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Some great items today

A lot of great stuff today. Thanks to all who sent it—especially the pieces that were formatted. ~Bob

Scary: The Graffiti on the Wall. By Mark Steyn
Excerpt: Timing is everything, even in apocalyptic doom-mongering. When my book America Alone came out in 2006, the conventional wisdom was that its argument about Europe's demographic death spiral was "alarmist" (The Economist). Seven years on, it's so non-alarmist that even the Washington Post is running stories about the Continent's "plummeting" birth rates.

Detroit bankruptcy could hit millions of retirees
Excerpt: Despite the uncertainties surrounding what's expected to be a hard-fought legal battle, the outcome promises to inflict more pain on Detroit's already-beleaguered residents, businesses, creditors, investors and city workers, whose pension plans may now be invalidated. (The pressure to bailout these folks will be enormous. But if you do, then comes cities like Chicago, and entire states like California and Illinois, where the pension funds are insolvent due to decades of vote buying from public employees. In Chicago, there are people drawing over $100,000 in pension benefits who worked one day for the city as a substitute teacher, because the Democrats—no one claims credit—slipped a provision in the public pension law that if you worked at all for the government, and were a public union official, your time as a union official lobbying government for more spending counts towards your city retirement. So they have 30+ years credit for one day’s work. And you think a collapse isn’t coming? Detroit isn’t an outlier—it’s the leading edge of the progressive future. ~Bob.)

This is when productive, decent, tax-paying people, black and white, started to flee Detroit. The results we see today. Detroit Race Riot (1967)
Excerpt: In the five days and nights of violence 33 blacks and 10 whites were killed, 1,189 were injured and over 7,200 people were arrested. Approximately 2,500 stores were looted and the total property damage was estimated at about $32 million. Until the riots following the death of Dr. Martin Luther King in April 1968, the Detroit Race Riot stood as the largest urban uprising of the 1960s.

How Many Warnings Do We Need? By Col. Don Myers

The “Carlos Danger” Name Generator
Mine is “Gilberto Evil.” ~Bob

Texas Attorney General’s Office Obtains $1.4 Million Settlement against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for Medicaid Fraud

Hamas Reels In Wake Of Morsi Downfall. By John Rossomando
Excerpt: Hamas finds itself in an uncomfortable predicament following the ouster of its longtime allies, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The terrorist group's leaders worry that a wave of popular demonstrations similar to those that pushed Egypt's military to depose Morsi could threaten their hold on Gaza. They also are worried that Egypt's military rulers may try to reassert the sovereignty they held over Gaza prior to the 1967 Six-Day War.

I "respect" the US government only in the same sense that I "respect" any other dangerous predator who views me as food.

Excerpt: The White House has threatened to veto the 2014 Defense Appropriations Act in part because it does not increase premiums and co-pays associated with Tricare, the Pentagon's in-house health system, and because it proposes a 1.8% pay increase instead of the 1% the administration demands. (He didn’t serve & the Obama girls never will. That’s for the little people. ~Bob)

Midway Through The Month of Ramadan, 117 Terror Attacks & 662 Dead

Report: Drop In Unemployment Rate “Almost 100 Percent Due To Decline In Labor Force Participation Rate'

The Passion of Trayvon Obama: The most powerful man on Earth wants history to think him a victim, and wants it on record from his own words.
Excerpt: Over the course of his presidency, Trayvon Obama has had so many chances to be a president for all Americans, and has failed each time. This last press conference provided him the opportunity, once again, to unite rather than divide. The president could have spoken to all Americans. Instead he chose to stoke the fire with a self-serving, divisive statement that turned the most powerful man in the world into a victim. Some legacy.

Excerpt: You can take the community organizer out of the South Side, but you can’t take the community organizer out of the community organizer. Today, America heard threats from the increasingly predictable President Alinsky….This is standard-fare Das Kapital by Karl Marx. 

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has harassed so many women that he's just been named an Honorary Kennedy

REPUBLICAN scorned wives = "Doormats". DEMOCRAT scorned wives = "Heroines struggling w/ their talented husbands' foibles". Evry1 got that?

Shhh, don't wake the media, I just got them down. Look at them sleeping -- they look like little angels, don't they?

Black Mob Leaves Waiter With Broken Jaw: Violent attack disturbs Baltimore neighborhood. By Colin Flaherty
Excerpt: Maybe the white person in the video being chased and beaten Saturday night by a black mob in Baltimore said something, did something, to antagonize his attackers. Maybe he followed them. Maybe he profiled them. He’s not talking at the moment. He’s just out of surgery for a broken jaw. But this victim was no neighborhood watchman. He was just a waiter going home after working the evening shift at a local wine bar. Maybe the woman they attacked soon before provoked the black mob in the same manner.

An American Lynching: The facts in the Zimmerman case. The jury was prevented from knowing many of them, yet they acquitted him anyway.
This contains some surprising facts about the case that we didn’t know and most people won’t ever hear about if left up to the media. Maybe the Enquirer will run it. –Jean and George

Excerpt: The Justice Department is preparing to take fresh legal action in a string of voting rights cases across the nation, U.S. officials said, part of a new attempt to blunt the impact of a Supreme Court ruling that invalidated a critical part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The Justice Department is expected to use other sections of the Voting Rights Act to bring lawsuits or take other legal action to prevent states from implementing certain laws, including requirements to present certain kinds of identification in order to vote.

Deb Mell succeeds dad as 33rd Ward alderman
What are the odds? After what must have been an exhaustive search and vetting of candidates, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual found the perfect replacement for resigned City Alderman (and Rod Blagojevich’s estranged father-in-law) Richard Mell—his daughter, former State Representative Debbie Mell. She lost her House seat after she voted against the impeachment of Blagojevich, her brother-in-law, blood being thicker than integrity in Chicago. ~Bob.

U.S. delays sale of warplanes to Egypt in wake of Morsi's ouster
Fine for the Muslim Brotherhood to get them, but he needs assurances the new reguime will use them to kill Jews. ~Bob.

Peace talks
With Israeli Palestinian talks to begin next week, set over-under at 23 rockets from Gaza prior to start. –George

Excerpt: President Obama sure was excited about his speech yesterday. He talked for more than an hour in sweeping, grandiose terms about everything that's happened since he became President, and everything that's still going to happen. If only more of it were true. Here are three major whoppers Obama tried to sell yesterday.

On target as usual: Back to Our 20th-Century Future. By Victor Davis Hanson 
Excerpt: More people probably died from the wars of the 20th century than from the battles of the prior 2,500 years combined. The bloodiest century saw the rise of fascism, Nazism, communism and jihadism. Capitalism almost collapsed during the Great Depression. What followed was a Big Government antidote not unlike our own experience after the panic of 2008.

House members who receive farm subsidies vote against cutting them. By Lori Sanders
Excerpt: Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., released a report yesterday illustrating the latest Republican hypocrisy. The report profiles 14 Republican congressmen who receive federal agriculture subsidies. Each member voted for the recently passed farm bill, which extended their subsidies (and in many cases, made the subsidies more generous) while for the first time in 50 years removing nutrition programs (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) from the overall legislative package. (The Coming Collapse will be bi-partisan. ~Bob.)

Defund Or Be Challenged. By Erick Erickson 
Excerpt: Moderate Democrats are retreating from Obamacare, according to the Washington Post. Hospitals are retreating from Obamacare. Americans broadly doubt Obamacare will help them. Consumers in most states won’t see reductions in premiums for their healthcare, contrary to what the Democrats claimed. In fact, there are twenty-seven ways in which Obamacare will increase the costs of your healthcare. In the meantime, Obamacare is costing jobs in Ohio and elsewhere. The restaurant industry is reducing hours of employees and cutting full time workers. Why would Republicans keep funding a law that hurts so many people and is so unpopular? Why would they do that?

Reign of the man-child. By John Hayward 
Excerpt: There’s a common thread running through Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting escapades, Barack Obama’s 19th pivot to the economy, and much else that’s going wrong in America today. This is the reign of the man-child, the era of perpetual teenage indulgence. Nothing is my fault, man. Nobody understands me. Everyone keeps hassling me about little stuff. Nobody can see the superhero I really am. Consequences are a drag, so quit living in the past.

The Capture of Detroit 1812
The British captured Detroit from us in the War of 1912. The question now—why didn’t we let them keep it? ~Bob

The News in Zingers. By Argus Hamilton
Excerpt: Chicago golfer Orville Nero was putting away his golf clubs in his car at the Meadows Golf Club parking lot when he was murdered in a drive-by. Cops found three shell casings nearby. Only in Chicago can you shoot three holes-in-one without picking up your golf club.

Good column: What all of those anti-Zimmerman yammerers don't want you to know. By Cathy Young
Excerpt: Could there have been a white Trayvon Martin? Ask the parents of Christopher Cervini, also 17 when he was killed in Rochester, N.Y., in 2009. The shooter, Roderick Scott, said he saw three boys breaking into a car, went out with his (legal) handgun to stop them, and fired in self-defense after Cervini ran at him yelling a threat. Cervini's family insisted that the teen, who had never been in trouble, was murdered in cold blood. Scott was tried for manslaughter and acquitted. He is black; Cervini was white. New York has seen other controversial cases in which African-American men successfully claimed self-defense. In 1987, a racially mixed Brooklyn jury acquitted 19-year-old Andre Nichols, who had fatally shot and robbed a white Catholic priest, Frederick Strianese; Nichols said Strianese had solicited sex and was trying to assault him.

Good column: Unsung black people. By Ann Coulter
Excerpt: It must be hard for young black males to always be viewed as criminals by people who notice crime statistics. We've jawboned that sad story for 40 years. Last week, President Obama ran it around the block again in another speech about himself in reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict. 

Spare the rod and get a Liberal. Spoil the child and.... you create people like the Zimmerman protesters and OWS groupies!

Portland’s Weiner: A Sex Scandal Grows in Oregon
Excerpt: Portland is nothing if not tolerant. The picturesque city in the Pacific Northwest has, in recent years, endured one mayor who admitted to a gay affair with an underage intern, a different mayor who claimed residency in Washington state (where there is no income tax) yet voted in Oregon, not to mention downtown streets choked with aggressive transients. (Oh, and the weather's not great either.) But a new scandal must be trying the patience of even the most forgiving denizens of Portlandia.

What I heard from @BarackObama economic speech was "bankrupt country, kill American dream by turning USA into gov run state."

Japan: Jets Scrambled Near Okinawa
Excerpt: Japanese fighter jets scrambled on Wednesday after a Chinese military plane flew through international airspace near OkinawaJapan’s defense minister said. The Chinese early-warning plane flew between Okinawa and the smaller island of Miyako toward the Pacific and then passed between the islands again to return to China, Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera told reporters. 

Liberal media love new Jesus book Zealot, fail to mention author is Muslim -- and member of lobbying group for Iranian mullahs
Excerpt: Not only is Reza Aslan a Muslim, and not only does his alleged historical reconstruction of the Gospels just happened to correspond exactly to the Muslim view of Jesus, but he is also a Board member of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), which has been established in court as a lobbying group for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Has Barack Obama made black violence against whites acceptable so long as it is in the name of Trayvon Martin? Worse, has he made it FASHIONABLE? Oddly enough, I could not sleep last night so I took my dog for a walk and found myself paranoid about attacks from black thugs and over zealous "neighborhood watch" types, not to mention our local Keystone Kops. I took my big blackthorn walking stick. and kept wondering whether I should have been wearing my .45. I may compromise and weight the head of the stick with lead, and lots of it. –TH.

The IRS Mafia: Hush Money and Politics
Excerpt: It wasn’t an accident. And the IRS has used hush money. A former IRS employee — that would be IRS employee-turned-whistle blower Stanley Welli — tells The American Spectator that the IRS targeting of Delaware Republican U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, a Tea Party favorite, was neither “isolated” nor “an aberration.”

Homeowner Shoots Home Invaders Multiple Times After They Tried to Use Fake Gun
Pro Tip: Don’t take a fake gun to a real gun fight. ~Bob

Gang Member Convicted After Tattooing Murder Scene on His Chest
Excerpt: A California gang member was convicted Wednesday of first-degree murder after authorities say a tattoo on his chest depicting the murder scene led to his apprehension. 25-year-old Anthony Garcia (pictured above) could face life in prison for his role in the 2004 shooting at a Pico Rivera liquor store.

So, what does Caroline Kennedy think of Shinzo Abe's stance on the Senkaku Islands? Since she's our new ambassador to Japan and all.

Excerpt: Sergio Perez, 19, who faces charges in connection with the crime, is being held without bond in Douglas County. … Prosecutors said Perez is not a legal resident of the United States. The victim’s family said a detective told them he has been in the country for about four months. (Just doing a job Americans won’t do. If you don’t want him to have a path to citizenship, you’re a racist. ~Bob.)

Since the president took office, the average duration of unemployment has almost doubled - from 19.8 weeks to 35.6 weeks.

Flash Mobbery DC: Black Mob Loots Convenience Store, Assaults Clerk (Video)
Excerpt: A mob of black teens looted a DC convenience store in the latest flash mobbery ignored by the national media. It doesn’t fit their agenda.

The Hebrew Sex House for Seniors
Excerpt: Deciding to put a parent or loved one in a nursing home can be one of life’s most difficult moments, but it certainly doesn’t have to be — especially if your parent still likes the idea of doing more than just sleeping between the sheets. There’s now a sexual oasis of elderly love in Riverdale, New York, and it goes by the name of the Hebrew Home. A recent profile by Bloomberg shows how the innovative facility is shattering conventional nursing care rules by openly allowing residents to have sex to their heart’s content (even if that heart’s in not so great of shape). (Well, now we know where Anthony Weiner will retire to. It might almost be worth converting just to get admittance. Ron P.)

Wisconsin Teachers’ Unions In Full Collapse
Excerpt: Since Act 10 passed two years ago, public employees’ unions have been in a steep decline they may not be able to come out of. Like a plane whose engines have failed will crash and burn, these unions are on their way to crashing and burning. Savor this roll call of collapse in just two years. (Turns out a lot of folks only belonged to public unions because they were forced to join. I’m pro-choice—you get to choose if you want to belong or not. ~Bob.)

If its wrong for whites to address problems in the black community and blacks are forbidden to speak negatively, who can help?

Man allegedly assaulted by group of youths in New Haven, scooter stolen
Excerpt: According to a New Haven Police press release, witnesses said “between five and six black male teenagers rushed him, pushed him from the moving scooter, assaulted him, and fled with the scooter.” (No word from the President if the teens could have been him 35 years ago. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Marines and their families from across the United States are mounting political pressure and rallying for the release of fellow Marine reservist, Texan Armando Torres, who was kidnapped in a Mexican border city three weeks ago.
Chicago Teachers Union Officials Travel to Honduras to Discuss “Revolution” With Former Tyrant
Excerpt: For two weeks at the end of June, about 20 teachers and students traveled to Honduras to meet with their teachers union counterparts from that country, to learn about the “Honduran resistance movement,” and meet with the deposed former president, Mel Zelaya, according to an account posted on Honduras Resists.

Hate Crime: Racist Black Youths Beat up White Autistic Boy at School Bus Stop
No word from the President. ~Bob.

Lovely People – TRAYVON ACTIVISTS Threaten to Murder Retired Pastor
Excerpt: Death threats were the last type of phone calls George A. Zimmermann, 78, thought he’d get after serving for 55 years as his Pennsylvania community’s preacher.

Family Saved By Zimmerman Cancels Thank You
Excerpt: Now, Zimmerman's attorney is explaining that Mark and Dana Michelle Gerstle "really wanted" to thank Zimmerman publicly, but canceled a press conference planned for yesterday afternoon over fears of "blowback." 
War on Whistleblowers: Has Obama scrapped the First Amendment? Mark Pitzke
Excerpt: For a number of years now, [whistleblower James Risen's] telephone conversations and emails have come under scrutiny by the US government. Adding insult to injury, Risen learned last week that he could face jail time for contempt of court if he fails to give evidence at the criminal trial of a former CIA agent -- one of his most trusted sources. A federal appeals court ruled on Friday that Risen would receive no First Amendment protection safeguarding the confidentiality of his sources -- in this case former CIA employee Jeffrey Sterling

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