfies of themselves in souvenir t-shirts plastered with the face of the latest victim of “white supremacism” can only dream about. But the saint of the looted convenience store is as mythical a figure as the selfless community organizer. 

‘Privileged’ Georgetown Student ‘Understands’ His Mugging. By Mark Tapso
Excerpt: In the November 18 issue of the university newspaper The Hoya, Georgetown senior Oliver Friedfeld wrote an op-ed about his own mugging at gunpoint the weekend before. It was entitled, “I Was Mugged and I Understand Why.” His explanation is another nail in the coffin of American sanity and another victory for progressive brainwashing in academia. 9it will have to get worse before some folks get the message. Like a Jew saying, "I understand why the Nazis are rounding us up...~Bob)

White teen killed by black cop in Alabama mirrors Ferguson
Excerpt: Gilbert Collar, a white, unarmed 18-year-old under the influence of drugs was shot and killed Oct. 6, 2012, by Officer Trevis Austin, who is black, in Mobile, Alabama. Despite public pressure for an indictment, a Mobile County grand jury refused to bring charges against Officer Austin, concluding that the officer acted in self-defense. (Christmas is coming. Here's your chance to do some white protest looting. ~Bob)

White Michael Brown Protesters Told To Serve As Human Shields For Black Protesters
Excerpt: White protesters joining Michael Brown demonstrations in Toronto this week were told to stay away from the center of attention and to serve as human shields between black protesters and the police.....“While we appreciate the solidarity shown by White and Non-Black POC, want to remind folks of some things: Please refrain from taking up space in all ways possible. Remember that you are there in support of black folks, so should never be at the centre of anything,” the rules stated.

Marijuana Figures Big In Ferguson Meltdown. By Cliff Kincaid
Excerpt: CNN’s Don Lemon is under fire for making the elementary observation that some of the Ferguson protesters planning violence and mayhem were smoking pot. Linking dope to violence is taboo for most of the media. Reporting from the scene, Lemon said, “Maybe a minute, two minutes ago we heard a gunshot and watched people scattering. And we’re watching people on the roofs of cars, on the tops of cars and … Obviously there’s a smell of marijuana here as well.” (Idiot. Doesn't Lemon know you can't tell non-PC truths in the media? ~Bob)

Michael Brown and civility
Excerpt: Michael Brown was asked to move out of the center of the street. The exact form of the request is muddled, but could be among the following:

Pharrell Fans are Less Than ‘Happy’ After He Drops Reality Check on Michael Brown in Interview
Excerpt: Hip-Hop Singer/Writer/Producer Pharrell Williams is in hot water with many of his fans for saying Michael Brown’s behavior the afternoon of his death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson was “bullyish.” Pharrell added that Brown may have been “asking for trouble” prior to the fateful shooting.

‘Take Some Damn Personal Responsibility': One Man’s Urgent Message to the Black Community
Excerpt: After the Ferguson riots, one man’s straight talk for the black community about taking some “personal responsi-damnbility” is going viral. ... “You want the cops to stop messing with you, stop giving them a reason to. Stop giving the police, stop giving the public at large reasons to look at us like we’re second class citizens. We get looked at like that, because a lot of us act like that. And it may not be the majority of us, but it is the perceived majority of us.”

Undocumented Democrat News

Pat Caddell: Republicans Are 'Stupid Party' For Not Running Against Amnesty
Excerpt: “It's amazing to me. I've never seen a party that doesn't grab opportunities thrown at it like this,” he declared. And “they [Republicans] should be taking this issue and making it a national referendum issue against every Democrat, and for every Republican in the country.” He speculated that Republicans have not made executive amnesty an issue because “they have a lot of donors, and a lot of their lobbyists telling them they want this. The Chamber of Commerce wants open borders, the Wall Street Journal wants open borders.”

Religion of Peace News

Excerpt: Fighting between Afghan forces and the Taliban inside Camp Bastion, the large military complex in Helmand province that was evacuated by US and British troops just one month ago, continues for the third day. Meanwhile, in the capital of Kabul, the jihadist group overran a guest house used by foreigners and may have taken hostages.

'Pseudo-Caliphate' Bell Tolls for Saudi Royals (Le Quotidien d'Oran, Algeria). By M. Saadoune
Excerpt: "It should come as no surprise to Saudi clerics who nourished such hatred of Shiites to hear the Daesh leader decree that Saudi Arabia is the 'head of the serpent' that must be attacked. One doesn't sustain for decades a narrow-minded hatred without a backlash. … In that country, where entire generations have been brought up on the ideology maintained by Daesh, the ground is fertile. The discourse preached by Daesh has been constantly taught and hammered in by the official religious establishment. The 'caliphate' is a kind of fulfillment 'ad absurdio' of this 'education,' which has had extraordinary means at its disposal to extend and reshape the way of religious life throughout the Arab-Islamic world."

Obama’s Surrender to Iran. By Joseph Klein
Excerpt: The commander of the Iranian Revolution Guards Corps, Iran’s top military force aligned with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, openly mocked the United States for having “clearly surrendered to Iran’s might,” according to a report quoted by the Washington Free Beacon. “Despite the military embargo on the Islamic Republic, there is no weapon that our military is not able to manufacture,” he added.

Pentagon Prepares More Guantanamo Releases: Obama Has Vowed to Close Prison; GOP Opposition Could Slow Pace of Releases
Excerpt: By law, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel must certify that any transfer of detainees out of Guantanamo wouldn’t pose a significant danger to U.S. national security. Under pressure from the White House, Mr. Hagel announced his resignation as Defense secretary on Monday. Administration officials have privately complained that Mr. Hagel has moved too slowly to certify detainees for release. (Security of the citizens of this country? Who cares? What oath? ISIS needs more recruits...Barb)

Excerpt: The Islamic State, the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, and Junud al Sham have been showcasing camps in Iraq and Syria that are being used to indoctrinate and train children to wage jihad. The groups have recently advertised a number of training facilities for children, including one located in Ninewa province in Iraq and others in Aleppo, in and around the Islamic State's self-proclaimed capital of Raqqah, and other areas of Syria.

Excerpt: On Nov. 28, a Twitter account linked to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed credit for bombing the US Embassy in the Yemeni capital Sanaa during the evening of Nov. 27, coinciding with Thanksgiving, using two improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The last time AQAP has claimed credit for directly targeting the US Embassy in Sanaa was in late September, after fighters from the terrorist group launched rockets that reportedly fell about 100 meters away from the embassy.

Probably a Sea Story: Grieving Afghan mother takes bloody revenge by killing 25 Taliban militants during seven hour battle after they gunned down her son
Excerpt: 'I couldn't stop myself and picked up a weapon,' Gul told TOLO News. 'I went to the check post and began shooting back.' Her daughter-in-law Seema added: 'The fighting was intensified when we reached the battlefield along with light and heavy weapons. We were committed to fight until the last bullet.' She added that the combats zone was strewn with Taliban bodies when the fighting was over.

The Myth of 'Deradicalizing' Islamic Radicals. By Tarek Fatah
Excerpt: For example, in mosques across Canada, our Friday congregation begins with a prayer to Allah for a victory of Muslims over the kufaar (Christians, Jews and Hindus). In such a climate, relying on Islamic religious clerics and Islamists to fight radicalization is like employing the fox to guard the chicken coop. Some senators looked at me with incredulity, taken aback by what I had said.

Our NATO Ally: Turkey: A Laboratory of Various Methods of Oppressing the Kurds
Excerpt: In Turkey, the approximately 20 million Kurds do not have any national rights, autonomy, or even primary schools where they can be educated in the Kurdish language. The real population of Kurds in Turkey is not known; the Turkish state has not carried out a census of Kurds. That policy may be deliberate: the Turkish regime seems to prefer to deny everything that is related to Kurdish existence.

U.S. will use psych evaluations, stress tests to screen Syrian rebels for training
Excerpt: The U.S. military will subject Syrian rebels taking part in a new training program to psychological evaluations, biometrics checks and stress tests under a screening plan that goes well beyond the steps the United States normally takes to vet foreign soldiers, a sign of the risks the Obama administration faces as it expands support for armed groups in Syria. (I could save them the trouble. There are no good guys in Syria. ~Bob)

Excerpt: John Cleese has argued that political correctness is 'condescending' as it only allows jokes to be made about certain groups while implying others need to be protected. Speaking to Bill Maher on HBO, the legendary comedian said he used to make race jokes about nationalities such as the French and Australians - but if he mentioned Mexicans it was deemed unacceptable.

Bombs, gunfire kill 81 at crowded mosque in Nigeria's Kano. By Nnekule Ikemfuna
Excerpt: Gunmen set off three bombs and opened fire on worshippers at the main mosque in north Nigeria's biggest city Kano on Friday, killing at least 81 people, witnesses and officials said, in an attack that bore the hallmarks of Islamist Boko Haram militants. (Most of the victims of Allah-Murder are other Muslims. ~Bob)

Danes fighting for Isis in Syria on welfare benefits
Excerpt: More than two dozen jihadists have collected unemployment benefits while fighting in Syria alongside terror organization Isis, the domestic intelligence agency PET revealed. Denmark paid unemployment benefits to 28 people while they were waging war for the Isis terrorist group in Syria, the Danish intelligence service was quoted as saying on Thursday.

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