Thursday, December 13, 2012

Comcast’s Revenge

It doesn’t pay to complain about Comcast. Last week I complained that I had lost the Military History Channel, which I watch for 20 minutes in the morning on the rowing machine, after they promised my new package would have it. It was because I took the Sports Package off—killing folks is now a sport, I guess. The Rep promised I’d still have it, as I specifically asked. So I put it back on. Will cost me $7 month for my 20 minutes a day.

I did this Tuesday, and my Internet was fine that night. Then, last night, Wednesday, I had no Internet.

I called, fought through voice mail, and picked the call back option. And no call came.

I called again. “Emily” promised to fix it, but half way through, I got dial tone as she hit the modem.

I called again. Different Rep. Half way through, she gave me dial tone.

So I called a fourth time. Each time I had to listen to a blaring ad for the Rolling Stones on Pay Per View. I’d do that, but they’d have to pay me. About $3,000 might cover it. This time I talked to “Bryce.” He took my cell phone and called me. “This is Brad,” he said. Apparently they use assumed names and he forgot. We jumped through a lot of hoops, but he couldn’t get it fixed. So he handed me over to a “higher level of support.”

I don’t know where this guy was. I suspect India, but the accent was so bad I only got every fifth word, so I’m not sure. Could have been Eastern Europe. Anyway, after a long struggle, I figured out he was trying to sell me a higher level of tech support to fix my problem, to get back the Internet I had the night before, which I’m already paying for, that went away, though I did nothing to the computer. I’m afraid my sweet temperament went away.

Great timing, as I was dealing with an oxygen tank delivery, had the cleaning women in for their monthly lick and a promise, and was baking a cake promised to my wife and cookies promised to my granddaughter. The Internet never got fixed, but I bet the Comcast bill comes efficiently on time!

I leave town today, back Sunday evening. Monday through Thursday I work every day. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, I have four business conference calls scheduled, total estimated time five hours. For which I need Internet to have documents available. Then next Thursday, I leave for the Holidays, back after Christmas. So won’t be home to fix it, guess I have to stay late at the office to take the conference calls.

One can understand why the Comcast Reps don’t use their real names….

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  1. I apologize for the frustrating experience. Please allow me to help in getting the repairs expedited. Please feel free to contact me, provide the account or phone number associated with the account as well as the link to this page for reference.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations