Monday, March 5, 2012

I Apologize Too

I Apologize Too
Robert A. Hall

Despite abject, fulsome, obsequious, groveling apologies from the President of the United States down to the guy who empties the trash at the airbase, it has failed to quell Muslim violence over the accidental burning of Muslim-defaced Qur’ans in Afghanistan. Now there are some folks who think this is because Muslims just love to have some perceived offence to riot about, so they can slaughter people, mostly each other. Or that Muslims riot to take their minds off the terrible way Islam condemns them to live.

But I reject that view. Muslims have issues. Lots of issues. LOTS of issues. So I figured that if I added a more broad-based apology on those issues, it might help calm the violence. Of course, like President Obama’s apology, it might just lead to more Muslim violence and thus more dead Muslims. I figure either way, it probably can’t hurt. So here goes.

I’m sorry that violent Muslim jihadists committed blasphemy by desecrating the Qur’an to pass messages designed to help them increase terror and murder. I’m sorry that so many Muslims thought that desecration was acceptable. I’m sorry that the rioters are too stupid to blame the Muslims for desecrating the Holy Qur’an, rather than the low level employees who though the desecrated Qur’ans were trash and accidently burned them.

I’m sorry that the rioters have such screwed up priorities they care more about a destroyed book than a human life. I’m sorry that the riots make people think Islam is a religion for idiots, and that the rioters are thus insulting Islam.

I’m sorry that so many Muslims blaspheme God, whom you call Allah, by thinking He is so weak, puny and touchy that you must murder and riot to protect Him from anything you think might offend Him. I’m sorry that you think you have the right to decide for God what offends him and extract punishment for it. Holding this view of God is certainly blasphemy and will be punished, by Him, not us. He is all powerful and He won’t need our help to punish you.

I’m sorry that the rioters care more about burned books than about a girl burned by her Muslim father without a hint of Muslim outrage.
I’m sorry that you feel that accidently burned Qur’ans are a grave offence, but that Bibles should be deliberately burned to avoid offending you.

I’m sorry that so many Muslims think Burning Bibles is fine, and don’t care about offending members of other religions. And I’m sorry that Muslims don’t have the ability to learn from the fact that when Bibles are burned, Christians don’t riot and murder other Christians in the name of God, which is blasphemy.

I’m sorry that few Muslims seem to get upset when a Muslim dishonors Islam by swearing on a Qur’an to murder his family.

I’m sorry that it seems to be acceptable to most Muslims that Jihadists blaspheme Allah by using mosques to store weapons and bombs or to fight from, leading to their destruction.

I’m sorry that the Qur’an excludes killing a family member from the punishment for killing a fellow Muslim, thus leading Muslims to commit 91% of the honor killings in the world, as daughters, sisters and wives are slaughtered for even small perceived deviations from “proper” behavior.

I’m sorry that so many millions of Muslims haven’t gotten the memo from President Bush and President Obama that “Islam is a Religion of Peace.” I’m sorry that the Qur’an justifies violence against non-believers, thus giving the lie to the “Religion of Peace” mantra.

I’m sorry that so many millions of Muslims have a seventh-century view of woman’s chastity, thus leading them to mutilate the genitals of little girls, so that as many as 91% of the women in the “advanced” Muslim country of Egypt have been “cut.”

I’m sorry that so many Muslims cared more about the deplorable humiliation of a few Muslims in an American prison in Iraq than about their fellow Muslims tortured to death by al Qaeda in Iraq.

I’m also sorry that such a large majority of the often-daily murders in the name of Allah are Muslims killed by other Muslims who interpret the faith differently. Or are in the wrong place when something happens. I’m sorry that thousands of Muslims have to die at the hands of other Muslims to please Allah.

I’m sorry that so many millions of Muslims still think that it’s acceptable for much older men to marry and have sex with girls as young as nine, because Mohammad did, according to the sacred Hadith (Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64 Narrated 'Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death). I’m sorry that Muslims consider Mohammad, a violent seventh-century warlord, as the perfect example of conduct for them in the 21st century.

I’m sorry that so many millions of Muslims still follow the Koranic provisions and Shari’a Law that make women second class citizens in marriage, testifying in court, inheritance, driving, attire, holding jobs or getting an education.

I’m sorry that Muslim concepts of female modesty are so barbaric that religious police in Mecca would force 15 teen girls back into a fire to die because they were not properly dressed.

I’m sorry that so many Muslims thought that Danish cartoons of Mohammad were worth riots and murder, but that cartoons depicting Jews as pigs and monkeys in Muslim countries are perfectly acceptable, and that this evil view of Jews is apparently sanctioned by your Holy Qur’an.

I’m sorry that so many Islamic schools of jurisprudence still say that the holy Qur’an allows husbands to beat disobedient wives, thus leading to widespread domestic violence against women in the Islamic world.

I’m sorry that Muslims don’t become outraged and angered when fellow Muslims throw acid in the faces of young girls for going to school. Accepting this without protest desecrates Islam far more than any cartoon.

I’m sorry that Islam puts such restrictions on Muslims that the development of science and modern societies seems impossible in Muslim-majority countries. Of do Jews have a hundred times as many Nobel Prizes per capita because Allah loves them best? Do they live in comfort on land where Muslims starve because their God is stronger?

I’m sorry that Muslims seem incapable of building a modern, prosperous, free society governed by the rule of law, property rights and free of internecine violence. It must be horrible to live as you are forced to live by your beliefs.

I’m sorry that so many Muslims who immigrate to the prosperous, free countries in the west seem determined to impose the poverty-stricken and oppressive cultures they fled on themselves and everyone else in their new homes.

I’m sorry that it’s become impossible for us kuffer to determine when a friendly, moderate Muslim neighbor will “go Jihad” and start killing people for Allah, thus bringing Islam into disrepute with decent, peaceful people, and making even tolerant, moderate, secular people “Islamophobic.”

I’m sorry that a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia is deeply offended that Switzerland won’t allow more minarets, but itself doesn’t allow churches or synagogues, or non-Muslims to enter Mecca.

I’m sorry that Islam has kept millions of Muslims so ignorant that they believe old forgeries like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or ridiculous blood libels about Jews drinking babies’ blood. I’m sorry that you don’t realize your “leaders” who spreading these lies to inflame you hold you in contempt for your stupidity, and are using your anger, poverty and deaths to advance their power.

I’m sorry that the punishment for tens of millions of Muslims believing these things is that you have to live with oppression, violence, poverty and death.

And I’m very sorry that millions of Muslims believe Allah wants you to inflict these Islam-created disasters on the rest of mankind. Please stop.


Robert A. Hall is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic.
For a free PDF of the book, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at)


  1. Thank you Mr. Hall. You have enumerated the issues we have with Islam as it is practiced by so many sick people without attacking our Muslim friends and neighbors who disagree with the crackpots and cannot speak out without fear of violence against themselves or their families. I have printed your comments and will carry them with me to read to others when the opportunity arises. Thank you and best of health to you. Anonymous because my profiles are business related...