Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Conservative Who With Reagan Fought

Conservatives Who With Reagan Fought
(With apologies to Robbie Burns and Robert the Bruce)
Robert A. Hall

Conservative who with Reagan fought,
Folk who's freedom's dearly bought,
Welcome to the fight we sought--
Now seek your victory.

Now's the day and now's the hour,
See the growing statist tower,
See the proud Progressives' power--
Chains and slavery.

Who would be a traitor a knave,
Let him leave our ranks so brave,
If for "pork" he'd be a slave--
A state dependency.

Who for the Constitution's Laws,
Who sees utopia's ugly flaws,
Let him join in Freedom's cause
And struggle valiantly.

By the hope that yet remains,
By our children in debt's chains,
Let our cause be not in vain,
So they shall be free.

Cast the proud Progressives low,
They are truly Freedom's foe,
Let us win the cause we know,

For their Liberty.

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