Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unintended humor

The below was posted as a comment on “I’m Tired.” But it’s too funny to miss, so I post it here assuming most readers aren’t checking back to February, when I wrote “I’m Tired.” Maybe it’s brilliant satire, but I suspect this lad is serious. If ignorance ever goes to $50 a barrel, I want drilling rights on his head.

I wish I had Duwayne’s address to publish. Bill Gates, George Soros, Michael Moore, the Clintons, Kerrys, Kennedys, half of Hollywood and the toughest guys in the NFL, plus assorted other “money hoarders” worth over $6M would go over and wale the tar out of him! Here it is just as he wrote it. Enjoy. ~Bob


I disagree with much of what "old Jarhead" said. I am ex Navy (1967-1971) and looking forward to benefits of Socialism. I recently retired and enjoying my "social" security paycheck as well as medical benefits I receive from VA in Houston/Galveston area. Communism is composed of ruling class and working class, much like US military, Officers and enlisted. If we liked our US military duty, we will love Soiciaism.

We need to slowly expand VA and lower age requiremnts for Medicare etc. We should force all elected officials get same medical treatment as working people. Working people do not wear suit to work very often. Most people who do wear suit should also wear mask to hide what they are doing to real working people. I will sleep better knowing my children and grand children will get medical care without begging for it in emergency rooms.

It is richest 1% of Americans who control 80% of United States wealth that are non working bad guys. They think nine holes of golf, two hour lunch and misstress or mister in afternoon is full days work. Money freed up by redistributing their ill gotten gains who solve most of our problems. Redistribution of Wealth 20/20 formula

Any individual who receives in one calendar year, money or profit in ANY form, more than twenty times federal minimum wage times 2080 shall pay 100% tax on excess.

Any individual whose net worth is twenty times annual maximum wage shall forfeit excess.

Using current federal minimum wage of $6.55 per hour, following limits would apply.

$6.55 X 2,080 X 20 equals $272,480 maximum per year.

$272,480 X 20 equals 5,449,600 maximum net worth. Annual income taxes would still apply with lower income people paying lower tax rates. All private clubs including churches etc. would pay taxes. Profits from 20/20 formula should get country moving and provide nice start on funding some form of medical care for all. Anyone who thinks they deserve more is hoarding money.

Minimum wage has changed to $7.25 per hour.



  1. Unfortunately I have come across many of this type of well-meaning but innocent and ignorant fool in my long lifetime. You may recall my hearing (in 1931)the comment made by the famous
    G.Bernard Shaw, supported by the author H.G.Wells, on the "wonders" (sic) they had seen in the "glorious" Soviet Union, at a time when Stalin was deliberately killing off by STARVATION about 15 million Ukrainian peasant farmers (the so-called "Liquidation of the Kulaks")because they refused to hand over their succesful small farms and join the "Collective Farms" which were a downright failure.
    Such ignorant fools only believe what they WANT to believe,and they are a danger, a menace, a threat to Western Civilization.
    Michael Sherbourne

  2. Duwayne, You're an idiot. Get an education. Learn grammar.I am also Ex Navy and your ignorance like yours is one of the reasons I got out.By the way, the military is an oligarchy( look it up).