Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Comcast Strikes Again!

Last week, I missed two business conference calls one night because my Comcast Internet and land line service was disrupted. Service was intermittent, but on the phone they couldn't hear me, and while I could get on some sites, I couldn't get e-mail with the call-in info. I got it from a staff member, but with the phone problem could only listen to the first call, not get through on the second at all. Sure, I could have used my cell phone, but my furnace had also died, it was getting a tad chilly, and I was waiting for a call from the heating guys. Bought a new furnace-Merry Christmas to me. Comcast was back with full service by 9:30 pm--after the calls ended.

So I get an offer from ATT for Internet, TV & land line service for $90/month for two years, well under what Comcast is charging. I call Comcast and, wonderful, they have a package that gives me all the same services, same TV channels, for about $60 less per month. I only watch local news, weather, history channel for Pawn Stars, any channel that has a football game and, when on my rowing machine in the morning, the Military History channel. When my bride is here, she watches the Home & Garden channel. I specifically asked about Military History and the woman promised me that it was included. So I switched, agreeing to stay with Comcast.

This morning I sat on the rowing machine, flicked on Military History and got "access not authorized." Sigh. Comcast, if you are trolling the net and read this, the land line is 224-567-8011. I'm swamped at work, will take me a couple of days find time to get back to ATT.

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