Saturday, August 24, 2013

Guest Post: Why Is The Obvious So Difficult To See?

Why Is The Obvious So Difficult To See?
Colonel Donald J. Myers USMC (Ret)

There are many things in this world that are so obvious that it is not necessary to offer proof, but all too often they are not recognized. Years ago, Time magazine had a cover story espousing the fact that there was a difference between male and female. Wow! Did the people who wrote that article really think that there was not a difference? There are many who do not appreciate the fact that when a certain action is rewarded that particular action is usually increased and when an action is punished, that action is usually reduced.

When animal trainers want certain results, they reward it and the desired results continue. In order to reduce certain results, they punish it. With very few exceptions, the same results follow with humans. The major difference is that humans have a brain and a conscience and usually make decisions based on that fact. I believe that most thinking people will agree with what I have said, but their actions say something different.

Each time that tax rates have been reduced in this country or any other country, revenues to the government increase. Just look at the record. President Kennedy stated that a rising tide lifted all boats and he reduced tax rates and government revenues increased. Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush did the same and had the same results. If one listens to the left, one would think that revenues decreased and the government was starving. Nothing is further from the truth.

The city of Detroit has claimed bankruptcy because it can not pay its bills. About half of its population has left and for the most part that part of the population was the part that worked and paid taxes. Those people got tired of the crime, poor schools, and high taxes so they left. The same is true in many other areas of the country. Those in the northeast are not moving to the south and southwest merely because of the weather. They are escaping the high taxes and liberalism, but unfortunately far too many are bringing their liberalism with them.

When families are moving into an area with school age children, they look for neighborhoods that have good schools. When I was still on active duty, we spent some time looking for the proper area and if it was not available, then private schools were the answer. Some inner cities see young couples moving in to areas that are relatively cheap, but when the children arrive, they then have different needs and move to areas with good schools. That is obvious.

Walmart does a fantastic business and is constantly denigrated by many different organizations, but it continues to thrive. Across the board, it offers cheaper prices for most of its merchandise. That is why it continues to grow and far too many refuse to understand that basic fact. I routinely receive the Emails with those Walmart shoppers, but it does not change the facts. That also is obvious.

When something seems too good to be true, it usually is a fraud. That is so obvious, but the fraud continues on a routine basis. The get rich quick syndrome and ignorance both contribute to this aspect. Look at the odds on the state lotteries and the amount of money that they bring in to the state. The chances of winning are in the tens of millions and yet they continue.

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