Thursday, December 1, 2016

Quoted by the left

The "Isthmus" is a far left Madison free weekly newspaper: Happiness is a Dane County Republican. By Bill Lueders

Excerpt: Lindgren introduces me to Robert Hall, who could give those guys in the Dos Equis commercials a run for their money as the most interesting man in the world. He was a Marine in Vietnam, has worked for professional associations all over the country, and his business card lists interests including “Sonnets,” “Jacobite Plots” and “Lost Causes.” Hall, 70, resigned from the county party’s board this year because he could not stomach Trump. Looking to the future, he says, “I have low expectations, and I hope that I’m wrong for the sake of the country.” Why is Hall so down on The Donald? Trump, he says, has been “a lifelong liberal” who supported abortion rights, dissed guns and gave money to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. “He was everything that I despise,” says Hall, who remains “unconvinced by his sudden conversion to conservatism.” (Good article. ~Bob)

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