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I am doing some better, though I will never be completely out of the woods even if I go back to functioning as I was in February. My FEV numbers (litters of air I can expel in a second) are up from an average of 0.91 on 7/7 to 1.30 0n 7/18. Mostly because I figured out that blowing as hard as I could, as they have told me to do at the PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) was counter productive, causing collapse in the airway. So now I try to balance between blowing hard enough to get some volume, but not causing collapse. My oxygen use is down to 3 LPM for activity, 1 LMP at rest. In Rehab Friday, and walking around the Framer's Market around the Wisconsin Capital on Saturday I stayed at about 95% oxygen saturation.

The Madison Framer's Market is a very interesting place. Lots of good stuff I can't eat, and the surrender monkeys were out in full force. I wore my "Some People Just need Killing, That's Why We Have Marines" tee shirt. They avoided me, didn't let out a peep. Apparently an old Marine on oxygen is still intimidating. But at least four people came up to say what a great shirt it was and one woman took a picture to send to friends. While we were there, there was a parade demonstration against Israel and pro the Hamas Murderers. If I'd known, I'd have made a sign that read, "Support Hamas's in Exterminating Jews, Executing Gays and Keeping Women in Their Place!" I bet I could have marched along and they STILL wouldn't have dared say a word. My solace is that in the brave new world they are creating, they will go to the gallows professing cultural solidarity with their Jihadist murderers.

One of the women who complimented me on my tee shirt told me there is now a bumper sticker: "Don't F*** Fluke--She Can't Afford Birth Control." Crude but funny. ~Bob

General News and Comment

Sheriff: Suspects beat man with bat, but call cops when he fires gun
Excerpt: Two homeless men who attacked a man with a baseball bat called police after the victim fired two rounds from a shotgun into the air, the Coos County Sheriff's Office said.

Excerpt: But if a judge in Australia has his way, incest will no longer be considered wrong. Why? Because any possible pregnancy created through incest can be aborted, removing any danger of birth defects.

When a billion Indians start flushing
Excerpt: This increased the coverage of rural India with latrines from 10% to as much as 30%. Yet, while the construction drive had been a success in multiplying the number of toilets, the vastness of the task is daunting. There are still about 650 million Indians without adequate toilets. Many have neither knowledge of such facilities nor desire to use them. And the problem isn’t restricted to rural areas. India’s teeming, rapidly growing cities are “large water sinks generating great amounts of sewage,” explains environmental journalist Nitya Jacob. (That's about 50% of the Indian population who have to defecate in the street. Tell me again about poverty in America, where a majority of th poor have cars, refrigerators, AC, cell phones and TVs. We will always have the poor with us, because we can always redefine it. Many of the poor in America are well off by third world standards. ~Bob)

The ‘perfect Aryan’ child used in Nazi propaganda was actually Jewish
Great story. ~Bob. Excerpt: The newlyweds came to Berlin as students, a pair of Latvian Jews who wanted to make it big in singing. In 1934, just after Adolf Hitler took control of Germany, the young Jewish woman became pregnant with a child who would soon become known as the “perfect Aryan.” The photo was everywhere. It first adorned a Nazi magazine that held a beauty contest to find “the perfect Aryan” and then was later splashed across postcards and storefronts.

"Navy Chief" rank now racist?

Graveyard of desecration: Grave robbers. Ghoulish tourists taking pictures on their mobiles. Corpses left to rot: A shocking dispatch from the grim crash site. By Ian Birrell
Excerpt: For this is the grimmest of graveyards. Here on the gentle rolling hills of eastern Ukraine, beside an abandoned Soviet-era poultry farm, lay the innocent people whose lives were extinguished so suddenly in an explosion at 33,000 feet on Thursday afternoon. (when Romney said Russia was our greatest enemy, the "Smartest Man In The World" mocked him, saying, "The 80s called--they want their foreign policy back." ~Bob)

Russia supplied missile launchers to separatists, U.S. official says
Excerpt: The United States has confirmed that Russia supplied sophisticated missile launchers to separatists in eastern Ukraine and that attempts were made to move them back across the Russian border after the Thursday shoot-down of a Malaysian jet liner, a U.S. official said Saturday.

Important: The Hockey Schtick: New paper finds only ~3.75% of atmospheric CO2 is man-made from burning of fossil fuels
Settled science? ~Bob. Excerpt: A paper published today in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics finds that only about 3.75% [15 ppm] of the CO2 in the lower atmosphere is man-made from the burning of fossil fuels, and thus, the vast remainder of the 400 ppm atmospheric CO2 is from land-use changes and natural sources such as ocean outgassing and plant respiration.

Six Astounding Examples of Left-Wing Hypocrisy. By Daniel J. Mitchell
Excerpt: Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmental activist who is spending $100 million to help elect Democrats this fall, is rallying support for energy taxes that could impact everyday Americans. But when he ran his own hedge fund, Mr. Steyer sought to help wealthy clients legally avoid paying taxes, confidential investor memos show. Mr. Steyer’s strategy included establishing funds in tax havens like the Cayman Islands and Mauritius… 

The terrible choices Detroit confronts as it cuts off water to its own residents. By Emily Badger 
Excerpt: The city's water utility has been shutting off service to thousands of homes, many with the elderly, the poor and children inside. The story of how this has happened — and on the shores of one of the largest bodies of freshwater in the world — is not as simple as one of government incompetence or indifference to the poor. The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department says that nearly half of its customers haven't been paying their water bills, (First the Democrat machine drove the last Republicans out. Cheers. Then the race riots and crime ruined what businesses served the minority community, and drove professionals, business people and the middle class--black and white--from the city. Cheers--get rid of those rich bastards. Then the Democrats bought votes promising that someone else would pay for everything, from food, housing and water, to birth control. Cheers--free stuff. Then it was discovered, shockingly, that there was no one to pay the bills. Detroit is what happens when you demonize the productive and folks with money to win votes from the unproductive and poor. This is your future, America. ~Bob)

Operation Choke Point Hearing Reveals DOJ Threats And Strong-Arming
Excerpt: A Justice Department fraud prevention program came under fire Thursday for allegedly morphing into actively pressuring banks to deny financial services to businesses for political reasons. Operation Choke Point functions as a partnership between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and various other federal agencies which deal with bank regulations, specifically the Treasury and the SEC. The objective of the project is to choke-off fraudulent businesses from accessing financial services, in an effort to protect consumers. The controversy, however, is over allegations that the DOJ is pressuring financial institutions to decline doing business with so-called “high risk” industries which line up squarely against the political leanings of the current administration. (Once the government pursued Chicago gangsters. Now the government IS Chicago gangsters. ~Bob)

Obama Prepares Pardons for Terrorists. By Cliff Kincaid
Excerpt: Bill Ayers’ recent appearance on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News program appears to be part
of a systematic campaign to whitewash the activities of the communist terrorists who
were murdering policemen and FBI agents during the 1960s and 70s, and to set the
stage for their release and rehabilitation.

‘Send an Ambulance’: How a Florida Dad Reacted to a Perp Caught in the Act with his 12-Year-Old Son
Excerpt: When a father walked in on an 18-year-old baby-sitter who allegedly had his pants around his ankles in the act with his 12-year-old son, he didn’t ask questions. The dad beat the purported attacker Raymond Frolander, 18, senseless and then dragged his body into the living room for the police to pick up. (If they charged the dad, I'm on the jury, dad walks. ~Bob)

Cops: Teens Attacked Adult Near Taste Of Park Ridge
Excerpt: It was a vicious attack: The alleged beating of a man by teenagers amid a large crowd in northwest suburban Park Ridge’s Hinkley Park last weekend. And it was caught on video. (Park Ridge, hometown of Hillary "Dead Broke and Morally Bankrupt" Clinton, is pretty upscale. We lived next door in Des Plaines with the common folk. ~Bob)

Old, but worth reading: In Defense of Elitism. By Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: Some things are better than other things. Some cultures are better than other cultures. Some things are more worth studying, celebrating, and emulating than other things. Or as the late William Henry III put it in his wonderful book, In Defense of Elitism, “It is scarcely the same thing to put a man on the moon as to put a bone in your nose.” No doubt, if I were to say this in an Ivy League faculty room today (or yesterday, or last year, or ten years ago) it would be considered scandalous — not because it isn’t true, but because it is. The war on what I like to call “factual correctness” is a top-to-bottom cultural project. If the truth hurts, change the definition of truth. Facts that might inconveniently intrude upon the self-esteem of others must be demolished. So, as grade schools eliminate keeping score at games, postmodernists try to eliminate the notion of keeping score at anything, ever. Scores, you see, imply winners and losers, and if anybody feels like a loser then they feel bad — and anything that makes you feel bad is necessarily illegitimate.

Twelve bodies found in Massachusetts storage unit, prosecutors say
Excerpt: An investigation into a former Massachusetts funeral-home operator has turned grisly, with authorities discovering 12 bodies at a storage unit outside Boston leased by the man, Joseph O'Donnell, authorities said. (this would have made a good episode on the reality show "Storage Wars." ~Bob

Obamacare News

This Newest Obamacare Blanket Exemption May Have You Considering a Move to Guam or Puerto Rico
Excerpt: Thursday the Department of Health and Human Services website announced that a vast number of Obamacare regulations will no longer apply to all U.S. territories. Two of the main components of the plan, the individual mandate and the premium subsidies, have never applied to the territories, however. They will be exempted from guaranteed coverage, community rating, single risk pools, rate review, the medical loss ratio, and “essential” benefits.

Undocumented Democrat News

Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis. By David NakamuraJerry Markon and Manuel Roig-Franzia
Excerpt: Nearly a year before President Obama declared a humanitarian crisis on the border, a team of experts arrived at the Fort Brown patrol station in Brownsville, Tex., and discovered a makeshift transportation depot for a deluge of foreign children. Thirty Border Patrol agents were assigned in August 2013 to drive the children to off-site showers, wash their clothes and make them sandwiches. As soon as those children were placed in temporary shelters, more arrived. An average of 66 were apprehended each day on the border and more than 24,000 cycled through Texas patrol stations in 2013. 
Report: 'Vast majority' of asylum claims granted. By Byron York 
Excerpt: Democrats who oppose changing the law to allow quicker removals of families and unaccompanied young people illegally crossing the southwestern border into the U.S. often argue that those entering the country illegally are entitled to a "day in court." ... Young people should be given "a meaningful day in court to protect their rights under our laws," added Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez. Now, new numbers released by the House Judiciary Committee show the "vast majority" of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum are granted it before even appearing before a judge. 

Most border invaders are not children; they’re working age. By Ernest Istook
Excerpt: Most of those invading America’s southern border are not what we normally call “children.” They evidently are 16 years old and older — working age. They are labeled children to promote political agendas, even though most are teens and adults, according to those willing to break down a White House-imposed wall of secrecy.

Religion of Peace News

The Never Ending Arab-Israeli War: This Much is True. By Robert A. Hall

8 Rock Solid Points in Defense of Israel – By Bill Maher
Excerpt: Shocking: Maher basically agreed with everything the conservative Weinstein had to say, and made some points of his own.

A Word From Israel
Worth Viewing. ~Bob

WATCH John Kerry Tell CNN’s Candy Crowley She’s Aiding Terrorists’ Publicity Campaign!

Poll: Should courts be prohibited from recognizing Sharia law?

IS Jihadists stone Syria woman to death for 'adultery'
Excerpt: Jihadists in the northern Syrian province of Raqa have accused a woman of adultery and stoned her to death, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday. (Americans not wanting to pay for birth control for yuppie college students? An outrageous War on Women. Muslims stoning women to death for adultery? Who are we to condemn--all cultures are equally valid. The evil moral bankruptcy of the left. ~Bob)

IDF troops hit 260 targets in Gaza; soldiers uncover 21 smuggling tunnels
Excerpt: On Friday morning, IDF soldiers uncovered eight shafts leading to smuggling tunnels, as troops clashed with militants in the Strip. Another 13 similar tunnels were also uncovered a short time later, bringing the total number to 21 so far. The finds align with the government declaration that the IDF's main targets in their ground incursion would be tunnels in use by Hamas.

Trojan Horse: Leaked report reveals 'aggressive Islamist agenda' in Birmingham schools
Excerpt: A report into the "Trojan horse" scandal in Birmingham schools has uncovered evidence of "co-ordinated, deliberate and sustained action to introduce an intolerant and aggressive Islamist ethos into some schools in the city". The conclusion is contained in a leaked draft of a report, commissioned by the former education secretary Michael Gove and written by Peter Clarke, the former head of the Metropolitan police's counterterrorism command, which is due to be published in the next 24 hours.

Excerpt: The new “caliphate” of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—the Islamic State, formerly “ISIS”—recently made clear that it means to follow in the footsteps of the original caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Sadiq (632-634), specifically by directing its jihad against fellow Muslims, in Islamic parlance, the “hypocrites” and “apostates,” or in Western terminology, “moderates.” (We need to keep in mind that the vast majority of victims of jihadist allahmurders are other Muslims, just as the vast majority of victims of violence and crime from black thugs in the US are other blacks--some rival thugs, but many decent people who just want safe lives for themselves and their kids. ~Bob)

PA Claims US Plotting to Torpedo Middle East, ISIS is Jewish
Excerpt: "The US is using extremists as human shields fighting on its behalf, so that American soldiers will no longer be in danger of returning home in coffins," it says, adding that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), Islamic Front, and Al-Nusra factions in Iraq and Syria are part of an American plot. It then bizarrely claims that the ISIS - the Islamist sect conquering Iraq in an Islamic turf war deemed "too extreme" for Al Qaeda - is "led by Jewish extremism, as represented by [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and [Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor] Liberman."

Worth Reading: The other Iraq: Iraq's Kurds have remained largely insulated from the chaos in the rest of the country. Now they're seeking independence.
Excerpt: Ever since the U.S. invasion toppled Saddam Hussein, they've been running Iraqi Kurdistan as a semi-autonomous region, and now see the country's disintegration as an opportunity. Kurdistan is largely peaceful, safe, and, thanks to carefully invested oil wealth, increasingly prosperous. (If I had the power, I'd create an independent Kurdistan from the Kurdish regions of Iraq, Iran and Turkey. This is from The Week news magazine. I read it because it doesn't try to tell you what to think, but tries to give both sides. Generally does a good job and is pretty balanced. ~Bob)

Questioning Islam: Tough Questions & Honest Answers About the Muslim Religion by Peter Townsend
It says the Kindle version s free. Check for strings, of course. ~Bob

Attack Kills at Least 21 Egyptian Soldiers at Checkpoint in Western Desert. By Kareem Fahim
Excerpt: At least 21 Egyptian soldiers were killed on Saturday when heavily armed gunmen attacked a border guard post near a remote desert oasis, according to an army spokesman.
The death toll appeared to be the highest for the military in a single attack in recent memory, and came as the Egyptian government has expressed growing alarm at threats from neighboring countries, and especially from Libya, an increasingly lawless state that shares a long border with Egypt. (Boy, Obama better explain to Egypt that arms and trouble can't be coming from Libya--he led-from-behind a war there to depose Muammar el-Qaddafi, didn't even bother to ask Congress for authorization as Bush did, so everything must be cool there. ~Bob. Tweet from Andrew Exum ‏@abumuqawama: Three years after the intervention, militants and weaponry continue to bleed out of Libya ... to disastrous effect.)

Hamas leader's son killed in Israeli shelling in eastern Gaza Strip.
As someone told me " it aint no fun when the rabbit got the gun." Keep up the excellent work Israel.

Editorial in the left-of-center Washington Post: Hamas is playing a dangerous game with Gazan lives
Excerpt: Why would Hamas insist on continuing the fight when it is faring so poorly? The only plausible answer is stomach-turning: The Islamic movement calculates that it can win the concessions it has yet to obtain from Israel and Egypt not by striking Israel but by perpetuating the killing of its own people in Israeli counterattacks. More than 200 people, including a number of children, have already died in Gaza; Hamas probably calculates that more deaths will prompt Western governments to pressure Israel to grant Hamas’s demands.

Excerpt: A senior al Qaeda leader who is based in Syria and has close ties to al Qaeda's General Command in Pakistan said that six of his "dearest comrades" were killed in an airstrike in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. The six al Qaeda operatives were likely killed in a US drone strike on July 10.

In Raqqa, an All-Female ISIS Brigade Cracks Down on Local Women
Excerpt: Shortly after the Sunni militant group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) retook control of Raqqa earlier this year, it created the al-Khansaa' Brigade, an all-female unit operating in the city. Its purpose is to apprehend civilian women in Raqqa who do not follow the organization's strict brand of Sharia law, including a mandate that all women be fully covered in public and that they be accompanied by a male chaperone.

Iraqi Christians flee after Isis issue Mosul ultimatum
Excerpt: Iraqi Christians are fleeing Mosul after Islamist militants threatened to kill them unless they converted to Islam or paid a "protection tax". A statement issued by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) was read out at the city's mosques. It called on Christians to comply by midday on Saturday or face death if they did not leave the northern city. (The Islamists' goal is both a Judenfrie and a Christian-free Middle East. Their war will only end if they are all dead or the world is free of Jews, Christians and other infidels. ~Bob)

Philadelphia mosque leaders try to cut off man's hand -police

Excerpt: Two men described as leaders of a Philadelphia mosque were accused of trying to cut off the hand of a suspected thief, whose wrist was sliced so deeply it required hospital treatment, police said on Friday. (Just following Shari'a Law, which the New York Times and some of our courts consider a benevolent cultural expression of religion, appropriate to use in legal cases. ~Bob)

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