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A lot of good (mostly) political items came in over the weekend

Well, a lot came in over the weekend as I was trying to help Bonnie get the Madison Condo squared away. My big accomplishment was getting the DVDs hooked up with the TVs. Okay, the one in the bedroom only plays in block and white, very frustration after a couple hours trying of trying every possible cable configuration twice. But this Marine trained tech now suspects a bad cable. Thanks to all who sent. With this much coming in some days, I suppose I should go back to calling it a “Political SitRep,” though I still lack the time and energy to search for items like  I did. ~Bob

Politics and the fate of mankind are shaped by men without ideals and without greatness. Men who have greatness within them don't go in for politics. –Albert Camus

Book Recommendation: Midnight in Mexico: A Reporter's Journey Through a Country's Descent into Darkness. By Alfredo Corchado
You know it’s bad in Mexico, but you don’t know how bad until you read this report by a Mexican-American reporter who loves Mexico, has covered the violence, drug cartels and corruption there for years, often at risk of his life, and despairs about Mexico’s future. A well-written personal account which should be read by every American. Given the length of the border, and a lack of will and resources, we cannot keep this from coming to the US.

To THE WHITE HOUSE - For The President. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Though not law, the President of the United States is expected to be an upstanding citizen - exemplary in thought, word, and deed. More, stout character - that emanates from a core of integrity and moral courage - is required; to carry out the Oath of Office and to do what is right by humanity and for country.

“No Talking Points” from about race problems
Five steps from a black CNN reporter.

Slow Learners: New $444 million hockey arena is still a go in Detroit
Excerpt: Detroit's financial crisis hasn't derailed the city's plans to spend more than $400 million in Michigan taxpayer funds on a new hockey arena for the Red Wings. (As Rome knew, you have to give the “headcount” [Capite censi] games and grain or they get “restive.” ~Bob.)

Excerpt: After the outcome of another election or two, Republicans might well have the chance to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). What would they replace it with? Dylan Matthews at the Wonk Blog the other day said there has been only one serious health reform proposal on the GOP side of the aisle in recent years. It’s called the Patients’ Choice Act, sponsored by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.). This is essentially the health reform plan John McCain endorsed in 2008 ― the one that the Obama campaign spent millions of dollars attacking during the election. Matthews admits there “are real differences” between the two approaches. But he adds, “They aren’t huge ones.” He offers a chart that implies the differences are merely differences of degree, not of kind. Really? There are basically three criteria by which to judge a public policy: efficiency, equity and liberty. To what degree does the policy allow us to achieve a social objective at minimum cost? (Efficiency) To what degree does the policy treat people fairly? (Equity) And to what degree does it leave individuals free to make their own decisions? (Liberty)

George Will: Detroit doesn’t have a fiscal problem, but a ‘cultural collapse’
Excerpt: “Can’t solve the problems because the problems are cultural,” Will said. “You have a city, 139 square miles. You can graze cattle in vast portions of it. Dangerous herds of feral dogs roam in there. You have 3 percent of fourth graders reading at the national math standards. Forty-seven percent of Detroit residents are functionally illiterate. Seventy-nine percent of Detroit children are born to unmarried mothers. They don’t have a fiscal problem, Steve. They have a cultural collapse.”

Pivot over, politics as usual: Economy not on Organizing for Action’s ‘Action August’ agenda
Excerpt: Beginning on Obama’s birthday, August 4, OFA will spend the month promoting the administration’s top issues ahead of the 2014 midterm elections: the benefits of enrolling early in Obamacare (August 4), immigration reform (August 5), climate change (August 13), gun control (August 21), and immigration reform again (August 31).

Motorcyclist turns tables on would-be robbers near Colorado Springs
Excerpt: One of the men was armed with a knife, Kramer said. The motorcyclist didn't comply with their demands. Instead, he punched the knife-wielding man and then pulled out a handgun, which he was lawfully carrying, Kramer said.

Excerpt: Largely going unnoticed this past week was Barack Obama's wield of a death blow to the remnants of reasonable military health care. As Congress forwarded to Defense Budget to the White House this week, Obama made no mention of the defense costs to move squadrons of fighters and navy destroyers into Africa to give him "extra security" during his African visit. The $100 million dollars expended to assure the comfort of Barack and Michelle and family wasn't questioned. 

80 percent of organ donors' lungs are rejected, resulting in certain death for those waiting
Excerpt: Now, the University of Pennsylvania and five other medical centers are testing technology aimed at improving the situation. It involves cleaning and refurbishing donor lungs while the organ "breathes" in a specially designed machine. Lungs that would normally be discarded can be tuned up, evaluated and, in many cases, reused. (Since I’m in the market for a couple of low mileage, gently used lungs, this was of interest to me. ~Bob.)

George H.W. Bush shaves head for 2-year-old cancer patient

Col. Bud Day, Medal of Honor Recipient, dies at 88
Excerpt: Retired Col. George "Bud" Day, a Medal of Honor recipient who spent 5½ years as a POW in Vietnam and was Arizona Sen. John McCain's cellmate, has died at the age of 88, his widow said Sunday. (We were lucky to have him survive as long as he did, given the horrendous treatment his body endured as a POW. RIP, Colonel. –Del. I hope he didn’t get to hear Obama prating about how the chief torturer, Ho Chi Minh, was “inspired” by Thomas Jefferson. The people who put this country first are passing. All that will soon be left will be the Detroit-taker mobs, howling for welfare, disability and Obama phones when the money runs out. ~Bob.)

Vietnamese Americans agitate for human rights in their homeland: Vietnamese refugees in the United States and a reform party press for political change in the communist country.
Excerpt: His parent's activity with a pro-democracy group finally drew his father from the family's comfortable Garden Grove home to Vietnam, where he hoped to train residents to use nonviolent methods in lobbying for reforms. Instead, he was charged with subversion and arrested.

Hindu Women Dead & Many Hindus Injured by Muslim Mobs in Meerut for Playing Music in Temple During Ramadan
Murder during Ramadan is Halah. Music is Haram. Got it. Infidel? ~Bob.

Islamists kill 20 in Nigeria's north
Members of the Religion of Peace celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. ~Bob.

Attack on Minya churches repelled by residents, security forces
Excerpt: “They threw molotov cocktails at Al-Azraa and Anba Ebram churches but were not able to break in as nearby Muslims and Christians were securing the churches,” said Ishak Ibrahim, researcher at Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR). He added that the protesters tried to storm in El-Eslah church but were prevented. 

Scores killed as Egyptian security forces fire on demonstrators at Morsi rally
Excerpt: The death toll from clashes between Egyptian security forces and supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi has risen to 72, the health ministry reported Sunday, as both sides appeared to harden their resolve and doubts grew about the chances for national reconciliation.

Wave of car bombings target Iraqi Shi'ites, killing 60
Excerpt: Car bombs ripped through busy streets and markets in Iraq on Monday, killing at least 60 people in predominantly Shi'ite areas in some of the deadliest violence since Sunni insurgents stepped up attacks this year. (The next Syria. Members of the Religion of Peace just can’t seem to get along. ~Bob.)

Massive jailbreak near Benghazi, Libya, lets more than 1,000 inmates free
Excerpt: More than 1,000 detainees escaped from a prison near the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi in a massive jailbreak Saturday, officials said, as protesters stormed political party offices in Libya's main cities. (And the results of Obama’s not-Congressionally-authorized war in Libya continue to pile up. ~Bob.)

LIBYA: Anti-Islamofascist protesters storm and trash Muslim Brotherhood headquarters after opposition activist was assassinated
Excerpt: “We don’t want the Brotherhood, we want the army and the police,” some protesters chanted, echoing a slogan used in Egypt. Protesters in Libyan cities stormed Islamist-affiliated party offices. In Benghazi, they invaded and set fire to a building that housed the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing. They also burned the Muslim Brotherhood flag. (Nature abhors unbalance and will always strive to restore balance. The Arab Spring, a product of Western powers and press, and especially of the rogue Obama administration, introduced a severe unbalance in the Arab world. Libya, Egypt, Turkey and others had been conditioned for decades to a comfortable and prosperous way of life that came from a secular form of government. The Arab Spring and the attendant propaganda, much of it from the pro-Islam West, temporarily changed many Muslims' minds and brainwashed them into accepting an Islamist government. But this was not the form of government they were used to. Women had become accustomed to a modicum of freedom, education, voting rights, etc. Most had been comfortable with westernized fashions and beardlessness. People just generally don't want a bearded fanatic meddling in their private affairs, even if at bottom they are Muslims themselves. Obama and the rest of the pro-Islam West were so excited when they saw the first stirrings that they imagined they could harness this unrest to persuade people to accept an Islamic strait jacket. They were so wrapped up in their soulless project that they forgot to poll the people and take the national pulses. As usual, the world changers ran up against reality: unintended consequences (or God's hand as some would say). Now they are experiencing the backlash that any sensible person could have predicted. But the lust for power clouds the thinking of those who fancy themselves on the vanguard of history. The events in Libya are nature's attempt to restore balance. Today I saw on a European TV channel a meeting between Egyptian leaders and a representative of the EU who no doubt imagined she could persuade Egyptians to don the Shariah strait jacket again. No amount of goading, no amount of TNT falling on the heads of citizens of sovereign countries, will shepherd them into the pens of the elites again. Something has broken. Finally, let us not minimize the role of the whistleblowers in reducing the power of the elites. The utter depravity and lies of the Obama administration have been exposed, triggering a sea change everywhere. Without these courageous people putting their necks, their freedom and their jobs on the line, this restoration of the balance may eventually have happened anyway, but certainly much later. You may love or hate them, but you owe them a lot, no matter how you view it. --Don Hank)

Doctors among (six) dead in Philippines hotel blast
Excerpt: Asked who he thought was responsible for the attack, he said: “It’s hard to speculate at this time.” Muslim groups including the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) have waged a guerrilla war for a separate Islamic state in Mindanao since the 1970s, a conflict that has claimed an estimated 150,000 lives. The Aquino government and the MILF signed a preliminary deal in October last year outlining the broad terms for a peace treaty that is expected to be signed before he ends his six-year term in 2016.

American Reported Killed Fighting for Al-Qaida in Syria. By John Rossomando
Excerpt: A Pittsburgh man may be the latest American killed as part of the global Muslim jihad against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The man, identified as Amir Farouk Ibrahim, 32, was reportedly killed July 22 in fighting between Syrian Kurdish forces and those linked to the Islamic State of Iraq, an al-Qaida affiliate. (Sad. Memorial Contributions may be sent to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: US drones launched the first strike in Yemen in 49 days, killing six "militants" in an attack today on a convoy in a southern town controlled by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Accused Fort Hood shooter releases statement to Fox News. By Catherine HerridgePamela Browne
Excerpt: “My complicity was on behalf of a government that openly acknowledges that it would hate for the law of Almighty Allah to be the supreme law of the land," the 42-year-old Army psychiatrist said. Hasan then apparently asked if this was a war on Islam. "You bet it is," he said. "I participated in it.” (I'm trying to figure out how the DOD can continue to call the attack at Ft Hood "workplace violence" when Hasan has proclaimed to the world that he is a jihadist warrior, and was attacking as part of the war between Islam and the USA. I wonder how long the judge will let the charade go on, when the guy is condemned by his own words. And please Heaven, will they give him the death penalty and shoot the MFSOB? --Del)

Whistleblowers & NSA
Excerpt: According to Binney, there is substantial danger that data collected from phone and internet communications as well as financial records will be used to target particular Americans, a scenario recently played out when the IRS was caught harassing tea party members, he pointed out. Because the threat is real and the spy organization's reach well beyond its original charter, Binney said he has signed an affidavit for the Electronic Frontier Foundation's lawsuit challenging the NSA's constitutional authority to collect this kind of information. Another peril to U.S. citizens are FISA Courts (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) which can order the transfer of domestic intelligence data but have no way of validating the intelligence being given to them, he continued. 

Excerpt: The old way was to punish exclusion. The new way is to punish lack of inclusion. The punishment is also different. Rather than fines and prosecutions for those who sought to keep minorities out, the new penalty would be a withholding of federal funds from local and state government agencies dependent on HUD grants if they fail to push greater diversity.

Farrakhan Reacts to Trayvon Verdict: “We Have To Rebel Against These Tyrants”
Excerpt: In this week's installment of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam YouTube video series, "The Time and What Must Be Done," the controversial minister uses the shooting of Trayvon Martin to argue that America was "not made" for minorities, imploring his audience to "rebel against these tyrants"--presumably the institutional forces of "white supremacy.""You are gonna have to come to the realization that the death or murder of Trayvon was a nail in the coffin of white supremacy. …We have to separate. We have to find a path, and America, you have to let the black man go." (Nothing about the death of Christopher Cervini? ~Bob.)

Edward Snowden's not the story. The fate of the internet is: The press has lost the plot over the Snowden revelations. The fact is that the net is finished as a global network and that US firms' cloud services cannot be trusted
Excerpt: The first is that the days of the internet as a truly global network are numbered. …Second, the issue of internet governance is about to become very contentious….The fact is that Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are all integral components of the US cyber-surveillance system. 

TSA Adds Extortion to List of Abuses
Excerpt: Having already established that they are intent on making your airport visit as miserable as possible, the TSA is now making it clear that they will relent, a little, if you give them money. Words like “extortion,” “Mafia,” and “legalized mugging” should all come to mind. It’s for your protection? I think the Godfather had a really similar line

Excerpt: They vowed to wage a war on voter fraud. But those officials are having a hard time finding much of an enemy to fight. State officials in key presidential battleground states, many of them Republican, have found only a tiny fraction of the illegal voters they initially suspected existed. Searches in Colorado and Florida have yielded numbers that amount to less than one-tenth of 1 percent of all registered voters in either state.

Excerpt: President Obama hailed hard-core communist revolutionary Ho Chi Minh today as a pretty open guy who was actually inspired by the Founders. Obama took a break from his jobs-pivot speeches to meet Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang at the White House. The pair held joint remarks in the Oval Office afterward. Obama said their first bilateral meeting “represents the steady progression and strengthening of the relationship between our two countries.” (So no freedom of speech, religion, press or assembly in today’s Vietnam is Jefferson’s fault? ~Bob.

Obama hosts Ramadan dinner at White House
Excerpt: Obama spoke at a White House dinner he hosted to celebrate the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The meal, or iftar, breaks the day of fasting when Muslim families and communities eat together after sunset. (Still no money for tours because, you know, sequester and deficit. ~Bob.)

Obama celebrates Ramadan: 'Islam has contributed to the character' of US
Excerpt: President Obama late Thursday celebrated Ramadan with a traditional dinner in the State Dining Room, saying that throughout the nation's history, “Islam has contributed to the character of our country.” In remarks before the Iftar dinner, eaten by Muslims after sunset to end the day of fasting, Obama quoted from the Koran, according to a White House pool report. "As the Koran teaches, whoever does an atom's weight of good will see its results." (Christian? Really?….. Here is the list of the 1% invited to celebrate in the WH that is no longer open to US citizens. --Barb)

The Horrific Muslim Infiltration Of Britain
A British girl visits her home town.

Political Correctness Can Have ‘Ugly Consequences,’ says AMAC
Excerpt: Police would be unable to provide eyewitness descriptions of perpetrators under a proposed New York City law that seeks to limit profiling of suspects. “It’s an overreach that would give criminals the edge and put innocent citizens at risk, all in the name of Political Correctness,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Excerpt: But this announcement is all about the midterm elections. Obama wants the House back, and the Justice Department is again being turned into a political weapon using the cloak of civil rights. …Because Democratic interests are so perfectly aligned with the civil rights establishment — in no small measure because of extreme bloc voting by American blacks — the DOJ is now an arm of the DNC.

Will Justice Outlast the Trayvon Martin Hysteria? If President Obama gets his way, he'll turn our lives into a game of survival horror.
Excerpt: I thought of Outlast after considering last week’s remarks by President Obama which he offered in response to the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Predictably, the president chose to amplify the narrative that the black community was somehow owed a conviction. The threat to liberty posed by our nation’s highest executive suggesting that a criminal case ought to be decided not on the facts, but to satisfy a subjective sense of racial justice, cannot be overstated. 

Excerpt: Two days after the National Security Agency’s PRISM program made headlines, President Obama’s campaign website underwent a stealth makeover. The Sunlight Foundation noticed the change after June 8th. That was the last time that this Obama promise and others saw the light of day on on the president’s website…. Just like that, Obama no longer promises to protect those who blow the whistle on government misdeeds.

Benghazi Survivor David Ubben coming forward
Excerpt: Moreover, Ubben, whose right leg was essentially shredded, has now come forward and told some of his story to Fox News. There are hopes that he may testify in front of Congress. Perhaps one of the most shocking revelations in this story is that after Ubben was hit, he waited at the Annex for twenty hours before help arrived. (Oh, “phony.” Just another bump in the road to global Caliphate. The above link has the Video. –Barb)

Supreme Court shutouts reveal reckless decisions
Excerpt: But we might do well to pay more attention where the court rules unanimously, particularly when they go against the White House. When a president pursues policies that require such expansive federal power that he can't get a single justice to agree, something is probably amiss…. When presidents routinely claim sweeping powers that every Supreme Court justice rejects, something is wrong.

Canadian Terrorist to be Deported from Mauritania Back to Canada
Excerpt: A 24-year-old Canadian who has been held in a Mauritanian prison since December 2011 on terror-related charges, has been released and will be deported to Canada soon, the CBC reported. The man, Aaron Yoon, was sentenced to two years in prison last July after being convicted of having ties to an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group that operates in the North African region and of posing a danger to Mauritanian national security.

PA daily says official US invite to talks will include ’1967 lines’ despite official Israeli stance
Has Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu agreed to negotiations based on the 1949 armistice line, despite previous claims to the contrary? According to Palestinian Authority-based media outlets, the official invites to Israel-PA talks, which will be sent by the United States, are to include a statement that the talks will be based on the “1967 lines” with possible territorial swaps. The report was carried by both Al-Ayyam and Al-Hayat. (Gee, guess who else will be with the Christians in the stadiums? Déjà vu WWII, only it’s WWIII. –Barb)

Bennett: Terrorists Should be Killed, Not Released
Excerpt: Economy Minister Naftali Bennett announced on Saturday night that he would vote against the release of 104 terrorist prisoners, a demand by the Palestinian Authority in order to start peace negotiations. Bennett said that he has also instructed all the ministers from the Bayit Yehudi to vote against the release as well. The ministers will vote on the release on Sunday morning. (Maybe POTUS wants drone practice? –Barb)

‘Why Hunt Down German Nazis, but Release Muslim Nazis?’ Father whose wife and three young children were killed by terrorists doesn’t understand Israel’s approach to murderers.
Excerpt: “Why does the Weisenthal Center track down Nazis who murdered Jews, while here we have Muslim Nazis who murdered Jews, who spilled blood as if it were water, who burned a mother and three children and an unborn baby alive – and they are released? Is there a difference between them and the Nazis criminals?” he asked, quoting Rabbi Weiss. Holtzberg burst into tears as he recalled the funeral for Rachel Weiss and her children. The four were killed when terrorists hurled a firebomb at a bus full of civilians, setting it on fire.

Excerpt: Do you think you have freedom to educate your child as you, the parent, sees fit? Do you look to the State for educational development/delivery for your child or have you selected private/homeschool options? …. The state not only controls the public development/direction of education, it will also control both private/homeschool educational development/ direction. (Refers to AL but FL has big “initiative” too…Barb)

Military Chaplain Being Punished For Speaking About God
Excerpt:….According to Ken Klukowski: “As reported by Fox News’s Todd Starnes, when Reyes referenced this famous line in his essay, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) contacted the base commander, Col. Brian Duffy, demanding he take action on Reyes’s ‘anti-secular diatribe.’ MRFF’s letter says that by Reyes’s ‘use of the bigoted, religious supremacist phrase, ‘no atheists in foxholes,’ he defiles the dignity of service members.’ They accuse him of violating military regulations.” Further, the MRFF wants Reyes to be punished: “Faith based hate, is hate all the same…Lt. Col. Reyes must be appropriately punished.” (If football is too dangerous, regime can recycle all these stadiums by feeding Christians to animals for regime sport. What year is this? Long for the days of MASH TV when the chaplain was understood, his role important and honored. PC has led to this. America is restricting its cherished freedoms with a regime hell-bent to match the control of China on personal freedom of citizens. –Barb)

Obama Assigns Job Of Gun Confiscation To…
Excerpt: For this reason, Barack Obama has decided to remove 2nd Amendment rights from the realm of politics and constitutional guarantee by transforming the question of gun violence into an issue of public health. On January 26th, Obama issued Exec Order # 14, a “Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.” … “Public health’s role is to reduce these firearm injuries and deaths.”

Excerpt: Just about every economic study over the last half century has shown that raising the minimum wage almost always leads to lower employment rates. So, while it's no surprise that our "business-challenged" President is proposing a $9.00 federal minimum wage rate, I'm still taken aback that so many ordinary Americans don't get it. And Washington D.C. sure doesn't get it as two weeks ago that ghetto demanded that Walmart pay $12.50 an hour or get the hell out....which is just what Walmart is doing at a loss to D.C of thousands of jobs. (As Dr. Thomas Sowell points out, most people are unable to think to Stage Two, the results of the policy. ~Bob.)

Many people will never know what hit them. By Douglas J. Hagmann
Excerpt: The Examiner article quoted “The Guerrilla Economist™” as follows:
“Deutsche Bank. Big bank. Biggest bank in Germany, and one of the biggest banks in the Euro Zone… they’re going to go belly up. Watch it. Watch it, I said it, it’s going to happen. They are in such a danger zone, they don’t know what to do. Deutsche Bank’s derivative debt is greater than the global economy. That is one bank. $72 trillion in derivative exposure. The entire global economy, all the countries in the world is only $66 trillion GDP.” (If true, this will wreck the world economy, including us. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: “This is for George Zimmerman.” That’s what one of three white men told a black man as they approached him early Saturday in Washington before committing what police are saying may be a hate crime, according to Metropolitan Police Officer Anthony Clay. The men kicked the man, who was not identified, as they took his iPhone and wallet, the officer said Sunday, according to CNN.

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