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Some items worth seeing

With our move out of the way, me in a hotel and the furniture in Madison, things have eased off. Now only have to hope the closing goes through. Thanks to all who sent formatted items for me to share with my list. ~Bob

Chart: The Causes of Black Deaths in the US

Where Is the Law of War Manual? By Edwin Williamson and Hays Parks
Excerpt: Obama administration political appointees, though, have aggressively sought changes in the manual to conform to their political philosophies or legal arguments in detainee litigation, pushing for rules and principles that vary from longstanding law of war treaty-based terminology and norms previously accepted by Republican and Democratic administrations.

Small Businesses' Top Concern: ObamaCare
Excerpt: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's latest quarterly small business survey finds that Washington policies continue to hamper hiring and growth, with over a quarter of small businesses saying they have lost employees in the last year. Key findings include: The health care law is a top concern. Concern about ObamaCare has increased by 10-points since June 2011 and by 4 points since last quarter. Seventy-one percent of small businesses say the health care law makes it harder to hire. Only 30 percent say they are prepared for the requirements of the law, including participation in the health insurance marketplaces.

Excerpt: Al Sharpton gets a show on MSNBC so he can attack rich businessmen for not paying enough taxes....while he sits under indictment by the IRS for failing to pay taxes on $2 million dollars in income. You can't call Jessie Jackson the "N" word but he is allowed to disparage the New York City Jews as "Heimie Town". 30 million illegals invade our country, then march by the hundreds of thousands down the streets of our cities demanding they be made citizens....and they get the suppport of millions of liberal open borders Democrats. Al Gore demands that the world stop using energy but builds a palatial home in Tennessee whose energy requirements are that of 30 average homes, burns thousands of gallons of fossel fuels during his travels by personal jet to a fundraiser. Hollywood movie stars live in $30 million dollar homes and hold telethons to get you to send your hard earned money for earthquake or flood relief.

Good Column: The Strange Case of Mexican Emigration. By Victor Davis Hanson 
Excerpt: Are millions of Mexican citizens still trying to cross the U.S. border illegally because there is dismal economic growth and a shortage of jobs in Mexico? Not anymore. In terms of the economy, Mexico has rarely done better, and the United State rarely worse. The Mexican unemployment rate is currently below 5 percent. 

Boston Marathon Bombing Victims: Rolling Stone Cover ‘Disgusting’
Excerpt: Here you go Rolling Stones; if you required a cover and wanted marathon related, one would assume that you would have promoted a nation of continued healing, provided American heroes and encouraged moving forward. This is just one of several available shots that would have made sense if you were looking for togetherness. Instead, your irresponsible behavior did more to tear open wounds and insult victims, survivors and families that have been slowly healing and accepting the horrendous acts of terrorism. 

Excerpt: “I did what Joe Biden told me to do,” Barton told KOIN. “I went outside and fired my shotgun in the air.”

It took 58 years, but we won the Vietnam War. RT @benhjacobs: They're going to open a McDonald's in Ho Chi Minh City

Friday sermon in Egypt: "Oh Allah, destroy the accursed Jews....Oh Allah, destroy Bashar, destroy the Shiite Iranians, destroy Hizbullah, destroy that infidel, Hassan Nasrallah."

Gov't Bureau 'Creating a Google Earth on Every Financial Transaction,' Senator Warns -
Excerpt: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is looking to create a "Google Earth" of every financial transaction of every American, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) warned today in a Senate speech opposing confirmation of Richard Cordray as CFPB director.  "This bill (creating the CFPB) was supposed to be about regulating Wall Street. Instead, it's creating a Google Earth on every financial transaction.

Jimmy Carter: George Zimmerman Jury 'Made The Right Decision' (VIDEO)
Excerpt: "I think the jury made the right decision based in the evidence presented because the prosecution inadvertently set the standard so high that the jury had to be convinced that it was a deliberate act by Zimmerman and that he was not defending himself and so forth," he said. "It's not a moral question, it's a legal question and the American law requires that the jury listens to the evidence presented." Asked if he thought Martin's killing and Zimmerman's case presented any broader issues of race, Carter said not necessarily, considering the prosecution didn't bring up any alleged racial motivation during the trial. (Egad.  Who thought one could ever agree with Jimmy Carter?  Look to the heavens for the end signs…Barb)

Drone Crash Closes Remote Florida Highway
Excerpt: Tyndall Air Force Base says the QF-4 drone crashed on takeoff early Wednesday. The Air Force closed Highway 98 west of Panama City and east of Mexico Beach because of fires from the crash. Officials say the drone has a limited, 24-hour battery life and will be inactive after the battery is depleted. (I’d guess looking for drug runners. In which case I hope the drones are armed. ~Bob.)

Sir Thomas More on the Trial of George Zimmerman: "What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?"
Excerpt: What’s going on? George Zimmerman ought never to have been tried for the lamentable death of Trayvon Martin. The police in his town in Florida understood that. It was only when the president of the United States said that, if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon Martin that local authorities got with the program.

Obama’s last campaign: Inside the White House plan to sell Obamacare
Excerpt: Now Simas, a sad-eyed Massachusetts native with a facility for PowerPoints, needs to reach those same groups again — with a much harder ask. This time, he doesn’t just need them to vote. He needs them to buy health insurance, and, in some cases, spend hundreds of dollars a month for it. If they don’t, the new insurance marketplaces — the absolute core of Obamacare — will be filled with older, sicker people, and premiums will skyrocket. And if that happens, the law will fail.

Kurdish-Islamist fighting spreads to Syrian oil fields
Excerpt: Kurdish fighters have seized control of a Syrian town on the border with Turkey and are battling Islamist rebel groups linked to al Qaeda for control of oilfields in the northeast of the country. (Go, Kurds. ~Bob.)

UN joins global warming craze, blames 'humanity's emissions'
I will give up my chili when they pry my cold….~Bob

Dempsey says US considering use of force in Syria
Smacking the tar baby. ~Bob.

Amputee Leads Marines at Infantry School
Excerpt: "Choosing to have my leg amputated was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make in my life, because it is losing part of myself," Guest said. Guest took only a week off work for his amputation because of his dedication. He continued to recover while he resumed teaching Marines.

Paternity test reveals Rep. Cohen not the father of woman believed to be daughter
Excerpt: Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) is not the father of a 24-year-old woman he believed was his out-of-wedlock daughter, a paternity test performed by CNN revealed Thursday.

The NY Times Tries -- And Fails -- To Protect Obamacare From Health Insurance 'Rate Shock'
Excerpt: Yesterday, fans of Obamacare were cheering. A front-page story in the New York Times announced that individuals shopping for health insurance in New York would see their premiums halved, based on figures released by the Andrew Cuomo administration. It was an “extraordinary decline” that “demonstrates the profound promise” of Obamacare, said one supporter of the law. But the cheerleaders are wrong. New York’s premiums will remain among the costliest in the nation, after Obamacare becomes fully operational. And the unique history of how the Empire State destroyed its individual health-insurance market—using policies quite similar to Obamacare’s—will translate, at best, to only a handful of other states.

FACT: It’s safer for a black man to walk through a white neighborhood than it is to walk through a black neighborhood.

ObamaCare's Coalition Begins to Fracture

The UK’s Taxi Rape Epidemic
Excerpt: Great Britain is in the throes of a rape and pedophilia epidemic unlike anything the country has experienced in living memory. Many of the sex crimes are being perpetrated by Muslim child grooming gangs responsible for drugging, raping and torturing hundreds and possibly thousands of British girls. But another wave of sex crimes involves predatory Muslim taxi drivers who are raping female passengers.

Texas executes (white) man in 1998 dragging death (of black man)
No, it's not safe to kill black people, race baiters. ~Bob

ObamaCare in one picture

Excerpt: The bellwether Gallup Job Approval Poll finds Obama around the 46% approval level this month. That's three points beneath the national approval level of his much-maligned predecessor, George W. Bush, at the same point in his second term.

Congressman: Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

Detroit Will Now Almost Certainly File For Bankruptcy, And It's Going To Be The Biggest Ever
Excerpt: Detroit is likely to file for bankruptcy after two municipal pension funds sued city emergency manager Kevyn Orr. The Motor City faces $20 billion of long-term liabilities. The Wall Street Journal's Matt Dillon says those holding onto $11 billion in unsecured debt are basically staring into the abyss, facing the prospect of getting next to nothing from the city's obligations. (As the god book says, put not your trust in Progressives. ~Bob.)

Ohio Dept. Of Insurance: Obamacare To Increase Individual-Market Health Premiums By 88 Percent

Questions mount for Lisa Madigan and her father. By John Kass
Excerpt: Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan thinks I put bad ideas into people's heads.
"It sounds to me like you've been reading too much John Kass," she told reporters, rather curtly, on Wednesday. She said this as her father, House Speaker Michael Madigan, boss of Illinois politics, was slowly being roasted (and not in a nice, delicious way) over the $700,000 Metra hush-money scandal.

Public union membership plummets two years after WI Act 10
Excerpt: AFSCME Council 24’s dues-paying membership fell from about 5,900 security and safety employee members pre-Act 10 to 690 in the early months of this year – an 88 percent drop — according to information posted on the Facebook site of the Wisconsin Association for Correctional Law Enforcement and obtained by Wisconsin Reporter.

Rat Becomes Newest Housemate for Durbin, Schumer
You’d think a rat would have better taste in roommates. ~Bob

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