Sunday, September 20, 2009

What would the media have said?

What would the media have said if George W. Bush, like Barack Obama, had…

--Run up first-year deficits that were the largest in history, higher than all the preceding eight years’ deficits combined?

--Promised to cut waste by going through the budget line by line and striking out items, then signed a pork-laden budget that doubled the national debt in five years, without asking Congress for one change?

--Sent his kids to a tony private school, then killed the Charter Schools program for Washington, DC which gave poor black parents the right to choose their children’s schools.

--Passed a budget that will double the national debt in five years?

--Promised "not one penny in new taxes on people making less than $250,000 a year," then raised the cigarette tax $1.01 a pack, which hits the poorest people hardest, because they smoke more?

--Denigrated the Special Olympics on the Leno show?

--Said he had campaigned in 57 states with one to go?

--Called a local cop “stupid” for an arrest?

--Promised to meet with the “president” of Canada, which has a prime minister, not a president?

--Said that Iraq was soaking up translators needed in Afghanistan (though they speak different languages)

--Given the Queen of great Britain an iPod of his speeches?

--Given the Prime Minister of Britain DVDs that don’t play on British TV, which has a different format?

--Mentioned in German-speaking Austria the non-existent “Austrian Language”?

--Asked the public to report anything said that was “fishy” about his policies to a special White House e-mail site?

--Scheduled an address to all the nation’s school children on the Internet and had the Education Department send out teaching materials with questions like, “What can we do to help the President?” and suggested the kids read books praising him in advance.

--Claimed that his uncle helped liberate Auschwitz, actually liberated by Soviet troops?

--Claimed that 10,000 people had died in a Kansas tornado which actually killed 12?

--Claimed that his parents got together because of the events of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, AL, which took place four years after he was born?

--Appointed several tax scofflaws to high government positions.

--Appointed a self-described communist who publically called senators of the other party “a--holes,” to a high administration position.

--Stated one day that Iran doesn’t “pose a serious threat to us.” And the next day that, “I’ve made it clear for years that the threat from Iran is grave”?

--At a speech, pointed to secretary of Defense Robert Gates and said that “William Gates was on hand”?

--Hired an agency to gather e-mail addresses and other information about folks from social networking sites?

--Refused to open his educational records?

--Called a black performer a “jackass”?

--Told Congress during an address a tear-jerker story about a man who died due to losing insurance, which wasn’t true.

What would the media have said if George W. Bush, like Joe Biden, had…

--Said, “When the stock market crashed (1929), Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'” which was long before US Homes had TVs and before Roosevelt was President?

--Asked a man in a wheelchair to “stand up to be recognized”?

Going back further, what would the media have said if George W. Bush, like Bill Clinton, had…

--Been legally accused of sexual harassment?

--Lied under oath in that sexual harassment case?

--Had sex with an employee in the White House oval office?

--Been accused by another woman of rape? (Remember how feminists used to say that “women don’t lie about rape” and that a boss having sex with an employee was the equivalent of rape because of the power difference?)

--Commuted the sentence of a former Congressman of his party who was convicted on 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography and convicted on 15 unrelated counts of bank fraud and lying to SEC investigators.

--Pardoned a “most-wanted” indicted international fugitive, whose former wife had made large donations to the President’s party?

--Told reporters he remembered the pain of Black churches being burned in Arkansas when he was a boy. A reporter checked and found no news reports that this had happened.

If Bush had done any of these things, large or small, the MSM would mention it every time they mentioned Bush's name.

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