Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How would various media outlets cover this story?

How would various media outlets cover this story?
Robert A. Hall
Suppose, God forbid, this event took place: An undocumented Mexican janitor is laid off from a fundamentalist black church when they discover he is an atheist. He steals a hunting rifle from his landlord and murders three church parishioners on Christmas eve, before being shot by an off duty black cop carrying his service revolver in the church. Here’s how I see the various news headlines about the event:

“White Hispanic in Racist Rampage”

Fox News
“War on Christmas turns violent.”

New Your Times
“Disguised Assault Rifle used in murders”

Arizona Daily Independent
“Another slaughter by illegal immigrant.”

“Black murders in church symbol of American racism.”

Al Jazeera
“Zionist agent attacks US church for demanding Israel stop building homes.”

American Family Association
“Atheist murders Christians for their faith.”

Los Angles Times
“Concealed carry escalates violence at church, when cop violates gun-free-zone rule.”

Huffington Post
“Failure of rich to pay their ‘fair share’ leads to layoffs, violence.”

“Cop uses excessive force against alleged Hispanic wrongdoer.”

Guns and Ammo
“30-06 cartridge still best choice for stopping power.”

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