Monday, July 15, 2013

Some items of interest

Safeguarding Our Marine Corps - Our Battle Color. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: At the foot of my rack stood two tall Marines - General Robert H. Barrow and Colonel John W. Ripley. They were clad in blue-white dress "A" and armed with sword, hence covered, at the carry. A large medal Navy Cross and Silver Star, on each, sparkled - as did all medal on chests and a port. A stunning sight!

Corps approves Marine uniforms for gay pride parade
They have given in completely to the PC crowd, and ignored the longstanding prohibitions of Marines wearing their uniforms in any sort of civilian celebration, political activity, etc.  Which was a good policy, and made sense as long as it was applied to everyone, no favorites. Now they have decided that LGBT parades are somehow "special" and merit a huge exception to the policy that has gotten Marines and other military members in trouble for appearing in uniform at religious events and political rallies. I am not particularly worried about LGBT parades and Marines who belong to that community.  Your private life is your private life and I am 100% ready to respect that, as long as you do your job in the manner needed at the time required.  What you do in your private life, including appearing in parades, political rallies, church functions, or whatever, is your business as a private citizen.  Don't drag the Corps into it, just exercise your freedom to appear there and be happy with that.  Like all the rest of us. –Del. How about in an anti-gay marriage parade or a tea Party rally? ~Bob.)

Marine Corps veteran stops carjacker holding knife to girl's throat
Excerpt: Officials said a retired MarineCorps veteran, Andrew Koplin, stopped the carjacker with his concealed weapon. 

I agree ~Bob: There is Only Tragedy Here. By Erick Erickson
Excerpt: There is only tragedy in the Zimmerman trial. There are no sides but Justice to root for, but a Justice that will leave one side unsatisfied and still empty. Both sides made mistakes in this awful mess. George Zimmerman may not be guilty of either murder or manslaughter, but he killed Trayvon Martin. A seventeen year old is dead. A family has lost a son. And George Zimmerman must now now fear for his life because of hatred toward him stirred up by so many who politicized this mess.

Civil rights case vs. Zimmerman won't be simple
Excerpt: Calls for the Justice Department to look into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin reverberated as soon as George Zimmerman was acquitted of state charges in a Florida courtroom, but it may be even tougher to mount a federal case against Zimmerman. (But they are going to try. They oh, so want to get Zimmerman for something. Guilt or innocence has nothing to do with it. Watch for manufactured evidence and doctored 911 recordings to be used. – LLW)

Excerpt: Holder’s minions, it is worth remembering, consulted with the NAACP before the Justice Department dropped the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case that the government had already won. With due respect to Peggy Noonan, the Justice Department is already deeply involved in, and couldn’t have more disgracefully politicized, the George Zimmerman case. There would have been no Florida prosecution of Zimmerman absent the extortionate pressure brought to bear by Attorney General Eric Holder.

George Zimmerman Wasn’t on Trial —- We Were. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: The media indictment of George Zimmerman had little to do with the Latino Obama supporter or with the man he shot. These two men, one in life and one in death, were exploited to tell a story about racism; even though the one thing that both the Zimmerman and the Martin families managed to agree on was that race was not the issue. Race was not the issue when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, but race was the story that the media insisted on telling. 

Anti-Zimmerman Protesters Burn American Flag
Excerpt: On Sunday evening in Oakland, hundreds of demonstrators mobbed the streets to protest the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

Funny all this PR and anger over an unarmed teen being shot to death by an armed man. There was none of this out pouring when Christopher Cervini, an unarmed 15-year-old was shot dead by Roderick Scott, who was acquitted. It happened in NY in 2009, a state without a stand-your-ground law. No statements from the President, Sen. Reid or the black leadership, no outrage in most of the media. Maybe because Cervini was white and Scott black?

George Zimmerman to Get His Gun Back
Excerpt: George Zimmerman will get his gun back now that he has been cleared of murder and his lawyer said today that Zimmerman needs the weapon "even more" than before.  (Zimmerman should seriously be thinking about moving out of the country. Maybe to Australia.  – LLW)

George Zimmerman Anonymous Jurors Remaining Secret
Excerpt: The identities of the six women who decided that Zimmerman was innocent of murder and manslaughter in the death of Trayvon Martin were sealed at the start of the racially charged trial and the court and the sheriff reminded the media after the trial that the court order is still in effect. (Of course they want to remain anonymous. None of them have a death wish. – LLW)

Trayvon Martin Revenge Beating: 78 Year Old Attacked by 6 Youths (Video)
Excerpt: A 78-year old man, Dallas Watts, from East Toledo was beaten by 6 youths on Saturday. The boys are aged 11-17. He believes they were picking on him in retaliation for the Trayvon Martin case. He says they said "don't kill him or we all go to jail".

4 teens charged in death of Mableton man
No outrage over this? Oh yes, the thugs were black. ~Bob. Excerpt: Cobb County police have arrested four alleged gang members linked to a fatal hit-and-run crash on Mableton Parkway. The suspects are accused of beating the victim and then forcing him into the path of a car.

Excerpt: Several days ago, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, the rogue al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, murdered Kamal Hamami, a Free Syria Army military commander who also was a member of the US-backed Supreme Military Council. (Who was it who predicted in a blog that if they overthrew Assad, the factions in Syria would fight each other? Oh, yea, me. ~Bob.)

AFGHANISTAN: Judges free three family members jailed for barbaric torture of child bride, Sahar Gul

FYI, We Just Won a War in the Philippines. By David Axe
Excerpt: MILF, perhaps sensing doom in a continued struggle, pounced on the offer. The rebel group renounced its ties to Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah, sparking at least one gun battle between MILF and its former allies. In February this year Aquino visited the rebel stronghold in Mindanao to finalize a peace deal. The treaty promised to finally deprive terrorists of their safe haven in the Philippines. With the signing of the peace deal, America could tentatively claim victory in its Philippines shadow war.

Excerpt: “I don’t think he has been particularly helpful, particularly with respect to his redistribution ideology,” Carson said. “Because he’s made a lot of people think that that’s all that the blacks want — they want to get our money and to get our wealth, and they think that we owe them this and that, and of course here are a lot of people of all races who do not believe that.”

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