Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Skeptical Take on Global Warming

I'll include this with my political digest, but it deserves to be read separately. Good discussion in the Washington Post, hardly an oil company apologist rag!

A Skeptical Take on Global Warming
http://voices.washingtonpost.com/capitalweathergang/2009/09/a_skeptical_perspective_on_glo.html Update: You have to scroll down to read the article.

Excerpt: This Capital Weather Gang blog entry is written with considerable trepidation given the politically-charged atmosphere surrounding human-induced global warming. I am a meteorologist with a life-long weather fascination. As I'm sure you know, meteorology is an inexact science due to the large number of variables involved in predicting and understanding the weather. I frequently say that weather forecasting is a humbling endeavor, and I have learned to respect its challenges. From this perspective, you might be able to better understand why I wince when hearing pronouncements such as "the science is settled", "the debate is over", or even the "the temperature in the 2050s is projected to be..." I realize that forecasting climate and weather are different, but both involve a large number of moving parts. There are numerous reasons why I question the consensus view on human-induced climate change covered extensively on this blog…

Click on the link and read it all.

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