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Political Digest for March 23, 2012

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Obama calls Sarkozy to express support after shootings in France
Excerpt: President Obama called French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday to express support and solidarity over the aftermath of two shootings that resulted in seven dead. (I assume he deplored this as another example of workplace violence, like Ft. Hood, nothing to do with Islam, of course. ~Bob.)

French Jihadhi Murderer Killed in Toulouse After 31-hour Siege - by Edward Cody, Washington Post
Excerpt: French anti-terrorism police blasted into a Toulouse apartment Thursday and, in a fierce gun battle, killed the young Islamic radical who admitted killing three off-duty soldiers, three Jewish schoolchildren and a rabbi in an eight-day terrorism spree. (Best possible outcome, I suppose. From the way he murdered the last girl, holding her while he changed guns, my choice would have been to feed him alive to wild hogs. But I gather France isn’t sensible about such things. ~Bob.)

Worth Reading: Laying the groundwork for the Toulouse massacre By Melanie Phillips
Excerpt: Islamists regularly declare their intention to kill Jews wherever they can find them. … Desperate to sanitise Muslim genocidal terrorism and prove that racism and Jew-hatred is confined to white people and the ‘far right’, the media simply did not entertain the possibility that the perpetrator of the French killings might have been a Muslim. So a range of likely perpetrators was canvassed – but they were all variations on white racists.

Muslims in France worry about anti-Muslim backlash after jihad massacre at Jewish school
Excerpt: We see it again and again: every time there is a jihad attack or a foiled jihad plot, the mainstream media focuses attention on the poor victimized...Muslims, churning out story after story about a backlash that never actually materializes, and thereby attempting to shift focus away from jihad mass murder and onto the Muslims as victims, needing special protection and deserving to be exempt from especial scrutiny. Does anyone fall for this nonsense anymore? Oh, yes, they certainly do. (You want to see backlash? Treat the Qur’an as the Bible is often treated in Muslim countries. ~Bob.)

Massacre in France: Standing together with the Jews in Toulouse
It has pictures of the slaughtered children, so hard to look at. The heart weeps. ~Bob. Excerpt: If you wish to send a note of condolence to the grieving Sandler & Monsonego Families in Israel, please feel free to send your best wishes through this Registry of Condolences, to be forwarded to the families.

'Destroy All the Churches' by Clifford D. May
Excerpt: Is it not news when Saudi Arabia's leading religious authority meets with a terrorist group and says that? Imagine if Pat Robertson called for the demolition of all the mosques in America. … There would be a demand for Christians to denounce him, and denounce him they would — in the harshest terms.

The Mullahs in the Americas By Jaime Daremblum
Excerpt: Has the danger of Iranian activity in Latin America been exaggerated? It seems odd that serious analysts are asking such a question, given Tehran’s 32-year record of sponsoring terrorism, killing Americans, aiding rogue dictators, and undermining democracy across the globe. But since many commentators are now arguing that Iran’s hemispheric threat has been overblown, it’s worth reviewing a few basic facts.

Excerpt: Sen. Jim DeMint, the South Carolina Republican and tea party favorite, said Thursday he was 'excited' about the possibility of Mitt Romney becoming the GOP presidential nominee.

Sen. Wyden — it’s Reid on line one and Schumer on line two
Wait, wait, I thought Democrats were in favor of bipartisanship? Or did that just mean, “Do it my way”? ~Bob. Excerpt: The intense concern from Democratic leaders was spurred by Wyden’s decision to team up with Ryan on an ambitious plan to reform Medicare. The Ryan-Wyden white paper was unveiled in December, though it was a big topic on Capitol Hill this week because aspects of it were included in the Ryan budget. Schumer and Democratic leaders in the House have long planned to campaign in 2012 against the Medicare reforms Ryan included in the budget plan he unveiled last year, which Democrats said would “end Medicare as we know it.”

Hey Radical Feminists: The Real War on Women is Not Contraception, it’s Islamic Female Genital Mutilation
Excerpt: According to UNICEF, Islamic tribal customs demand millions of Islamic women have their genitals cut off—preferably during childhood:

Troubling Things Obama's Spring Break Story Reveal
Excerpt: We normally wouldn't bother writing about the president's daughter, but the story of Malia Obama's spring break deserves mention if only because it's troubling on so many levels. First you have to wonder about sending a 13-year-old to drug-war-torn Mexico to frolic with her friends. It doesn't strike us as the wisest move, given the potential risk to her and those around her. Then there's President Obama's indifference to the country's perilous financial situation.

Sharia and the Constitution: An Incompatible Duo
Excerpt: The last time I checked, the Constitution's First Amendment does not allow anyone license to stray outside its boundaries to defy the laws of the land. If it did, we'd see more court cases like the one in New Jersey, where a female Moroccan immigrant requested a restraining order against her ex-husband who, she alleged, repeatedly raped her under the guise of his religious beliefs. Before his decision was overturned, the judge overseeing the case denied the restraining order because, according to Fox News, the man "felt he had behaved according to his Muslim beliefs." (Their mistake is in mentioning Shari'a. They should pass a law that says, "No court in this state shall consider any foreign or religious law which conflicts with the US Constitution, the constitution of this state or any law of this state passed by a duly authorized legislative body." ~Bob.)

US Secret Service Says No Anti-Obama Rallies Allowed!
Over the weekend I received an email from my local TEA Party Director that Barack Hussein Obama would fly into Carlsbad, NM airport on Wednesday 21 March, in order to “make an appearance at the South Eastern NM oilfields.” However, apparently after hearing that an immediate anti-Obama rally had been planned, Obama and his entourage changed the landing location to Roswell, NM… a city 77 miles from Carlsbad.

Obama touts solar in Nev. as part of four-state tour on energy policy
Excerpt: “If some politicians get their way, there won’t be any more public investments in solar energy,” Obama said at the Copper Mountain Solar 1 plant, about a half-hour’s drive southeast from Las Vegas. (No more of our grandchildren’s money poured down the rat-hole of Solyndra and other green-crony companies? The horror! ~Bob.)

Big Story: Fla. shooting stirs memories of civil rights era
Excerpt: They are joining the Trayvon Martin crusade by the hour now. It feels like an echo from another era — when there was racial injustice in the headlines, when federal troops were dispatched to comb Southern swamps to look for blacks who had vanished. And when lawyers for the NAACP slid into town with briefcases and addresses of safe houses. (There are several things that bother me about the case. First, from the details I’ve read in the press, it does not appear to be a justified shooting, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest that it is. It appears to me the shooter was a cop wannabe, that the fact the kid was black led him into a confrontation, that the kid was scared and tried to fight him off and that the shooter killed him in the struggle. That suggests to me that the shooter is guilty of second degree homicide. Second, I’m aware that I don’t have all the facts, and cannot fairly substitute my judgment for that of the authorities. Third, the people rioting for “justice” in New York City have no more facts that I have, but they do have an excuse to riot, which is always fun for some types of folks. Fourth, I bet most of the people rioting for the shooter to be arrested also are among the folks lobbying to have convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal released—but that was a black guy arrested with the gun in his hand who killed a white cop, this is a Hispanic man who killed a back teen. Fifth, columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr., who is black, referred to the shooter, who I’ve read is Hispanic, as “white.” Funny how Hispanics are part of the brown oppressed minority at some times, but part of the white oppressors when it suits the meme. If Zimmerman had been unjustly shot by a Caucasian cop, he’d be identified only as “Hispanic” in the media. Sixth, the Florida “stand your ground” law is under attack. My understanding is that the a citizen has the right to use deadly force anywhere, if his life is in danger. If the law truly exonerates anyone who kills another if there is no proof that he didn’t think his life was in danger, then it is wrong. It allows me to get you alone, murder you, and claim I thought you were going to kill me. There has to be evidence one way or the other. A young widow in Oklahoma recently shot and killed a guy who broke into her home armed with a knife, looking for drugs. It was ruled a justified shooting. On the other hand, several years ago a guy in Pennsylvania shot a naked, drunk neighbor who was trying to break into his home. That might just have been justified, but the shooter then went outside and shot him several times as he lay on the ground. That’s murder. Seventh, I wish I thought those folks clamoring for justice were as interested in the dead teen as they are in using his corpse to gain political power or have a great time rioting. Lastly, I wish there was 1% as much concern for the 10 people murdered, including a six-year-old girl and 39 shot in Chicago last weekend. But while the victims were minorities as far as I’ve read, there is no indication any of the shooters were white to bring out Al Sharpton and the NAACP. I hope there is justice for Trayvon. And for the 93 people murdered so far this year in Chicago, with far less notice or concern. Most of them were minorities. Most deserved to live. That their right to life was taken away by other minorities doesn’t make it less tragic, just less newsworthy. ~Bob.)

Trayvon Martin's alleged attacker not covered under law I wrote
Excerpt: As the prime sponsor of this legislation in the Florida House, I'd like to clarify that this law does not seem to be applicable to the tragedy that happened in Sanford. There is nothing in the castle doctrine as found in Florida statutes that authenticates or provides for the opportunity to pursue and confront individuals, it simply protects those who would be potential victims by allowing for force to be used in self-defense.

Orlando Sentinel Scrubs Clean Anti-Semitic New Black Panthers by J. Christian Adams
Excerpt: “Bianca Prieto at the Orlando Sentinel, like so many others in the media, has scrubbed clean the New Black Panther Party. In covering the Panther’s announcement that they would be protesting the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, Prieto makes no mention of the Panther’s violent rhetoric, brazen anti-Semitism or murderous racial separatism. Instead, the Panthers are just one more legitimate voice calling for justice.”

JPMorgan Employees Join Goldman Sachs Among Top Obama Donors
Never mind “African Americans for Obama.” The real news is “Wall Street 1% for Obama.” ~Bob. Excerpt: Wells Fargo employees ranked sixth with $16,290 in donations to the president’s campaign last month; JPMorgan executives came in 10th with $14,903, just ahead of Goldman employees who gave $14,610. Employees of New York-based Goldman and their families gave Obama $1 million four years ago, more than those of any other company, and JPMorgan employees contributed $808,799, the fourth most, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Special Report: Chinese firm helps Iran spy on citizens
Excerpt: Human rights groups say they have documented numerous cases in which the Iranian government tracked down and arrested critics by monitoring their telephone calls or internet activities. Iran this month set up a Supreme Council of Cyberspace, headed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who said it would protect "against internet evils," according to Iranian state television. Mahmoud Tadjallimehr, a former telecommunications project manager in Iran who has worked for major European and Chinese equipment makers, said the ZTE system supplied to TCI was "country-wide" and was "far more capable of monitoring citizens than I have ever seen in other equipment" sold by other companies to Iran. (Why would anyone be surprised that one authoritarian regime helps another? And, if this technology is that useful within Iranian—or Chinese—borders, what makes anyone think they aren’t already using it outside them? After all, they’re only “monitoring and controlling the on and off ramps” and “observing and regulating the traffic” of the internet. Ron P.)

Obama Mocks Critics As Gas Prices Go Up
Excerpt: As you drive America's ribbon of highway, from California to the New York island, there's one reality that can't be escaped -- gas prices keep going up, with no end in sight. But instead of taking action to bring relief to the American people, the Obama Administration is patting itself on the back for a job well done while mocking those who are calling for a commonsense energy policy.

Hezbollah, Iran Agents Scouting U.S. Targets for Terrorist Strikes
Excerpt: America faces a growing threat from "hundreds" of agents of Hezbollah in the U.S as tensions grow over Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program, current and former law enforcement officials warned the House Committee on Homeland Security on Wednesday. Opening hearings in Washington on the domestic security threat posed by the Iranian-supported terror group, committee chairman Peter King, Republican of New York, called Hezbollah "one of international terrorism's most violent murder gangs" and said that the government had a duty to "prepare for the worst." 9we are safe until November. They wouldn’t want to hurt Obama’s reelection chances. ~Bob.)

Faith-Based Energy Policy--Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: When the summer driving season starts soon, and tension heats up over Iran, gas may reach $5 a gallon. Nothing bothers voters more than paying an extra $20 or $30 every time they fill up. In times like these, they soon might prefer even an oilman in the White House to an ideologue whose opposition to new oil development seems more religious than empirically based. (At least some portions of the prices we pay at the pump are due purely to the decisions made up to 4 years ago. Since Obama has been President for almost three and a half years, that should give him at least 80% of the blame for them. Ron P.)

Redistricting’s Dark Matter
Excerpt: The redistricting process that will culminate in November’s elections won’t lead to a huge number of seat changes, with notable exceptions in some heavily gerrymandered states. Instead, the real impact will be felt when both sides go looking for competitive seats—and find the number of swing districts has been decreased dramatically. (Redistricting is one of the most important reasons to try to control the state legislatures. That’s where the redistricting is generally done. Like any self-fulfilling prophecy, the more dominant a party is, the more dominant it will be; just look at Massachusetts. Ron P.)

Renegade Mali soldiers announce takeover
Excerpt: Rebel troops have appeared on Malian state TV to announce they have seized control of the country, hours after attacking the presidential palace. The soldiers said a nationwide curfew was in force and that the constitution had been suspended. The troops, who staged a mutiny on Wednesday, say the government is not giving them enough arms to tackle a rebellion by ethnic Tuaregs.

Ugandan girls trafficked for sex
Excerpt: It is almost impossible to say how many Ugandan girls have been trafficked abroad but officials estimate in Malaysia alone -- a country with visa-free travel for Ugandans and growing economic ties -- there are currently about 600 Ugandan women in forced prostitution.

Debate is Europe's Best Hope against Extremism - Lisa de Bode, Guardian UK
Excerpt: An-Sofie Dewinter, the 19-year-old daughter of Belgium's far-right party leader in northern Flanders, recently posed in a niqab and bikini to support her father's "Women against Islamisation" campaign. Her breasts and crotch are covered with provocative slogans, urging women to choose between their freedom and Islam, on billboards in the streets of Antwerp. The young model said she received death threats before and thinks this time will be no different. (Alas, debate is “insulting Islam,” punishable by death. See Theo van Gogh. ~Bob.)

'The Road We've Traveled' - by Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal
Excerpt: Mr. Obama has spent three years wallowing in blame. His culprits have ranged from his predecessor, to tsunamis and earthquakes, to ATMs, to Fox News, to yours truly. If you Google "Obama, Blame, Bush" and "Obama, Inherited," you'll get tens of millions of hits.

Mark Steyn: Weird Politics
Excerpt: Rick Santorum is a crazed, stern-faced theocrat who wishes to impose a Christian version of sharia law on America and round up gays and single mothers. "That's certainly why I'm supporting him," I say. If there's a follow-up question, it tends to be about why he's demonizing Satan, so to speak.

Worth Reading: The U.S. Cruises Toward a 2013 Fiscal Cliff by Alan S. Blinder
Excerpt: At some point, the spectacle America is now calling a presidential campaign will turn away from comedy and start focusing on things that really matter—such as the "fiscal cliff" our federal government is rapidly approaching. The what? A cliff is something from which you don't want to fall. But as I'll explain shortly, a number of decisions to kick the budgetary can down the road have conspired to place a remarkably large fiscal contraction on the calendar for January 2013—unless Congress takes action to avoid it.

One of Two Men Will Be President in January, 2013: Which One Do You Support? By Hugh Hewitt
Excerpt: But even though the remaining candidates might have a reason to linger, the day is here for the GOP grassroots and elected officials to begin to rally to their nominee and to begin to appeal to donors across the board to get on board and catch up to the president's vast bankroll even as a network of volunteers is built in the dozen states that will decide whether or not America steps off the road to economic ruin. (Barring some cataclysmic event, like the death of one of these two, I think this is correct. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: As focus turns towards the oral arguments in the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of certain provisions in the 2010 health care law, another provision in the law, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), has flown largely under the radar. “I believe this commission is the largest yielding of sovereignty from the Congress since the creation of the Federal Reserve,” said Peter Orszag. Mr. Orszag, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget, made this comment in reference to IPAB, which was created under the 2010 law. 

Fake Avastin importer claims he broke no laws
Excerpt: Phony vials of the life-saving cancer drug Avastin have turned up in as many as 19 medical clinics here in the U.S. CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian looked into where they came from. In his report Tuesday, Keteyian said the fake Avastin through the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey and Egypt. He was still working to find the original source of the counterfeit drugs, but he did find the man whose company shipped them to the U.S.

A Victory Against Obama’s Green Tyranny by Rich Trzupek
Excerpt: It took five years, but Mike and Chantell Sackett have finally won the right to have their day in court. In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court sided with the Idaho couple in their battle with the EPA, saying that the Sacketts were entitled to due process under the Clean Water Act, no matter what the EPA might think.

Occupy Maine Protester Sentenced To Prison For Attacking Fellow Occupier With a Hatchet…
I seem to have forgotten all the hatchet attacks at the ‘dangerous” Tea Party rallies. ~Bob.

Nearly 1,000 Pakistani women ‘killed for honor’
Excerpt: Some victims were raped or gang raped before being killed, the Commission said. Most of the women were killed by their brothers and husbands.(Not giving Yuppie law students free birth control? A war on women! Murdering a thousand women over a family’s honor? The beauty of a world where all cultures are equally valid. ~Bob.

Pregnant woman stabbed in Southeast, baby dies
Since when does the media consider a fetus a child? ~Bob. Excerpt: Authorities say a pregnant woman has been stabbed in southeast D.C. and her unborn child has died.

Al-Qaida says it killed American teacher in Yemen
Didn’t get the “Islam is a Religion of Peace” memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: Al-Qaida's Yemen branch said Thursday that it killed an American teacher because he was trying to spread Christianity in the mainly Muslim Arab nation. Joel Shrum, a 29-year-old native of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, was gunned down on Sunday in the central city of Taiz, where he had been living with his wife and two sons.

Occupy Miami descends into drugs and chaos in an Overtown apartment building
Excerpt: "It's like we live in a huge crack house now!" Odho says. She points a long manicured fingernail at brown smears on her apartment complex's yellow paint. "They poop on the walls," she says, stifling a gag as she steps over stinking piles on the pavement. "They poop in the back of the building and wipe themselves with socks... Who are these people? We don't know who the hell they are." Welcome to phase two of Occupy Miami. Protesters call it "Peace City." (The barbarians are inside the gates. Our society raised them. Thank a progressive today. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: A drunken 15-year-old girl was filmed naked and pleading as a gang of six men sexually abused her throughout the night, a court heard. Harrowing footage from one of the defendant’s mobile phones seen by Leeds Crown Court showed the young girl lying naked while men laughed and touched her. … Ali Rehman, 26, his brother Hassan, 18, Larasab Hussain, 45, Faisar Younas, 23, Saqib Hussain, 31, and Wahid Hussain, 19, are on trial in West Yorkshire after the teenager was 'used and abused like an object'.

Six Quotes Hint Why Margaret Sanger Received "a dozen invitations" to speak at Ku Klux Klan Rallies
From a blog reader re. my quote yesterday. ~Bob. Excerpt: Margaret Sanger wrote about her Ku Klux Klan speech in her autobiography, "I accepted an invitation to talk to the women's branch of the Ku Klux Klan...I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses...I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak...In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered." (Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography, P.366) (Here is your proof. –JB)

Report Claims ICNA Imam Facing Indictment
Excerpt: A former leader and current member of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) may soon be charged with crimes stemming from activities during the 1971 Bangladesh war of independence. The country's International Crimes Tribunal reportedly will indict Ashrafuz Zaman Khan for the suspected murder of pro-independence intellectuals.

The Nightmare of the European Auto Industry
Excerpt: Europe with its relatively affluent population of 500 million has turned into a nightmare for the auto industry. And the R-word—restructuring—unpalatable and almost illegal as it is in Europe, is being bandied about, this time by Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, who, as President of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association, spoke for all EU automakers. It was a dire warning and a cry for help. (I’m hearing “Bailout”! You’d think all those “youths” burning all those cars in Parris would help. ~Bob.)

Report: North Korea using mortar firing squads
Excerpt: North Korea’s young new leader, Kim Jong-un, has instituted a novel method of executing military officers — mortar firing squad, South Korea’s leading daily newspaper reported Tuesday. The 20-something Mr. Kim ordered a military officer to be executed in a way that would leave “no trace of him behind, down to his hair,” the daily Chosun Ilbo reported, quoting a South Korean government source.

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