Friday, November 21, 2014

Lots of dramatic political news today


My 2014 Thanksgiving Prayer
I don't believe in telling others what to believe--or not to believe--especially because I lack the certitude of the clerisy that what I believe is true. Certitude leads to violence, according to Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.. But many on my list have expressed appreciation for my sharing what I'm grateful for and hope that a divine power will preserve. ~Bob

The Younger Generation: Hillsboro student saves 11-month-old
Excerpt: When an 11-month-old stopped breathing inside the High Ridge Walmart store Wednesday, Hillsboro High School student Abby Snodgrass knew exactly what to do.
"I was in the dressing room and I heard them call for the emergency over the radio," Snodgrass said. "They said, 'No pulse, no breathing.' And I just ran over there." ... "I was terrified. I remember thinking as I'm doing the compressions, what if this doesn't work? But I had to put it out of my mind," said Snodgrass.

General News and Comment

Worth Reading: Meet the Snobocrats. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: This is a pattern of Obama administration ruling elites who express disdain or lack of concern about the people they are supposed to serve. Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu made a series of astounding statements about energy use, the most inane being that America would be better off if gas costs soared to Europe’s sky-high prices. Susan Rice, the former U.N. ambassador and current national security advisor, has misled in chronic fashion. (I just read that Dr. Hanson, a great and perceptive writer fighting the good fight, has lost his 27-year-old daughter, Susannah Merry Hanson. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. ~Bob) 

Man Kicked out of Gym for Wearing Pro-Life Shirt
Excerpt: 70-year old Floridian Mike Amoroso is stridently pro-life and has built up a small collection of pro-life t-shirts that he likes to wear. He also happens to be a member at his local Orange City, Florida Planet Fitness – at least he’s a member for now. Recently an employee of his local gym kicked him out because he was wearing a pro-life t-shirt!

Vets come out of ‘cannabis closet,’ asking VA to allow pot as treatment
Excerpt: Every morning, former Air Force senior airman Amy Rising makes breakfast for her second-grader, drives him to school and returns home to prepare what she calls her medicine. She suffers from severe anxiety after four years working in the frenetic global command center at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, coordinating bombings and other missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. (I bet it'll take the VA a while to respond to this, but in the long run it would seem a pretty reasonable thing. --Del. Knew a few guys in Vietnam would have traded duty stations with her and taken the risk. ~Bob)

Churches Furious That IRS Agents Can Pose as Clergymen
Excerpt: The Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, told The Christian Post, "It is an absolute disgrace that IRS undercover agents can pose as members of the clergy. It is the role of government to protect religious freedom and the First Amendment, and not to use it to gather information and spy on American citizens." (Not to mention pastors posing as tax collectors...~Bob)

Tuition Showdown : How much does it really cost to educate a Californian? By Kevin D. Williamson
Excerpt: As head of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano followed the U.S. government’s official practice of refusing to negotiate with hostage-takers. As head of the University of California system, she has become the hostage-taker. Napolitano is demanding that the cash-strapped state of California pony up an additional $100 million for the UC system, and she threatens to inflict a 5 percent tuition hike on students for each of the next five years in retaliation if Sacramento does not comply. (No one knows. Hasn't been done in years. ~Bob)

Hamden woman admits to stealing dead mother’s Social Security benefits for 30 years

Excerpt: A 66-year-old Hamden woman pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to stealing her dead mother’s Social Security benefits for nearly 30 years, the U.S. attorney’s office said.
Sandra Kimbro, of 50 Francis Ave., Hamden, admitted to illegally obtaining $160,457 in Social Security benefits between April 1984 and February 2014. 

Votes are everything, outcomes nothing: Obama's War On Working Women. By Diana Furchtgott-Roth
Excerpt: But this promise contradicts other promises the president has made, most specifically towards working women. The president wants working women to have flexible hours and to be able to telecommute, job characteristics highly valued by working parents. Raising the mandatory overtime ceiling would take away these workers' flexibility. ... Mr. Obama's new overtime rules would extend overtime rules to several million employees that businesses classify as executive or professional employees. This would prevent employees from taking time off to make up for overtime work, making it more difficult for some women to work.

Taxpayers Billed $358k For Obama To Attend MSNBC Host’s Wedding
Excerpt: Wagner married Sam Kass, the White House chef and senior adviser for nutrition policy, who is a friend of the Obama’s. U.S. taxpayers picked up the $1.5 million tab for Obama’s Labor Day weekend excursions, which included a $537k trip on the fundraising circuit and a $653k trip to Wisconsin for “Laborfest 2014,” according to the report. After fundraising the day before the wedding in Westchester, N.Y., Obama made the quick jaunt back to Washington, D.C. to “spend the night in his own bed” before returning for the MSNBC wedding, running up $295k in additional expenses, per the Judicial Watch report.

Swat Team Tasers, Pepper-Sprays Homeschoolers
Excerpt: A Missouri homeschooling family is suing a sheriff and another officer who forcibly entered their home without a warrant, Tasered the father, pepper-sprayed the mother and put their children in the custody of social service workers. A court already has ruled that the actions of Sheriff Darren White and Capt. David Glidden of Nodaway County, Missouri, violated the U.S. Constitution, resulting in the dismissal of charges of child endangerment and resisting arrest against the couple, Jason and Laura Hagan, of New Hampton.

Russian Bombers Threaten Guam: Two Tu-95 Bears circumnavigate Pacific island, site of major U.S. base (UPDATED)
Excerpt: Two Russian strategic bombers circled the U.S. island of Guam last week in what U.S. defense officials say is the latest in a series of nuclear provocations by Moscow. The bombers were identified by air defenses as Tu-95 Bear H nuclear-capable aircraft that circumnavigated the strategic U.S. military outpost on Friday—amid heightened tensions with Moscow regarding a new buildup of Russian forces in and along the border of eastern Ukraine. “U.S. Pacific Command can confirm that two aircraft circumnavigated Guam on November 13th,” said spokesman Maj. Christian Devine.

Almost 1,000 dead since east Ukraine truce - UN
Excerpt: A new report by the office describes a total breakdown of law and order in rebel-held Donetsk and Luhansk. It also highlights credible allegations of abuses by government forces.
Russia has been widely accused of fanning the violence by covertly supplying the rebels with military aid - an accusation it denies.

The Justice Department becomes a schoolyard bully in Wisconsin. By George F. Will
Excerpt: It is as remarkable as it is repulsive, the ingenuity with which the Obama administration uses the regulatory state’s intricacies to advance progressivism’s project of breaking nongovernmental institutions to government’s saddle. Eager to sacrifice low-income children to please teachers unions, the Justice Department wants to destroy Wisconsin’s school choice program. Feigning concern about access for disabled children, the department aims to handicap all disadvantaged children by denying their parents access to school choices of the sort affluent government lawyers enjoy.

Teens Are Sharing Gross Pictures Of Their School Lunches With The Hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama
Homosexual HRC Founder Arrested For Raping 15-Year-Old Boy. By Matt Barber
Excerpt: Detectives from the Portland police Sex Crimes Unit arrested Portland developer Terrence Patrick Bean on Wednesday on a Lane County indictment stemming from alleged sex abuse involving a teenage boy in 2013. Bean, 66, a prominent gay rights activist and major Democratic Party fundraiser, was arrested at his home in Southwest Portland and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center at 10:12 a.m.

Newly Released Docs Show WH and DOJ Targeting Sharyl Attkisson For Investigating Fast and Furious
really Excerpt: For instance, our initial review of the documents shows the DOJ and White House targeted then-CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson: On October 4, 2011, Holder’s top press aide Tracy Schmaler tells White House Deputy Press Sectary Eric Schultz, “I’m also calling Sharryl’s [sic] editor and reaching out to Scheiffer. She’s out of control.” Schultz responded, “Good. Her piece was bad for the AG.” (Used to be called "organized crime." Now it is called "DOJ." The world is upside down; those who are supposed to provide laws break them; provide order, make disorder. --Barb)

Texting is like adding 60 pounds to your spine
Excerpt: Now-a-days smartphones are basically attached to peoples' hands.
But a new study shows using the devices so frequently really can become a pain in the neck - quite literally. NBC Anchor Savannah Guthrie said, "When you text it is equal to four bowling balls on your spine." "What?" "Every time you look down at your smartphone ... The pressure's equal to 60 pounds."

Jim Webb throws his hat in the 2016 ring
Excerpt: “I made this decision after reflecting on numerous political commentaries and listening to many knowledgeable people. I look forward to listening and talking with more people in the coming months as I decide whether or not to run.” The Vietnam veteran added, “A strong majority of Americans agree that we are at a serious crossroads. In my view the solutions are not simply political, but those of leadership. I learned long ago on the battlefields of Vietnam that in a crisis, there is no substitute for clear-eyed leadership.” (A great Marine, though not as independent as a senator as I hoped. If the Democrats would nominate him, he'd probably win. but they won't. ~Bob)

Gun News

Book Recommendation: Firearm Fundamentals: How to be a safe and confident shooter. By Gary L. Behr, CPC
By a stroke of good fortune of the kind that comes to those of us who have led a blameless life, I ran into the author at a local shooting range. The talk tuned to books, and he mentioned this one, so I ordered a copy. It was a terrific find and a great buy. not only is it packed to the gunwales with information, but with links or addresses for more gun information that you could absorb in a couple of years. I picked up several pieces of new information, and refreshed on things I was taught 50 years ago at Parris Island. You can skip those areas that don't currently interest you--hunting and the shotgun section for me--and keep the whole thing as a reference. There was great information on gun myths, protecting yourself in a confrontation, legal risks, and a very solid emphasis on gun safety. I got the version with the WI gun laws in it--a handy reference. I think it will be valuable to experienced shooters, even more so to new ones--or someone thinking of buying their first gun. I highly recommend it.

Three students shot at Florida State University library, gunman killed
Excerpt: Three Florida State University students were shot and wounded by a gunman inside the school's Strozier Library early Thursday morning before authorities say the gunman was killed after a brief gunfire exchange with campus police. ... In the meantime, the unidentified suspect made his way outside to the entrance of the building. He was confronted by campus police who ordered him to drop his weapon. The gunman disregarded the order and fired a shot at the officers. Police returned fire and fatally hit the man. (How could it happen? Universities are "Gun Free" zones. Well, at least the people he was shooting at were unarmed and couldn't shoot back. ~Bob)

Myron May: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Myron May has been named as the shooter who wounded three students during an attack on the Strozier Library on the Tallahassee campus of FSU.... May’s final post on Facebook was the biblical verse, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” .... "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell." ~ Matthew 10:28 (Article shows one student who posted on Facebook pictures of book with bullet hole that saved his life after he was targeted. Hand holding the book is WHITE. Shooter BLACK per picture with this article. Reportedly confronted by 5 policemen and told to drop gun; returned fire and shot "30 times." Police put on leave. Said FSUPD and TPD. I woke up at 0100 and saw this breaking news on a crawl line on WCTV this AM. Wonder if other 3 victims (one grazed and treated on scene and released, 1 critical, 1 now "good condition") were white. --Barb)

Florida State shooting witness: Textbooks stopped bullet: Jason Derfuss finds bullet lodged in theology book
Excerpt: "I got back to my house and a little bit after, when I was rummaging through my backpack, two of the books that I had checked out had a bullet hole in them," he said. The books he had checked out from the library just minutes earlier had saved his life. He and his roommate found the bullet in his backpack -- it was lodged in a theology book. He said he broke down when he saw the bullet.

Museum Will Remove World War II-Era Rifles Because Of New State Law
Excerpt: A museum in Lynden, Wash. has decided to return 11 World War II-era rifles to their owners because of a state law passed earlier this month that requires background checks on gun transfers.

Ebola and Enterovirus News

Ebola Flight Indicates Mexican Ebola Patient In Guadalajara Being Flown To Atlanta For Treatment
Excerpt: So what does it mean when there are multiple reports of Ebola cases at an airport, followed by the Mexican State Ebola training 400 Doctors in the same location for an "eventual case of Ebola", and then to top it off Phoenix Air Group's Ebola Air Ambulance makes a trip to the very same airport and follows a return flight path back to Atlanta indicative of an Ebola patient? IT MEANS EBOLA MAY BE IN MEXICO! It also means that an Illegal Immigration surge should be expected, and that they might be infected. (Confirmation first, hand-waving and panic second. ~Bob)

Race Card News

Darren Wilson is a dead man
Excerpt: If Wilson comes to harm the responsibility will lie in large part with the Laura Collins’s of the media who post incomplete stories and Eric Holder and Barack Obama, who have nothing but fan the flames. Have you heard Obama or Holder tell the Ferguson community not to touch Wilson? Me neither. (RbG Black Rebels posting $5K bounty on Wilson's head (and purportedly on his family as well). Zulu Gaddaffi purported leader, fighting for Uhuru (freedom). Using colors black/red/green. --Barb)

Sharpton’s National Action Network Releases List of National #MikeBrown Protest Sites
Excerpt: Al Sharpton’s National Action Network released its list of national protest sites across the US following the St. Louis County grand jury decision on the Mike Brown case is announced. The New York Times reported that Obama met with Ferguson protesters on November 5th and urged them to “stay the course.”

Important: How Effective is MCRC’s Diversity ‘Goal?’ An ethical decision is required. By Capt Scott A. Kates
Excerpt: Recent data indicates that for every 100 applicants per race submitted for selection on the officer programs selection boards, 40 Caucasians (W), 33 Hispanics (H), 27 other (O) (Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern, etc.), and 24 African-Americans (AA) will become commissioned officers in the Marine Corps.1 Of those 100 per race that are selected and make it to Officer Candidates School (OCS), “Blacks and Asians have a significantly higher proportion of graduates in the bottom 1/3 of their class than other races.”2 Why are a disproportionate number of diverse candidates among the bottom one-third of candidates at OCS? Why do diverse candidates fail to complete OCS at a higher rate than Caucasians? Is Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) as effective as it could be at developing a more diverse officer corps? Or is MCRC’s inflated and overly specific diversity “goal” resulting in the submission of quantity-over-quality diverse applicants and inadvertently placing Officer Selection Officers (OSOs) in an ethically hazardous position? (The author has written very frankly (good Marine practice!) about a problem that everyone in recruiting knows about, but no one wants to talk about in public. Yes, diversity in our military officer corps is important, and worth some extra attention as we work within the confines of what our society produces at the moment. Yet when the whole "body count" concept is imposed on the recruiter not as a recommendation but as a strong requirement, it forces otherwise honest people trying to do an important job into playing games that waste time and effort and in the end hurt individuals who flunk out of a program they never should have been in in the first place. Diversity needs to be an emphasis in recruiting, but not a hard-edged requirement. Like all the blind PC pushes that ignore the realities of human beings, it becomes a frustrating, demoralizing experience for those who have to deal with it. --Del. As Dr. Thomas Sowell has demonstrated on many occasions, it's not race but culture. While blacks nationwide score 10 points below whites on IQ tests, black kids adopted into white families score at or above the national IQ average. Many minorities in college as well as the military are poorly prepared to compete, because too many of them come from a culture that is anti-education, or they have been given a pass, didn't have to study. A liberal friend of mine became a chemistry teacher late in life, taught in an inner city Philly school. When the kids didn't \do any work, and failed the tests, he failed them. The parents cried racism, he was fired and the kids were passed, but with no knowledge of the subject. ~Bob)

Blatant racial hypocrisy: Death penalty off the table for black attackers charged in murder of white officer. By Allen West. (Former black congressman)
Excerpt: Apparently, Quick’s crime was being a white man in America and not considered a victim — just someone who got what he deserved at the hands of society’s victims, young black men, gang members who have been badly treated and denied social justice.... Here we have a black president, black attorney general, a black homeland security secretary, black national security advisor, and blacks are still ranting about no justice? ... Call me Uncle Tom, Sellout, Oreo, or whatever you wish — y’all know this is wrong, and if you start any rioting in FergusonMissouri, then go riot for Virginia Captain Kevin Quick, and tell Eric Holder to reverse his decision.

Police arrest 60 at Dutch Christmas festival during protests over traditional 'Black Pete' clowns with blacked-up faces
Excerpt: The event celebrates the arrival of Saint Nicholas and his jester companion 'Black Pete', but some say the tradition of people painting their faces black is racist. Protesters scuffled with police in the Dutch city of Gouda as thousands of children gathered to welcome the arrival of Sinterklaas - or Father Christmas - and Black Pete.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Worth Reading: If you like choice in health care, look to Republicans. By Scott Atlas, CNN
Excerpt: Yet the Obama administration has wrongheadedly focused on shifting Americans to government insurance. Of the 8.5 million individuals newly insured under Obamacare at the end of the first half of 2014, more than 6 million were enrolled into Medicaid, based on analysis by Edmund Haislmaier and Drew Gonshorowski of The Heritage Foundation using Centers for Medicaid and Medicare data. After the law's Medicaid expansion and with the population aging into Medicare eligibility, the 107 million under Medicaid or Medicare in 2013 rapidly increases to 135 million just five years later, according to CMS projections. By the end of the decade, a full 140 million Americans will have their health care access directly controlled by the U.S. government, a growth rate far higher than private insurance.

Vermont halts payments to Obamacare architect Gruber. By Bruce Parker 
Excerpt: The state of Vermont has stopped payment on the contract of Jonathan Gruber following a series of video statements showing the Obamacare architect repeatedly insulting voters and intentionally misleading the public in the crafting of the Affordable Care Act. On Wednesday, Lawrence Miller, chief of health care reform for the Gov. Peter Shumlin administration, announced that Vermont would stop payment of Gruber’s $400,000 contract with the state.

Losing Streak: WH Admits Improperly Inflating Obamacare Enrollment Figures. By Guy Benson
Excerpt: The Obamacare debate, the president said, was officially over. We expressed skepticism over the White House's stats almost immediately, noting that the official numbers didn't account for duplicates, non-paying "customers," and consumer attrition -- not to mention the high percentage of "new" enrollees who previously had insurance, but were forced to use Obamacare's exchanges to obtain plans after their existing arrangements were cancelled under the new law. The last two weeks have witnessed two more blows for the "it's working!" crowd. First came the sharply revised 2015 enrollment projections:

Undocumented Democrat News

America Spoke, Mr. President, But Not Stupidly. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: A short letter to the President.

From the Left: The Democrats’ Immigration Problem. By Zoltan L. Hajnal
Excerpt: But Latinos and Asian-Americans made up only 11 percent of the electorate. Even if immigration were the only issue driving their vote — and it most certainly was not — it could have shifted the national partisan balance of power by only a few percentage points. Whites, meanwhile, accounted for 75 percent of the electorate. Far more than any other group, whites will decide the fate of the parties in the years to come. Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, the data suggest that immigration very much matters for whites.

Obama to Announce Plan to Vastly Expand National Pool of Low-Skilled Labor. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
Excerpt: “I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books . . . Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own. Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you. Not just on immigration reform. But that's not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That's not how our Constitution is written.” (7/25/11) That one’s particularly vivid, because President Obama appears to tee up his own impeachment, declaring that changing the laws on his own violates the Constitution and would represent a high crime or misdemeanor. Of course, Obama would welcome that; he could play the victim, it would awaken and stir a depressed Democratic base, and there’s just no way the two-thirds of the Senate would vote to remove President Obama from office. If, as you suspect, President Obama wants Republicans to try to impeach him, this raises the disturbing prospect that the next two years will feature Obama attempting to provoke an impeachment fight by committing more and more acts that violate the Constitution. “This is something I’ve struggled with throughout my presidency. The problem is that I’m the president of the United States, I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed. And Congress right now has not changed what I consider to be a broken immigration system. And what that means is that we have certain obligations to enforce the laws that are in place even if we think that in many cases the results may be tragic.” (2/14/13) In light of this, it is not the least bit outrageous for critics of Obama to accuse him of acting like an Emperor. Plus, you know, he’s starting to walk around in black robes with an ominous John Williams score behind him.

Worth Reading: Everything You Need To Know About Obama's Executive Amnesty. By Conn Carroll 
Excerpt: In a primetime address on November 20, President Obama made his sales pitch to the American people for a series of immigration executive actions he will sign on November 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is what you need to know: (A few years ago I talked to the owner of a small factory in Chicago, made stuff for the Navy. he said his workforce used to be Polish--very good worker--but they moved out of the city. his workforce became largely black. He said they were not good workers. Then the Hispanics came, and now they make up the majority of his workforce. He said they were much better workers. So maybe the business push for Amnesty is a racist thing to keep the "lazy" blacks out of the workforce. ~Bob)

Obama’s Claims on Illegal Immigration Get Fact-Checked
Excerpt: President Barack Obama made some notable omissions Thursday night in his remarks about the unilateral actions he’s taking on immigration. A look at his statements and how they compare with the facts:

Obama’s Unilateral Amnesty Really Will Be Unprecedented – and Unconstitutional. By Hans von Spakovsky
Excerpt: According to the Associated Press, as well as House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Reps. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., and Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., President Barack Obama’s plan to provide executive amnesty to more than 5 million illegal immigrants is no different than unilateral actions that were taken by Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. However, this claim plays a bit fast and loose with history and fails to explain the significant difference between Obama going against the will of Congress, which considered and rejected the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act on several occasions, including when both houses of Congress were controlled by the president’s party, and Reagan and Bush, who made administrative corrections designed to carry out congressional intent.

Networks won't air Obama speech
Excerpt: Three major networks will not air President Obama's prime-time address Thursday outlining his executive actions on immigration. Officials with ABC, CBS and Fox confirmed to The Hill that Obama's 8 p.m. speech from the White House will not be carried on their networks. CNN reported that NBC would not be carrying the address either.

Obama Deports American Jobs. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: That will hurt his own voters the most, but the Democratic Party has a notoriously masochistic relationship with its voting base. It beats them up and then it gaslights them by hugging them and telling them that it was really the mean Republicans who punched them in the face. When African-American unemployment rates rise, the workers who can’t find jobs because of all the brand new DREAMERs won’t blame the White House, they’ll blame the evil Republicans for income inequality, assuming Sharpton manages to read the term correctly from his MSNBC teleprompter.

Immigration is in hot water! Thank God, I have family members (who) have the money to come to this country legally. They have to go through court.

Worth Reading: Obama’s immigration executive order is a confession of democratic failure. By Michael Gerson
Excerpt: There are any number of marvelous things one might do as president, if Congress were not such a checked and balanced mess. But future presidents now have a new method at their disposal: Declare a long-running debate to be a national emergency. Challenge Congress, under threat of unilateral executive action, to legislate on the topic before your term runs out. And when lawmakers refuse, act with the most expansive definition of presidential power. The supporting arguments for this approach come down to the claim that the American political system is broken — incapable of action on urgent matters because of obstructionism, bad faith and the abuse of legislative procedure. It is the political philosophy of “something must be done.”

Sheriffs: Obama Amnesty Is ‘Destruction of Our Democracy,’ ‘Gaping Hole’ for Terrorists
Excerpt: Sheriffs from Maryland to Massachusetts warned of the extreme danger of Pres. Obama’s plan to grant executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S.
Speaking out on Monday, they said amnesty would spell the beginning of the end of democracy in America and would embolden both terrorists and violent criminals.

Al Sharpton Praises Obama: Executive Amnesty 'Opening America Up For Everyone'
Hours before Barack Obama makes his executive amnesty announcement on Thursday, Al Sharpton praised the President for starting to "undo those locks" and opening "America up for everyone." Sharpton, speaking at the National Press Club with social justice activists, declared that Obama's executive amnesty was not "a segregated victory" for "one group" but a victory for "all groups." He rejoiced that Obama's executive amnesty would "relieve a lot of disadvantaged people who are disadvantaged because they were locked out." (Mark Levin called him "Not So Sharpton" the other night....Obviously not an economist, sees the world through black-tinged glasses and doesn't bother with trivial things like paying taxes. Wait for the gangs and cartels to be loosed on suburbia and the cities, in coordination with Sharpton, BLP, purportedly CAIR and who knows what else is coming in the wide-open door. Remember: Muslim tenet: No borders. --Barb)

All Hail King Barack Obama, Emperor Of The United States Of America!
Excerpt: “President Obama’s relentless assault on the Constitution will be his legacy,” Blackburn, who pledged that Republicans will fight and beat Obama’s executive amnesty, said in a statement. “His actions have established a new precedent for Executive behavior that will have repercussions for years to come...His ‘ends justify the means’ approach is exactly the type of Executive mentality our system of government was designed to discourage.”

No Mention Of 'Constitution' In Obama's Amnesty Speech
Excerpt: In declaring his executive amnesty on Thursday evening, President Barack Obama did not use the word "Constitution" once. He cited the supposed precedent of previous executive orders by earlier presidents, and he spoke about law enforcement, but he never once showed how the actions he proposed to take are constitutional. Instead, he reiterated his insistence that Congress had failed to act--and invited it to pass a bill he would sign.

Hillary Clinton: 'I Support The President's Decision'
Excerpt: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a statement supporting President Obama’s decision to grant executive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants in America. “I support the President’s decision to begin fixing our broken immigration system and focus finite resources on deporting felons rather than families,” she said in a carefully worded statement released after Obama’s speech on Thursday evening. Clinton asserted that she was “hopeful” that the Senate Gang of Eight bill would have passed the House, but that congress had failed in its duty. (Politically dead if she didn't. ~Bob)

White House Fact Sheet Shows Amnesty For 5 Million; Backdoor Citizenship Pat 'Worse Than We Ever Imagined'
Excerpt: A fact sheet being circulated by the White House shows that President Barack Obama’s planned executive amnesty will grant amnesty to 5 million or more illegal aliens, create a backdoor pathway to citizenship for those amnestied illegal aliens, and massively expand high-tech foreign worker programs to help tech companies—which will hurt Americans’ wages. “This is worse than we ever imagined,” Stephen Miller, the communications director for incoming Senate Budget Committee chairman Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), told Breitbart News. The document, circulated by the White House Office of Legislative Affairs, details how each of the major planks of Obama’s executive amnesty order have been explicitly rejected by Congress.

"You're Greener than Gore" News

Worth Reading: Climate Change Self-Delusion. By Stephen Moore
Excerpt: That sound you’re hearing from across the Pacific is the Chinese rulers and Beijing laughing at us. President Obama and the “green” lobby actually think China is going to honor the new U.S.-China climate-change agreement that pushes both nations to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions over the next 15 years. China agreed to a “target” of deriving 20 percent of its energy needs from renewable resources “around” 2030. In exchange, Mr. Obama agreed that American families and businesses will aim to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by at least 26 percent by 2025 from 2005 levels. This is not a planet-saving climate-change pact. Rather this plan represents unilateral economic disarmament by the United States as Beijing continues its quest to replace America as the globe’s economic superpower. 

The climate pact swindle. By Charles Krathammer
Excerpt: Historic. Such is the ubiquitous description of the climate agreement recently between Barack Obama and Xi Jinping in which China promised for the first time to cap carbon emissions. If this were a real breakthrough, I’d be an enthusiastic supporter. I have long advocated for a tangible global agreement to curb carbon. I do remain skeptical about the arrogant, ignorant claim that climate science is “settled,” that it can predict with accuracy future “global warming” effects and that therefore we must cut emissions radically, immediately and unilaterally if necessary, even at potentially ruinous economic and social cost.

Religion of Peace News

Details of yesterday’s attack in Har Nof from Rebbetzin Heller.
She asked that we post the truth wherever we can
I received this as a forwarded email, cannot verify. But it rings true to me. ~Bob

Quote From The Patriot Post
"It is the madness of folly, to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice; and even mercy, where conquest is the object, is only a trick of war; the cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf." --Thomas Paine. The American Crisis, No. 1, 1776

Important: 4 Sunni Muslim Groups Responsible for 66% of All 17,958 Terror Killings in 2013
Excerpt: The number of people killed by terrorists worldwide in 2013 rose by 60 percent compared to the previous year – from 11,133 to 17,958 – with four Sunni Muslim extremist groups responsible for two-thirds of all fatalities, according to a comprehensive annual study. Eighty-two percent of fatalities occurred in just five countries – Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria, although the number of countries that experienced more than 50 terror-related deaths also rose – to 24, compared with 15 the previous year. (As always, the vast number of victims of Allah-murder are fellow Muslims. ~Bob)

Excerpt: A centerpiece of President Obama’s strategy for defeating the Islamic State is mobilizing tribal fighters to join the Iraqi military in retaking Anbar province and others dominated by Sunnis. But new research shows that the jihadists have been working since 2009 to gut the very Sunni tribal leadership on which Obama’s rollback depends — making the U.S. campaign much more difficult.

Important: ISIS comes to Libya
Excerpt: The black flag of ISIS flies over government buildings. Police cars carry the group's insignia. The local football stadium is used for public executions. A town in Syria or Iraq? No. A city on the coast of the Mediterranean, in Libya. Fighters loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are now in complete control of the city of Derna, population of about 100,000, not far from the Egyptian border and just about 200 miles from the southern shores of the European Union. (Obama's lead0-from-beind, non-authorized war in Libya keeps on producing its bitter fruit. ~Bob)

Excerpt: This aptly illustrates the moral inversion of what is taught on our college campuses. These students’ reactions show how thoroughly they have been propagandized — just as students on the campuses of Nazi Germany in the early 1930s were just as propagandized to be anti-Semitic and tolerant of thuggery, calling evil good and good evil.

PC Destroys Lives: Birmingham City Council hid links between Asian cabbies and child sex victims for 23 years
Excerpt: BIRMINGHAM City Council ‘buried’ a report linking Asian private hire drivers to child sexual exploitation victims 23 YEARS ago, the Mail can reveal today. Researcher Dr Jill Jesson was asked by the authority to look at the issue of child prostitution involving girls in care back in 1990. The following year, after six months research, she produced a critical two-part report which showed child protection failings by social workers and other agencies. (Better kids be raped and abused that politicians be accused of Islamophobia! ~Bob)

Female Genital Mutilation in the West: A Creeping Crime Against Humanity. By Phyllis Chesler
Excerpt: But we also know that this practice flies under the radar in the West as well among immigrant communities, mainly from these regions. And we know that Western authorities have failed to stop it. In other words, it is a crime and perpetrators should be prosecuted. It is not a tribal, ethnic, racial, or cultural issue to which Western law enforcement should continue to turn a politically correct blind eye. Jardine stated that "this is about protecting a child, not (about) being a racist." Recently, the British National Health Service documented "467 new cases of FGM in England." Half live in London. Estimates suggest that "up to 170,000 women and girls living in the UK may have undergone FGM."

US announces release of 5 Guantanamo prisoners
Excerpt: The Obama administration has released five Guantanamo Bay prisoners after an administration task force determined they no longer posed a threat. The Department of Defense announced Thursday that three of the men were sent to Georgia and two to Slovakia for resettlement. The Pentagon identified the three now former prisoners resettled in Georgia as Abdel Ghaib Ahmad Hakim, Salah Mohammed Salih Al-Dhabi and Abdul Khaled Al-Baydani. The two sent to Slovakia were Hashim Bin Ali Bin Amor Sliti and Husayn Salim Muhammad Al-Mutari Yafai.


Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here: His blog of political news and conservative comment is

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