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Fifty years ago today, November 3, 1964, Barry Goldwater lost badly to Landslide Lyndon Johnson. (He of the self-promoted Silver Star for one flight where no enemy were seen.) I recall it well, as that was the day I graduated from Parris Island and became a Marine. My Senior DI, Sgt. W. H. Harris had the returns on his radio at the duty desk. He was for Goldwater too, and since I was now a Marine, he let me stay there and listen that evening. I was a Goldwater volunteer before I joined the Corps in August, attended the rally in Madison Square Garden. They told me if I supported Goldwater, we'd have a war in Asia. I did, and we did, so the whole Vietnam thing was my fault.

Forty-two years ago this Friday, November 7, 1972, I was first elected to the Massachusetts Senate, defeating a Democrat incumbent by nine votes out of 60,000 in a 4-1 Democrat district. Just eight years after graduating from Parris Island and the same year I graduated from U-Mass. Those years went in a flash--enjoy every day. ~Bob

From a Blog Reader/Contributor and former constituent. Her whole family were campaign workers, so maybe a touch of bias: "If I never said so......Thanks for your military service and THANKS for being a first rate State Senator !" --Laura K.

Making Friends With Democrats

General News and Comment

Worth Reading: Who Has the Moral Courage to Say, "Enough!" By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Tomorrow we vote. Indirectly, that is the topic for today's comment. Directly, the matter is more important - the security and safety, the survival, of the United States.

A bunch of the celebrities in that Rock the Vote ad didn’t, in fact, vote.
By: Moe Lane 
Excerpt: Rock The Vote released a public service announcement last month with a parody of Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” that featured public figures who explained why they planned to vote in the midterm elections, but according to public records, a number of them didn’t vote in the last midterm election. (Hollywood hypocrites. ~Bob)

Interesting: The Crystal Ball’s Final 2014 Picks. Larry J. Sabato, Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley, Sabato's Crystal Ball
Who we favor in all 507 of Tuesday’s Senate, gubernatorial, and House races

The Love Affair Ends. By Erick Erickson 
Excerpt: Voters around the country will head into Election Day prepared to end their love affair with Barack Obama. Republicans should be cautious in how they interpret the voters’ mixed signals. First, it is important to understand the president’s delusions. A series of reports have come out that the White House believes Democrats should embrace the president. Never mind that only a month ago White House aides said the president would be fine if Democrats campaigned against him. It appears the president is still taking it personally. One almost expects President Obama to announce publicly that these Democrats will deny him three times before the rooster crows on Election Day morning.

WI: Mary Burke Campaign Uses Swastikas in Pro-Mary Burke Ad. By Leon H. Wolf
Excerpt: In proving that Godwin’s Law applies to struggling Democrat campaigns just like it applies to the Internet, the Mary Burke campaign has decided to flash some swastikas in some ads that are encouraging people to vote for Mary Burke. Here is the ad in question, and it’s just as ridiculous as you might think it would be: (The stench of desperation. ~Bob)

White House meddles in South Dakota senate campaign
Excerpt: With only days left before Election Day, the FBI has taken the unprecedented step of announcing it is opening an investigation into and incident that happened when GOP candidate Mike Rounds was governor of South Dakota. This is based on an incident that is three years old and has already been investigated by other authorities.

Excerpt: The state’s highest court has toppled a cultural taboo — legalizing a degree of incest, at least between an uncle and niece — in a unanimous ruling.

The White House Press Pool Noticed Something Conspicuous at Obama’s Campaign Stop in Pennsylvania. By Oliver Darcy
Excerpt: President Barack Obama delivered remarks Sunday for a Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate at a venue that was largely empty.

Huffington Post: Republicans on Track to Gain Senate Majority
Excerpt: Republicans are on the verge of gaining eight seats in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday — perhaps more that that — according to the Huffington Post‘s polling data.

NC: Charlotte Observer Pulls Story On Hagan Stimulus Controversy. By Matt Vespa 
Excerpt: The Charlotte Observer pulled a story that reported on Sen. Kay Hagan’s husband being reported to the North Carolina state auditor by the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR). The DENR called for a “legal review” of the $260,644 in stimulus money the company Hagan’s husband received...

IO: Breaking Away? Ernst Leads Braley By 7 In Iowa. By Matt Vespa 
Excerpt: If you’re in the Joni Ernst camp, then yesterday was probably a very exciting one given that the Des Moines Register’s latest poll showed the GOP senate hopeful 7 points ahead of her Democratic opponent Rep. Bruce Braley...

Excerpt: Molotov Mitchell, also a WND video columnist, is running as the GOP nominee for North Carolina State Senate District 16 against incumbent Democrat Josh Stein. Stein’s father, Adam Stein, is part of a team of attorneys suing the state to overturn its voter-ID law, set to go into effect in 2016. A new video released by Mitchell purports to show a polling place with signs clearly marked forbidding the distribution of election materials, but a photo reveals Adam Stein well beyond the signs handing out voter guides. (Not a vote fraud violation, but a violation. And I'm glad my first name isn't "Molotov" - don't think I'd have won my senate seat. ~Bob.

Interesting: States ditch electronic voting machines
Excerpt: States have abandoned electronic voting machines in droves, ensuring that most voters will be casting their ballots by hand on Election Day. With many electronic voting machines more than a decade old, and states lacking the funding to repair or replace them, officials have opted to return to the pencil-and-paper voting that the new technology was supposed to replace. Nearly 70 percent of voters will be casting ballots by hand on Tuesday, according to Pamela Smith, president of election watchdog Verified Voting. (My first elect was 100% paper ballots. The recount took weeks, but you got to see every ballot. One of the committees I served on for ten years when I was a senator was the Joint Committee on Election Laws. The head of the states elections division, a straight-down-the-middle guy with decades of service, told me he was a paper ballot man. "There's not an election machine a man can make that a man can't fix." We have seen this in Illinois and Maryland this year. There's a funny story from my recount, since we got to see the ballots. In my town of Lunenburg, there was one fellow noted for being a good citizen. He showed up for every election—and wrote himself in for every office. At least, it was assumed that the he was the one writing himself in, and not his wife or neighbor. In 1972, he again voted, and again wrote himself in for every office. Except for state senator, where he broke ranks and voted for me. I was proud of getting his vote away from him. ~Bob)

A White House reporter’s tale of sex, booze and the briefing room. By Sam Youngman
Excerpt: At least once a week, I hear conventional wisdom from D.C. or New York upended by words directly from the mouths of a Kentucky voter. Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes’s campaign is described as strong nationally, but it looks like a hot mess up close. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), often mocked by cable news, is cheered and encouraged to run for president at small restaurants in impoverished mountain towns throughout Eastern Kentucky.

Where did Obama go wrong? By Juliet Eilperin and David Nakamura
Excerpt: Two bruising years later, only one of those initiatives has been achieved, and a president who once boasted of a barrier-breaking liberal coalition is under fire from his own party as his Republican rivals are poised to make gains in Tuesday’s midterm elections. A routine campaign stop Sunday on behalf of Gov. Dan Malloy (D) in Bridgeport, Conn., exemplified this reversal of fortune. As the president spoke, protesters — including one sporting an “Obama deports parents” T-shirt — interrupted him at least four times as he worked to rally his party’s base.

GA: Michelle Nunn Charity Illegally Cuts Campaign Video #GASEN #IRS. By Charles C. Johnson and Shannon Knutsen 
Excerpt: U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn illegally used her tax exempt yet left-wing charity in a campaign video, has learned.

Excerpt: Thom Tillis (R) 47% [48%] (41%). Kay Hagan (D) 46% [43%] (44%).

NC: [Video] Reporter James O’Keefe Allowed to Vote as 20 Different People Without Showing Any ID
Excerpt: In his latest undercover video, O’Keefe shows how easy it is for him to go vote as 20 different people just by providing a name and address, without an identification whatsoever. Please note, O’Keefe did not actually complete the voting process in any of the instances, so no laws were broken.

CNN Calls out Davis, Grimes for Most Shocking and Dishonest Ads of 2014
Excerpt: Alison Lundergan Grimes (D., Ky.) and Wendy Davis (D., Texas) received top, or maybe it was low, honors from CNN’s The Lead Monday in a discussion of the most dishonest and shocking political ads of the 2014 cycle. Host Jake Tapper called Grimes’ commercial “the ultimate Four-Pinocchio ad,” referring to the rating system of Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler.


Two Female Suspected Burglars Shot By Homeowner In Atascocita
Excerpt: "The first call was I've got two females at my door, banging on the door," said Harris County Constable Pct. 4 Lt. Walter Stensland. A couple of minutes later came the call that the would-be burglars were in his home, and that he had a shotgun loaded with buckshot ammo. The next sound neighbors heard was at least three blasts from a 20-gauge shotgun used to kill deer.

Race Card News

Voters catching on? 78% Say Politicians Play ‘Race Card’ Just to Get Reelected
Excerpt: Voters, regardless of race, agree that most politicians play the so-called “race card” just to pick up votes. Still, blacks strongly believe that those who oppose President Obama are racist.
Just nine percent (9%) of Likely U.S. Voters think most politicians raise racial issues to address real problems, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Seventy-eight percent (78%) say they bring up race just to get elected.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Excerpt: Back in 2008, I met Michael Leavitt in his capacity as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services for President George W. Bush. Secretary Leavitt was trying to implement a new way for Medicare to buy some medical supplies, categorized as durable medical equipment (DME), through competitive bidding. At the time, DME was bought using the same, Soviet-style fixed-fee schedules that Medicare uses for doctors and hospitals today. Competitive bidding for DME had actually been legislated in the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. In 2014, we know that competitive bidding has saved hundreds of millions of dollars.

52% Expect Health Care System To Worsen Under Obamacare
Excerpt: Heading into the highly consequential midterm elections, voters continue to give the U.S. health care system less than stellar reviews and believe it will get worse under the national health care law.

Undocumented Democrat News

NH: Immigration Leaders: NH Fertile For Illegal Alien Gangs, Crime If Jeanne Shaheen Re-Elected
Excerpt: If incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is re-elected, national immigration experts are sure of one thing: Families, children, and mothers in New Hampshire won’t be safe from looming crime from illegal aliens’ gangs—which are absolutely, law enforcement says, active in the region. “Jeanne Shaheen’s support for amnesty for illegal aliens through her vote for the Gang of Eight bill and through her support for President Obama’s planned executive amnesty is endangering all families across New Hampshire,” Maria Espinoza, the national director of The Remembrance Project, told Breitbart News on Sunday.

"You're Greener than Gore" News

Gone With The Wind: Resistance To Bird-Killing Turbines Grows
Excerpt: The natives are restless, and their ire is directed against an intruder armed with taxpayer subsidies and intent on destroying as much scenic beauty and wildlife as it can get away with. Across the country, giant wind farms, among the ghastliest monstrosities ever devised by man, are scarring the countryside in the name of providing renewable energy. But as the toll of slaughtered birds and bats mounts, people are fighting back. Here’s an update: (Hopefully, common sense will return to earth at some point after Divine intervention. --Barb. Remember when the liberals banned DDT to save the birds, killing millions of third world kids with Malaria? This is what they saved the birds for. ~Bob)

Wind PTC is Redistribution to the Rich. By Zachary Huffman
Excerpt: Democrats are famous for pushing the idea that the rich don't pay their fair share of taxes. So, why are many of them lining up to support tax breaks for Big Wind's millionaires?
Under the leadership of Harry Reid, lawmakers are pushing to extend the wind-energy industry's cash cow subsidy, the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC). 

No Matter How Much Tom Steyer Spends, Florida Isn’t Buying Climate Disaster. By Patrick J. Michaels
Excerpt: Billionaire Tom Steyer has spent $12 million trying to make Floridians scared of global warming — an issue Gallup recently found ranks dead last among voter priorities. Other research indicates that the more people are harangued about it, the more they turn off, making this money not well spent. Blame the information age, where people can easily see for themselves that we are in our 18th year without a global-warming trend. They can also go the National Climatic Data Center’s website and plot out Florida’s yearly temperature; there is no overall significant warming trend in the entire record, which covers 118 years.

Religion of Peace News

Excerpt: Erdogan's Book of Defeat. By Burak Bekdil
Turkey, our NATO ally. ~Bob. Excerpt: Shortly after the Arab Spring rocked several capitals in the Middle East, the Turks devised a plan that would enable their country to emerge as the new Ottoman Empire. While deliberately and systematically antagonizing Israel, Ankara would: replace the Shia-controlled Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad with a Turkey-friendly Sunni ruler; support the Sunni in Iraq and Lebanon and boost their political influence; support Hamas in the Palestinian territories and provoke it to violence against Israel; and make sure that the Muslim Brotherhood or their various brethren rule Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. 

Egypt Sentences 8 in Connection With Same-Sex Wedding
Excerpt: An Egyptian court convicted eight men on Saturday of charges of “inciting debauchery” after their appearance in a video of a same-sex wedding party on a Nile riverboat, sentencing each to three years in prison. The Internet video shows two men exchanging rings and embracing among cheering friends.

Are You There Allah? It’s Me, John Kerry. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: A week before the anniversary of September 11,John Kerry announced that he had been given a divine mission to protect Muslim countries from Global Warming. The Secretary of State had spent September arguing that the Islamic State was Un-Islamic. He told the House Committee on Foreign Affairs that it was a war against the “enemy of Islam.” Kerry was so eager to go native that he even switched from calling the Islamic State by the acronym of ISIL and instead joined Muslim governments in calling it by the more insulting Daesh.

Military Hates White House ‘Micromanagement’ of ISIS War
Excerpt: The Pentagon brass placed in charge of implementing Obama’s war against ISIS are getting fed up with the short leash the White House put them on. Top military leaders in the Pentagon and in the field are growing increasingly frustrated by the tight constraints the White House has placed on the plans to fight ISIS and train a new Syrian rebel army.

Islamic State 'kills 322' from single Sunni tribe
Excerpt: Mass killings by Islamic State militants have seen 322 members of an Iraqi Sunni tribe killed in western Anbar province, Iraq's government says. The country's ministry of human rights said more than 50 bodies were found in a water well, whilst 65 members of the Al-Bu Nimr tribe have been kidnapped.

Moderates Defeated In Syria: Major Blow To Obama. By Ben Smith
Excerpt: The day before a crucial mid-term election, President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, which has become a large campaign issue, took another blow in the Middle East. U.S.-backed Syrian rebel fighters defected to the extremist group Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaida linked group.

Army cadet, 15, burned with aerosol can and lighter after he sold Remembrance Day poppies in Manchester city centre
Excerpt: The 15-year-old boy was waiting at a bus stop in his camouflage uniform when a man holding an aerosol can and cigarette lighter approached him. He then sprayed the terrified boy with blazing fumes before walking off without saying a word. ... The attacker, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, was described as black or Asian, 5ft 8in tall and wearing a dark hooded top. ("Asian" is British media code for Muslim. ~Bob)

A Lesson on Free Speech and Sharia in Knoxville. By Andrew E. Harrod
Excerpt: A recent legal victory by Freedom X upheld the right of private citizens to discuss openly sharia law at a Knoxville, Tennessee, high school. “This is a victory for free speech,” Freedom X’s President William J. Becker rightly explained, in yet another instructive example of Islamists seeking to subvert the United States Constitution’s First Amendment.

Going Dutch - The Psychometric Tool Against Jihadism in the West. By Esam Sohail
Excerpt: The famed laissez faire liberalism of the Dutch is only matched by their flinty commonsense. Two years after the brutal 2004 murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh at the hand of Islamist jihadists in Amsterdam, the Dutch government quietly introduced a form of personality testing for immigrants from certain backgrounds who wished to make the Netherlands their permanent abode. By showing a set of short video clips highlighting the culture of diversity, secularism, free speech, and gender equality to potential migrants from very different cultures and then allowing responsible officers to evaluate reactions of the audience, the Dutch government made a very business-like decision to ensure a proper fit for a person to his/her new home.


Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here: His blog of political news and conservative comment is

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