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Political Digest for March 10, 2012

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Obama unveils new foreclosure measures to resuscitate housing market
Excerpt: President Obama has begun embracing housing policies that administration officials earlier thought unwise or unworkable as he embarks on his most aggressive push to address the nation’s foreclosure crisis and depressed real estate market since the first months of his tenure. (Unwise and unworkable perhaps, but still good for vote buying in an election year. ~Bob.)

Tea Party senators unveil five-year plan to balance the budget
Excerpt: Members of the Senate Tea Party Caucus on Thursday announced a plan to balance the budget in five years, cutting spending by nearly $11 trillion compared to President Obama’s budget. The plan, dubbed “A Platform to Revitalize America,” is a wish list of conservative policies, none of which have any chance of passing the Democratic-controlled Senate or being signed into law by a liberal Democratic president.

They Made
Main Street
Their Own: How Four Women Revived a Derelict Town - by Penelope Green, New York Times
Excerpt: These women, along with Alexe van Beuren, 28, B.T.C.’s owner, are emblematic of a new wave of business and house owners, many of them female, who are revitalizing this small town of just under 4,000. They are drawn here by the low commercial rents and inexpensive housing stock: a 25-foot-wide storefront on
Main Street
can rent for less than $600; a century-old clapboard house might cost $85,000.

UK's Prime Minister David Cameron Needs No Lessons From Obama, but Might Listen to Romney - by Fraser Nelson, Telegraph UK
Excerpt: When David Cameron meets Barack Obama next Tuesday, he will avoid playing the infatuated teenager. The White House still remembers the way that Gordon Brown pursued the president like a fan with an autograph book, begging for anything that could be seen as an endorsement...Cameron has come to visit, not to worship.

Excerpt: NASA covered up for forty years proof that the greenhouse gas theory was bogus. But even worse, did the U.S. space agency fudge its numbers on Earth’s energy budget to cover up the facts? As per my article this week, forty years ago the space agency, NASA, proved there was no such thing as a greenhouse gas effect because the ‘blackbody’ numbers supporting the theory didn’t add up in a 3-dimensional universe:

Bad Karma: Our Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid breaks down
Excerpt: Our Fisker Karma cost us $107,850. It is super sleek, high-tech—and now it’s broken.

Big Oil and Tax Breaks By Randall Hoven
I was wrong. The tax breaks for all fossil fuels was not $4.3B in 2011. It was only $2.5B -- about 0.19% of that year's deficit, and enough to fund only six hours of U.S. government spending. The source for such heresy? The Congressional Budget Office. Just to be clear, that $2.5B was not just for Big Oil, but also for Big Coal and Big Gas: all fossil fuels. Here, more exactly, are those subsidies, in the CBO's words.

Derrick Bell: The Jeremiah Wright Of Harvard
Excerpt: Obama's days at Harvard have been shrouded in secrecy. But a new video lifts a corner of the veil, revealing his creepy embrace of the "Jeremiah Wright of academia." It turns out his favorite law professor was the late Derrick Bell, a black radical who taught classes trashing the Constitution as racist. He liked Bell so much he led a law school "strike" in support of him in 1991, when the professor went on unpaid leave to protest the lack of affirmative-action hiring on campus.

Toward The Sounds of Chaos
Marine video.

It’s the War, Stupid, Not the Nukes
Excerpt: My invaluable friend, David Goldman, aka Spengler, called our attention to an extremely important article in the German press by a highly respected German defense expert, saying there is good reason to believe that North Korea tested an Iranian nuclear device in 2010. The pundits have not spent much time analyzing the significance of this, uh, bombshell, because it destroys the current narrative and, if taken seriously, would force us to face the real issue with Iran: the war the Iranian regime is waging against us. The claim that an Iranian nuke has already been tested need not be true in order to reshape the whole debate.

Obama’s Super Paranoia
Excerpt: In fact, Obama’s reelection campaign has a split personality when it comes to the general election. (…) To prepare for it, Obama’s campaign has put the rest of the Democratic Party on a starvation diet. (Is it only “other people’s” income that needs to be redistributed? Start protesting, 99%! Ron P.)

Worth Reading: Family Feud
Excerpt: Republicans, who only weeks ago could not imagine how President Obama could be reelected, sure are trying hard to make it happen. Through 11 primaries and caucuses going into Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney had accumulated more delegates than Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul combined. Again on Tuesday night, among the 10 states voting or holding caucuses, Romney won more delegates than the other three candidates combined. There is no longer a plausible mathematical possibility for Santorum, Gingrich, or Paul to reach the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination; it is also too late for someone else to get into this race and win it. (Folks, if we are to have any hope of winning in November, pay attention to this, learn its lessons, and apply them. Even Cook, a Democrat, seems appalled by what he sees. We’re killing ourselves and, just as a bonus, we can take the whole country with us. Ron P.)

AIDS Rate Among Urban Black Women Stuns Researchers
Excerpt: The findings stunned even the researchers doing the work – who already knew that the HIV epidemic in the United States is worse among blacks, and that young black women have a special risk. (…) “What this suggests is that you can’t guess what is happening in any particular neighborhood based on overall estimates. What this is telling us is that there are urban hot spots for HIV acquisition. Those are places where we really ought to be focusing our prevention efforts.” (When a study of anything turns up a result that “stuns” the people running the study, what is the first thing to do? Change national policy? No. Give the same researchers more money to repeat the study? No. Someone else—preferably, someone with no economic or political axe to grind—should first look at the study’s methodology, and especially at how the participants were chosen (Kinsey, for example, is reported to have diddled the results of his famous sexuality survey by purposely and covertly including every male homosexual his researchers could find). Then, a further someone else should repeat the study in an effort to replicate its result. If the result repeats, then, and only then, should consideration be given to changing national policies and priorities. There are a lot of groups looking at the money being spent on AIDS with covetous eyes. Too many recent studies have been arranged to produce a desired outcome to trust just one study in a matter of this importance. And, in the meanwhile, exercise due caution. Ron P.)

Law students file lawsuit against Florida Coastal School of Law
Excerpt: However, six former students say they haven't been able to find work in their chosen field since graduating. In February they filed a $100 million class action lawsuit against the school, claiming the statistics gave them false home for a lucrative future. Their attorney, David Anziska, says the statistics they were given were particularly misleading given the state of the recent economy. (A certain amount of schadenfreude here. The revolution is eating its young. Wait until the socialiology, peace studies and education majors get in the act. Lawyers will be trolling OWS camps. ~Bob.)

Allen West: 'Willing and Ready" to be Vice-President - MacKenzie Weinger,
Excerpt: “As far as the vice president thing, you know, who knows what the future lies because it wasn’t too long ago, you know, I was sitting in the desert of Kandahar, Afghanistan, and now I’m here talking with you,” the Florida Republican told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien. “But, you know, I am always willing and ready to serve my country in whatever capacity that the American people would desire.” (I’d lie West to be president over the current field, but he doesn’t bring any votes to the ticket, except to fire up the Tea Party for Romney. ~Bob.)

Trade deficit reaches highest level since 2008
Excerpt: The monthly trade deficit rose to $52.6 billion in January, the highest level since the 2008 financial crisis, the Commerce Department reported Friday. In January, the United States exported $180.8 billion in goods and services and imported $233.4 billion. The trade imbalance grew from $50.4 billion in December. (We could drill in ANRW and off the coasts, but would rather export dollars for oil to fund terrorists. Way to go, Greenies! ~Bob.)

Burning Defaced Korans: Islam-Approved: Obama's team knows. He just wanted to apologize. (And they just wanted to riot and murder. ~Bob.)
Excerpt: First, and most importantly: authoritative fatwas exist legitimizing the burning of Korans in situations such as prevailed at Parwan. Exhibit number one is this Saudi fatwa, which spells out the conditions for disposing of Korans by either burying them or consigning them to the flames, “thus imitating Uthmaan,” the third caliph: … The “Online Islamic Academy” SunniPath adds: “One should not write within the Koran nor highlight it.” Taken together, these Sunni sources clearly declare that writing in a Koran is tantamount to “corrupting” the Islamic holy book and that disposal of the corrupted book by burning is perfectly acceptable.

Obama Wants Our Vets to Pay for Their War Injuries, but Illegal Immigrants Get Free Medical Care!
Well, to be fair, vets tend to vote Republican, illegals to vote Democrat since they don’t need an ID, so it makes sense to use tax dollars to reward your friends. ~Bob.

Obama Family Yearly Vacation Scorecard: You Paid For It
Think he means Hawaii in 2011, but interesting list. I hope for Obama’s sake OWS doesn’t see this. They’ll go nuts. Oh, wait… ~Bob.

Teenagers poured gasoline on boy walking home from school and set him on fire: cops 
Excerpt: Police have described the suspects as black 16-year-olds, while the victim is white. "We were told it's a hate crime," Coon told KTLA. "They rushed him on the porch as he tried to get the door open," Coon told KMBC. "(One of them) poured the gasoline, then flicked the Bic, and said, 'This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.'" (Luckily the victim was white and the perps black, or you’d have heard endlessly about this from the media, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the other race baiters. ~Bob.)

Obama vs. Israel: Priority No. 1? Stop Israel By Charles Krauthammer
Excerpt: It's Lucy and the football, Iran-style. After ostensibly tough talk about preventing Iran from going nuclear, the Obama administration acquiesced to yet another round of talks with the mullahs. This, 14 months after the last group-of-six negotiations collapsed in Istanbul because of blatant Iranian stalling and unseriousness. Nonetheless, the new negotiations will be both without precondition and preceded by yet more talks to decide such trivialities as venue.

Excerpt: Just as the energy secretary on two occasions has either admitted he wanted high gas prices or was not too bothered by them, so the secretary of defense in candor suggested that the U.S. would first seek an international “legal basis” for U.S. armed intervention and then (and only if then?) consult the Congress. He seems to think that to use military force, permission from either the U.N. or NATO trumps the consent of the U.S. Congress — something nowhere in the U.S. Constitution. (Well, you remember how liberals said Bush didn’t need the permission of Congress to bomb another country, right. Chortle, snort, chuckle, gasp. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Just recently President Obama gave understandable warnings about cheap talk on the campaign trail, contrasted to his own sober and judicious responsibilities of governance, as a way to chastise the various Republican candidates for their bellicose rhetoric about Iran and Syria. Would that Obama had four years ago followed his own present wise advice. Few candidates have ever more opportunistically demagogued their own president’s foreign policy at a time of two ongoing wars than did Candidate Obama.

Critics of Rush Limbaugh Ignore Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi Misogyny - Kirsten Powers, The Daily Beast
Excerpt: Rush Limbaugh is justifiably boycotted for calling a woman a “slut” and a “prostitute,” but the man who used the c-word, twat and boobs to refer to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann is getting a visit from a top Democratic strategist. Liberals have demanded that GOP leaders denounce Limbaugh, but President Obama, who has opined repeatedly on the Limbaugh controversy, refuses to denounce Maher. This despite the fact that Maher has made a high-profile $1 million donation to Obama’s super PAC, which is run by longtime Obama aide Bill Burton.

Breitbart's Last In-depth Interview: MSNBC Plan to Paint Obama Foes as Bigots; Sharpton Hired to Help Mount Attack - by Paul Bond, Hollywood Reporter (Exclusive AUDIO)
Excerpt: The conservative firebrand suggested the strategy included pressuring advertisers (Rush Limbaugh's recent trouble keeping sponsors seems to fit the bill) and silencing conservatives (he cited Pat Buchanan, who has since been fired after 10 years as an MSNBC contributor). Essential to the strategy, Breitbart said, was hiring the Rev. Al Sharpton as a full-time host at MSNBC. Sharpton premiered as host of PoliticsNation With Al Sharpton on MSNBC in August. He was hired, according to Breitbart, because accusations of racism against the Tea Party and other conservatives have more heft coming from him than they do from hosts Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell.

Obama, Critical Race Theory, and Harvard Law School - by David French, The Corner, National Review Online
Excerpt: I arrived at Harvard Law School in August 1991, just a couple months after Barack Obama graduated. It would be hard to overstate the level of poison and vitriol that pervaded the school throughout the early 1990s. In 1993, GQ dubbed the law school “Beirut on the Charles” as HLS campus politics made national news.

Court Rules Illegals Can Not Be Blocked From Getting Driver’s Licenses
Excerpt: An appeals court ordered the state of Alabama on Thursday to stop enforcing additional parts of its controversial new immigration law, pending review of a federal challenge to the measure that is considered the toughest in the nation. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, issued a brief order expanding its initial injunction to include provisions that barred illegal immigrants from obtaining a driver’s license and barred courts from enforcing contracts that involved illegal immigrants. (if illegals moved into the judge’s living room, would it be racist and unconstitutional to ask them to move out? ~Bob.)

AP Interview: Syria opposition chief rejects talks
Excerpt: The leader of Syria's main opposition group rejected calls Friday by U.N. envoy Kofi Annan for dialogue with President Bashar Assad's government, saying such talks are pointless and unrealistic as long as the regime is massacring its own people. 9so the opposition, which our witless media thinks are the good guys, has rejected the UN. Pay attention. In Syria, there are innocent victims—mostly kids—but there are no “good guys.” Unless you count the fake Syrian lesbian the media swallowed whole. ~Bob.)

Afghan Officer Sought in Killing of 9 Colleagues
Excerpt: An Afghan policeman on late-night guard duty at a checkpoint allowed Taliban insurgents to enter and kill nine other policemen as they slept in their beds, an official in the Ministry of Interior said on Thursday. (More Muslim victims of Allahmurder. ~Bob.)

Al-Qaeda says leading figure in Yemen dead
Praise Allah. ~Bob. Excerpt: Al-Qaeda has announced the death of an important regional commander in Yemen who had threatened Western targets and narrowly escaped capture in 2010, a US monitoring group reported Thursday. Muhammad al-Hanq died from illness on March 4, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) announced in a communique issued on jihadist forums and picked up by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist websites.

Occupy Protests against Israel and Shimon Peres in SF
Excerpt: Occupy’s protest listing uses phrases like “Israeli apartheid regime” and “racist and colonialist legislation,” to give you an idea of where they’re coming from. (…) Wait — what’s this got to do with “the 99%” and bank bailouts and tax rates and “economic inequality”? Nothing. This protest is just more evidence (along with other Occupy-sponsored anti-Israel events) of the Occupy movement going off the rails and more overtly embracing the pan-leftist narrative, no longer even pretending to limit itself to fiscal policy. (Backed up by lots of photos and some video, this should inform any objective reader what the OWS scum are all about. Ron P. Now, now, remember that Sen. Candidate Liz Warren provided the, ah, intellectual foundation for OWS and they are the reason Barack Obama said he went into politics. ~Bob.)

The Middle East and the West Have the Same Problem: Liberty vs. Those Claiming a Monopoly on Truth
Excerpt: Here is the basic problem: There are very few Muslims like Chaabane, though they are in highest proportion among Tunisians. And there are lots of Islamists. They have guns. They have money. They have fanaticism. They are willing to kill people to intimidate opposition and ready to provide social services to gain supporters. And the West is not really much interested in helping the moderates.

Dinesh D'Souza - Obama & 2016
Movie coming this summer by the director of Schindler’s List.

New York's Finest Are Getting Smeared by Richard Clarke, Judith Miller and R.P. Eddy
Excerpt: Should a police department identify and engage those citizens most likely to be involved with terrorism? Should police understand the historic and current ties of certain communities to militant groups that export violent extremism? The current debate over the New York Police Department's counterterrorism surveillance reflects fundamental disagreements over such issues.

Enjoy the Roses Now, O-- Voters won’t always obsess on GOP mess
Excerpt: For Republicans mired in despair and Democrats awash in joyous disbelief, a note of comfort to one and warning to the other: There will come a time when the 2012 election will cease to revolve around the GOP nominating process and begin to focus on the accomplishments — or lack thereof — of the incumbent president.

Excerpt: A Nigeria spokesman for the Islamist militant group Boko Haram told on Tuesday afternoon that the group has plans to begin kidnapping Christian women in a push to “liquidate” the religious group from the country. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the spokesman said that “we are going to put into action new efforts to strike fear into the Christians of the power of Islam by kidnapping their women.” (Doubtless with a little Qur’an-sanctioned rape of captive women thrown in. Guess they didn’t get the “Islam is a religion of peace” memo from Bush and Obama. ~Bob.)

Danish ghetto: pay 1,800 dollars for being 'black and Christian'
Excerpt: This past year there have been several disturbing incidents in the neighborhood of outer Nørrebro. In October, a refugee from Africa had his door kicked in several times and was threatened by a group of youths who accused him of being both black and Christian. He was given a deadline of less than a week to pay them 10,000 kroner (1,800 USD) if he wanted to live in the area. Police told him that they could no longer guarantee his safety in Mjølnerparken. (I wonder what it will cost for a Christian to be free to live safely in Dearborn, MI in ten years? No hope for Jews living there. ~Bob.)

Attention U.S. taxpayers: You now own a piece of a French car company that is drowning in red ink !!!
Excerpt: That’s right. In a move little noticed outside of the business pages, General Motors last week bought more than $400 million in shares of PSA Peugeot Citroen – a 7 percent stake in the company. Because U.S. taxpayers still own roughly one-quarter of GM, they now own a piece of Peugeot. Peugeot can undoubtedly use the cash. Last year, Peugeot’s auto making division lost $123 million.

Illegal Immigrants Get Hormone Treatments and Abortions at Taxpayer Expense
Excerpt: In a further attempt to erode the American culture, the Obama administration has released the Performance-Based National Detention Standards through the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Within these new guidelines are measures to help insure the health of illegal immigrants that have been detained by ICE officials.

Cornyn: Obama Using Texas As an ATM, One Day After Lobbying Against Pipeline Extension to Texas
Excerpt: “Barely 24 hours after maneuvering behind the scenes to defeat the Keystone pipeline and the Gulf Coast jobs that come with it, the president again will use Texas to replenish his campaign coffers," Sen. John Cornyn complained on Friday. President Barack Obama is speaking about the economy Friday in Virginia, then flying to Texas to raise funds for his presidential campaign. "Texans deserve a Commander-in-Chief whose primary concern is creating more jobs for them, not using our state as an ATM to protect his own.”

Gov. Chris Christie Calls Veteran An 'Idiot' In Shouting Match
Excerpt: Gov. Chris Christie argued with a former Navy SEAL Thursday over the state's plans to reconfigure public universities in New Jersey

Obama’s $8,000 in gas savings a year — oops, over a car’s life
Over and over, he makes outrageously fact-free statements that support his narrative—like claiming doctors get $50k to cut a leg off—and gets away with it as the media ignores. ~Bob.

Excerpt: This week, Vice President Joe Biden completed a two-stop tour of Mexico and Honduras. This was a welcome though, in my opinion, long overdue sign of engagement with two key allies. However, I am concerned by the vice president’s suggestion that the United States need not be worried by Iran’s intentions in the region and his guarantee that “Iran will not be able to pose a hemispheric threat to the United States.” The greatest threat the world faces today is a nuclear Iran.

Advertiser Begs Limbaugh To Take Them Back – Limbaugh Says NOPE
Excerpt: With the fabricated public outrage campaign against Rush Limbaugh already diminishing, advertisers who had long benefited from the massive and loyal Limbaugh audience who broke off relations with the radio program following the Sandra Fluke controversy, are now asking to be welcomed back. Unfortunately for them – Rush Limbaugh ain’t having it…

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