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Warning for the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition

I received this via e-mail, have not verified, but giving it “widest distribution.” Take it for what it is worth. ~Bob

Warning for the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition
Larry J O'Daniel

John, as agreed upon this warning will be given widest distribution. Teddy, need your immediate concurrence. Rod - can be used on your news show as agreed upon.


I believe there is a good chance that something spectacular is being planned by the Islamist foes. The timing is too great for them to pass up. The "war indicators" are too great for this to be ignored. The multiple sources also give credibility to the issue.

First - Rosh Hashanah is from September 4 - 6. This is one of the holiest Jewish days.
Second - Yom Kippur is from September 13-14 - This too is one of the holiest Jewish days. This year is also the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur war - where Israel almost lost. Russia was set to send troops into the fray when satellite photos saw them readying and Nixon - despite his Watergate problems - put our troops on an advanced war footing (and was criticized in the media for doing so and he did not say the reason why)

Third, in the middle is the 12th anniversary of 9/11. Last year four of our embassies in Africa were attacked in a two day period. We lost four people in Benghazi, including an ambassador, an act of war. We have done nothing in response to this act of war, thereby branding our country as a do nothing country - similar to the Clinton non-responses to similar crises and attacks prior to 9/11.

Fourth, in connection with 9/11, there is a proposed "million" muslim march planned in D.C. for 9/11. The event, while well publicized, is problematical. The sponsor is a wacko from Missouri, a truther Muslim, who ran for Secretary of State in Missouri in 2012 and was trounced because of his extremist views. Supposedly only 57 "likes" are on the FB page of the event. CAIR has "denounced it". I view both the march and "denouncing" as ruses. The march might be used to entice non-Muslims in large numbers to Washington for a "sitting duck" event, similar to Boston. The problem is the event cannot be ignored, but it should be ignored. A march would be a "victory" for the Islamist cause, if not countered. It puts people at risk if attended as counter protestors.

Factors bearing on the problem:

Warnings have gone out from the Islamists, as per their Quranic protocols. On 6/3/13, it was reported that on 6/2, a warning to Americans from Al Qaeda in Yemen was posted by Qassam al Rimi, the military chief of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The warning was the Boston bombings revealed the fragile US internal security - "your security is no longer under control and that attacks on you have taken off and cannot be stopped." - "Everyday you will be hit by the unexpected and your leaders will not be able to defend you...Today (the jihadist groups of Al Qaeda) they are in your land or close to it..." Al Rimi called upon Muslims in the United States to respond to this warning and call to action.

For several weeks, ending in July, multiple prison breaks were reported by INTERPOL, totaling over 2000 hardened Islamist veterans from Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, and Libya. This is a "known strategy" of Ayman al Zawahiri. It also has helped start up several AQ branches in the past.

The United States shut down over 20 Embassies in Africa because of multiple courier intercepts, cell phone intercepts, "chatter on social media" and other warnings. (CNN security analysis) Two respected national security writers posted in the Daily Beast on 8/7/13 that one warning came from an intercepted "conference call" involving some 20 AQ operatives including Zawahiri. The countries involved (AQ branches) roughly equate to the countries where the embassies were shut down. The Islamist social media has been used multiple times in the recent past, including the runup to the 2003 Iraqi attack ousting Saddam Hussein. UBL used it by releasing a video praising the October 2002 Bali attack and warning of multiple attacks against us if we attacked Iraq. While this video was being prepared, several Islamist attack forces were already being trained in Iraq itself at Salman Pak for a coordinated attack in four different countries in an attempt to preempt the invasion. These attacks included A- A shootdown of an airliner at El Al airport in Tel Aviv  B- A ricin attack in England C-A chemical attack at Interlick AFB in Turkey  D- An attack against Russian interests from Chechen rebels based and trained in Georgia. (Most of the attacks were thwarted, multiple persons arrested and prosecuted due to a chance arrest in Israel - the interrogation of those caught - and the warning of our government which went into a highly classified briefing shown to interested US Legislators prior to votes on authorization of the Iraq overthrow of Hussein)

The Israeli government sent out a "worldwide" warning to Jewish groups and interests based upon their own analytical capabilities and warned against possible attacks upon Jewish groups and gatherings.

At Benghazi, there was the Zawahiri 9/10 "trigger" that spawned the attacks. In tandem was the Zawahiri brother in Egypt who started the spurious YouTube rumor about the reputed attack on Muhammad. Interestingly enough, the original trailer spawned no interest and the Arabic version did not come on line until a week before the coordinated attacks on the four embassies. Both the Zawahiri brother in Egypt and his right hand man have been arrested in an Egyptian crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. This could also act as an excuse for problems.

In August of this year, Adam Gadahn, the American Al Qaeda, posted a video urging attacks on US Embassies and the killing of US Ambassadors. (Such a tactic has been used multiple times by Islamist extremists and terror groups against the United States over the past 40 years - usually to attempt to barter our Embassy personnel for imprisoned terror leaders, including in recent years the Blind Sheikh, Ramzi Youssef, and other top captured leaders).

On 8/14 Al Qaeda Gaza issued a warning to the USA over the Aaron Klein ABC New York program - and to Europe.

8/19 - Possibly tying into this, on 8/19/13, Germany receives a warning of possible attacks against their railway infrastructure and or bombs being placed upon their railway cars. The warning came from a new NSA intercept, independent of the previous intercepts. This prompted an immediate heightened security posture by the German government, particularly since September 22 is a national election. (Reuters report)

Analysis based upon the information:

Zawahiri, UBL, and Al Qaeda, plus multiple other Islamist groups have been subordinate to Iran and its multiple offshoots for decades. Zawahiri even postponed his own operations in to take charge of a coordinated assassination attempt against Hosni Mubarak in Ethiopia on June 25, 1995. This was coordinated by Iran, Sudan, and multiple Sunni and Shia Islamist terror groups. In 2011, Iran lead in the assassination attempt on the Saudi Ambassador in the United States. In 1993 and 2001, Iran played leading, if only in critical support roles, in the WTCI and WTCII attacks in the United States. Today, Saudi Arabia and Iran are pitted in a crucial struggle against each other in the Syrian bloodbath. Helping has been Hezbollah. As always, attacks against the United States and Israel (or Muslim secular targets like Mubarak) will always take precedence over internal Islamist politics and hatreds. Cooperation between Sunni and Shia will take place in a heart beat if the Islamist ultimate aim of a Caliphate is to be advanced.

The convergence of the multiple holidays, discussed above, and the "chatter" and intercepts has been described as "unprecedented" since the 9/11 attacks.

The potential for attacks (like Boston and the thwarted attack on the railway system from Canada to the United States at the same time as Boston)is great. A reminder that the shooting at the Colorado theater closely followed a warning against attacks upon theaters in Europe (even if not related - it is a reminder that what happens in Europe or elsewhere might be a trial run of US attempts).

A warning is a written analysis of potential troubles based upon sound information and analysis. Two governments have already acted in previously unprecedented ways. Benghazi stands as a stark reminder of what happens if warnings go unheeded (as does the Khobar Towers attack in Saudi Arabia where observed multiple reconnaissance by Islamist vehicles and even a trial run of ramming in place barriers went unheeded and no raising of terror alerts happened)


Larry J O'Daniel, a member of the CT Committee of the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans COalition, is a former CPT, USAR, MI. He currently works with his hometown fire and County Emergency Menagement teams in preparing for and responding to local disasters. He was an operative to the Vietnam Phoenix Program and has worked in helping prepare and jum

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