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Book Recommendation: The Washing Of The Spears: The Rise And Fall Of The Zulu Nation. By Donald R. Morris 
This well-researched history, presented in a very readable style, will delight and military history buff. It is the story of not only the Zulus, but all of the peoples of Southern Africa, and the back ground for much of today's troubles in that area. Full of fascinating details, it is a story of towering personalities, on all sides, with all the flaws of such people. It details great bravery--and great stupidity. Containing the best accounts I have read of the British defeat as Isandlwana and the heroic defense of Rorke's Drift, it also covers other, less well known engagements. With rifles against spears the British defeats appear to be the results of poor tactical leadership and judgment on the spot. If the British were the aggressors, the Zulus had a lot of unappealing characteristics. Zulu kings would have people selected at random for trivial offenses and executed on the spot to impress visitors with their power. It's a long history, but well worth reading.

Americans say Obama is the worst president since World War II. That’s not his real problem. By Philip Bump
Excerpt: A new poll from Quinnipiac University rumbled around the Internet on Wednesday morning, and with good reason. The University's description of the survey begins, "President Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II, 33 percent of American voters say." And then, for good measure, it continues, "America would be better off if Republican Mitt Romney had won the 2012 presidential election, 45 percent of voters say, while 38 percent say the country would be worse off." (Oh, now they figure it out--too late smart. ~Bob)

Obama is the "Worst President Since WWII," Q-poll Finds. By Daniel Doherty
Excerpt: The president’s second term has been marred by humiliations and setbacks. From the IRSVA, and AP scandals to the botched Obamacare website rollout, the 44thpresident of the United States can’t seem to catch a break. And as a consequence, the public has bestowed upon him the most uncharitable of titles, ...

Quinnipiac: Plurality of Public Now Says Obama Is An A------
Excerpt: "However, the subsequent development of photography, sound recording, film, and mass production, as well as public education and techniques used in commercial advertising, enabled political leaders to project a positive image as never before. It was from these circumstances in the 20th century that the best-known personality cults arose. Often these cults are a form of political religion." Boy howdy, how true that is, Wikipedia. ... So the Cult of Personality is well and truly dead. Never again will we hear hoseannas about our Great Leader's supple mind, erotically throbbing pectoral muscles, or literary genius, except perhaps from our Great Leader himself or his whispering sycophant Valerie Jarrett. This is good for America, as well: It is a stupid and frightening and shameful thing for a people to fall so hard for a ridiculous, false-on-its-face fairy tale about a Crusading Hero Who Will Deliver Us All. This is how nations die.

Worth Reading: Economic Freedom. By Walter E. Williams 
Excerpt: A couple of years ago, President Barack Obama, speaking on the economy, told an audience in Osawatomie, Kansas: "'The market will take care of everything,' they tell us. ... But here's the problem: It doesn't work. It has never worked. ... I mean, understand, it's not as if we haven't tried this theory." To believe what the president and many others say about the market's not working requires that one be grossly uninformed or dishonest.

Putin Warns Again of Force as Ukraine Fighting Spreads
Excerpt: The simmering standoff in eastern Ukraine exploded into warfare early Tuesday, pushing the conflict to a dangerous new phase and prompting President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to warn again that he reserves the right to use force to defend Russian-speaking citizens.

Black GOP Candidate In Florida Faces Horrific Racism. The Huffington Post By Alex Lazar
Excerpt: On Sunday, Smith tweeted a picture of a vandalized campaign sign, in which her face was covered in white spray paint: (Probably a black supporter of Corrine Brown. I used to lobby her when she was in the Florida House. Hardly the sharpest knife in the drawer. ~Bob)

Lois Lerner And Fellow IRS Official Announced Targeting At 2010 Conference Before Both Of Their Emails Went Missing
Excerpt: Both Lerner and Flax experienced “computer crashes” that led to the permanent deletion of their emails, according to the IRS, which said it cannot hand over their emails to congressional investigators on two House committees. Both Lerner and Flax briefed fellow government bureaucrats on the new targeting at the conference, where Lerner appeared at a workshop called “Will the IRS Come Knocking?”

Worth Reading: IRS Emails "Lost"- And So Is The Outrage. By John Kass
Excerpt: Great men (and women) can't change a nation, even if they are supremely ruthless and cynical. Not in a constitutional republic like ours. It can only be accomplished when the people fall silent and give up their freedoms willingly. It happens when their governments are corrupted and they say nothing, because to complain might mean they'd lose an opportunity to win a perk or an advantage over their neighbor.

Obama: 'So Sue Me. From The Patriot Post
In yet another presidential stump speech, Barack Obama taunted Republicans Tuesday to "sue me" if they don't like his unilateral executive actions. House Speaker John Boehner has threatened to do just that. "As long as [Republicans] insist on taking no action whatsoever that will help anybody," Obama said. "I'm going to keep on taking actions on my own that can help the middle class." As if to turn the knife, he added, "Middle-class families can't wait for Republicans in Congress to do stuff. So sue me. As long as they're doing nothing, I'm not going to apologize for trying to do something." Obama's actions are harming the middle class. The economy has been stagnant for his entire tenure because he's more concerned with class warfare than anything else. On top of that, his actions are also frequently unconstitutional. . ( “I taught constitutional law for ten years. I take the Constitution very seriously. The biggest problems that were facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all, and that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m President of the United States of America.” --Barack Obama, 2008)

The Jew-Hating Obama Administration. By Ben Shapiro 
Excerpt: On Monday, three Jewish boys were found dead, murdered by the terrorist group Hamas: Eyal Yifrach, 19; Gilad Shaar, 16; and Naftali Frenkel, 16. Frenkel was an American citizen. ... Presumably Frenkel did not look enough like Barack Obama’s imaginary son for him to give a damn. Or perhaps Frenkel hadn’t deserted his duty in the American military, and therefore his parents didn’t deserve a White House press conference. Maybe Michelle Obama was too busy worrying about children’s fat thighs to spend a moment tweeting out a selfie to raise awareness.

Proud to be an American? You’re probably not a true liberal. By Aaron Blake
Excerpt: Michelle Obama took some heat in 2008 for saying that, "for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country..." As it turns out, that sentiment isn't all that unusual on the far left of American politics. According to a new Pew Research Center study, only 40 percent of consistently liberal Americans say they often feel proud to be Americans.

Do you remember me? By Lizzie Palmer
Tribute to the Troops reportedly made by a 15-year-old girl.

Hong Kong police arrest democracy protesters at sit-in
Excerpt: Hong Kong police have arrested over 500 protesters who staged a pro-democracy sit-in at the city's business district. The demonstrators were arrested for illegal assembly and obstructing police officers, police said. The sit-in came after tens of thousands of protesters marched on Tuesday in what was described as the city's largest democracy rally in a decade.

Liberals’ Hobby Lobby Doublethink: If birth control is “not your boss’s business,” why do you expect him to pay for it? By Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: Abortion-rights protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court building on Monday holding signs that read “Birth Control: Not My Boss’s Business.” Much to their chagrin, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito agreed in his ruling in the Hobby Lobby case. ( Nothing is being denied to anyone because of the Hobby Lobby decision...unless you truly expected to be given something for nothing. Similarly, while I think abortion is abhorrent, I don't see it as my place to deny it to you...but it is a great leap to accuse me of denying you the right to an abortion because I don't think tax dollars should be used for it. --George)

Full Hobby Lobby Decision
I believe strongly that no one should comment about a Supreme Court case unless he/she has read it in chief. For those interested in the full story, and not just the slanted partial reporting coming out of the news media, here is the cite for the Hobby Lobby case. --BW

The Bill and Hillary Clinton Money Machine Taps Corporate Cash. Couple Has Raised More Than $1 Billion in Two Decades; Republicans Worry of Early Lead in 2016
Excerpt: Bill and Hillary Clinton helped raise more than $1 billion from U.S. companies and industry donors during two decades on the national stage through campaigns, paid speeches and a network of organizations advancing their political and policy goals, The Wall Street Journal found. Those deep ties potentially give Mrs. Clinton a financial advantage in the 2016 presidential election, if she runs, and could bring industry donors back to the Democratic Party for the first time since Mr. Clinton left the White House.

Why Embarrass Journalists? By Hugh Hewitt
Excerpt: “Why do you embarrass journalists the way you do?” I get some form of this question –or a more direct condemnation– after every interview like the one I conducted Monday with The Huffington Post’s “Senior Political Economy Reporter” Zach Carter. ... I assumed…well, there’s the rub. I always assume that young journalists would not dare opine on the war without a basic knowledge of the existential threat at its core, and the origins of that threat.

Georgia: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Law Takes Effect Today
Excerpt: HB 60, signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal (R) on April 23, enacts the following pro-gun reforms for law-abiding gun owners in Georgia:

Male-female pay gap remains entrenched at White House. By Zachary A. Goldfarb 
Excerpt: The White House has not narrowed the gap between the average pay of male and female employees since President Obama’s first year in office, according to a Washington Post analysis of new salary data.

The White House gave out $1.3 million in raises in the last year. By Philip Bump 
Excerpt: The White House released its 2014 salary list Tuesday, allowing those Americans interested in such things a window into the lives of people in the Obama administration.

In Praise of Mexican Inventors. By Jim Goad
Excerpt: Wikipedia is hardly the final word on anything, but how do Mexico’s seven inventors stack up to other countries’ output? Wikipedia lists 374 inventors from England, a country with less than half of Mexico’s population. It lists 200 Russian inventors, although the modern Russian Federation’s population edges out Mexico’s by 23 million or so. It features182 French inventors in a country of 67 million, at least 100 German inventors in a notoriously intolerant nation of 80 million, and 93 Italian inventors (Italy’s population is half of Mexico’s). 

I Heart Fossil Fuels. By James Delingpole
Excerpt: I really do heart them. Not as much as I heart my kids, perhaps; or Skrillex; or Metallica (they ROCKED); but definitely a lot more than I heart renewable energy which I loathe in almost all its manifestations because it is expensive, environmentally damaging, ugly, pointless and useless. At one point, a man with a beard came up to confront me. He accused me - no really - of being in the pay of Big Oil, assured me - again, no really - that 97 per cent of the world's scientists believe in "climate change" and said that people like me had no business being at Glastonbury festival.

The Underappreciated Eric Cantor. By Stephen Moore
Excerpt: Federal spending has fallen over the three years Mr. Cantor has been the House leader. That’s the first time it’s dropped since the 1950s. Here’s the point: No one on Capitol Hill is singularly more responsible for that remarkable improvement than Eric Cantor.

Excerpt: How badly we need right now, a Washington, a Lincoln, a Reagan. Well, we don't have them. But we do have us. Opening July 2.

Black Writer: Obama's Supporters Said 'Go Gangsta' – Too Bad He Listened. By Larry Elder
Excerpt: Former fugitive and still unrepentant domestic-terrorist-turned-government-paid-professor Bill Ayers co-writes a proposal to the Annenberg Foundation. It brings a $49.2 million education award to “improve” Chicago public schools. Just three years out of law school, Obama is asked to chair the newly formed Chicago Annenberg Challenge board. Money spent includes hundreds of thousands of dollars given in grants to Ayers' Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform and Chicago School Reform Collaborative projects. By their own admission, the Annenberg project group failed.

O·ba·ma: \ō-ˈbä-mə\ verb. To make a promise you have no idea how to keep. Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt

We’re No. 1? Americans increasingly don’t think so.
Excerpt: A new Pew Research Center poll shows that the number of Americans who think the United States "stands above all other countries" has declined from 38 percent three years ago to 28 percent today. A strong majority of Americans (58 percent) say the U.S. is merely "one of the greatest countries."

Will Harry Reid Tell This 100% Navajo Indian High School Their ‘Redskins’ Mascot is Racist? By Matthew Burke
Excerpt: Red Mesa High School, located on the Navajo Reservation in Red Mesa, Arizona, is a public school in which nearly 100% of it’s students are Navajo Indian. Their mascot and logo? The “Redskins.”

Obama Civilian Security Force Takes Control of Immigrant Internment Camps: “Abide By Brown Shirts Law.” B y Mac Slavo
Excerpt: Because of the sheer number of people heading to the U.S. and the complete failure, whether by chance or by design, of the Obama administration to secure the border, America is now faced with housing, feeding, clothing and providing medical care for more people than it was prepared to handle. In response, rather than deploy Homeland Security or the National Guard to stop the migration at its source, the Administration has instead set up makeshift internment camps, some of which put scores of people in a room the size of a studio apartment. As a result,disease has spread and civilian emergency personnel have been tasked with providing care.

Obamacare News

Excerpt: A couple of months ago, I noted that the only thing growing in the stagnant economy in the first quarter was health spending. Further, another source suggested that most of that spending was from Medicaid, a welfare program. Such “growth” is not really good for the economy. The final estimate of real first quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has thrown everyone for a loop, reporting an annualized decline of 2.9 percent. It was a huge revision: The previous estimate was that first quarter GDP had declined by only one percent.
The huge error in the earlier figure was almost entirely driven by a poor estimate of the effect of ObamaCare by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA):

Report: 1,295,571 Obamacare Enrollees May Or May Not Be Legal Citizens. By wynton Hall
Excerpt: A devastating new Health and Human Services (HHS) Inspector General report released on Tuesday reveals that the Obama administration has yet to determine whether 1,295,571 of the over 8 million Obamacare enrollees are U.S. citizens lawfully in the country. 

Former Colorado Obamacare Director Pleads Guilty To Stealing Public Funds
Excerpt: A former director of Colorado’s state-run health-care exchange pleaded guilty last week to defrauding taxpayers while she was running a nonprofit housing agency in Montana. Christa Ann McClure, who now lives in Denver, was supposedly fully vetted by her Colorado employers before being hired as the director of partner engagement at Connect for Health Colorado, the state Obamacare exchange. The job paid $130,000, according to the Denver Post.

Rising Healthcare Premiums
Excerpt: In nine of the 10 states that have filed their proposed 2015 insurance rates, the largest health insurers are increasing premiums between 8.5 percent and 22.8 percent for next year, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Healthcare: A few key and obvious points that keep nagging me:
1. Health care isn't free. Hospitals need to be built, equipped, and staffed; doctors need to be paid. Speaking of which, if I sacrificed my youth for the betterment of society, accumulating incredible debt in the process, not to mention the responsibility of ensuring patient lives, damn straight I expect to live the rest of my life in relative comfort, or at least earn enough to make my own decisions. 2. Health insurance is a means of minimizing the risk of extreme health costs. It also isn't free, and possession of insurance doesn't mean your health care is now free...unless you can afford a $40000 policy...but that's kind of foolish. 3. Services covered by insurance are reflected in your premium. You want birth control, experimental treatment, or a deluxe room, be prepared to pay for it up front. In this case, birth control was mandated as part of ACA...and premiums were increased because of it. Once again, nothing is free...unless you don't understand the basics of free market and profits. --George

CMS Unable to Resolve Nearly 2.89 Million Obamacare Application Inconsistencies:
Audit: Government resolved less than one percent of ‘inconsistencies’ in applications
Excerpt: The federal Obamacare marketplace was unable to verify nearly 3 million irregularities in the applications for enrollment, according to a new audit by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

Religion of Peace News

Worth Reading: How Obama Lost the Middle East: The president put politics and ideology ahead of preserving hard-won gains in the region. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: But what exactly was the new Obama strategy that supposedly had all but achieved a victory in the larger War on Terror amid Middle East hostility? Fuzzy euphemisms replaced supposedly hurtful terms such as “terrorism,” “jihadist,” and “Islamist.” The administration gave well-meaning speeches exaggerating Islamic achievement while citing past American culpability. We tilted toward Turkey and the Palestinians while sternly lecturing Israel. Military victory was caricatured as an obsolete concept. Leading from behind was a clever substitute.

If We Want to Beat Al Qaeda, We Have to Stop Arming It. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: This year it’s the Syrian Civil War that turned its local Al Qaeda affiliates into breakout Jihadi stars seizing entire cities and terrorizing the region. Obama’s solution is to direct money intended for counterterrorism partnerships to terrorists in Syria. This may be one of the worst ideas that he has ever come up with. Attempts to control the flow of weapons likely played a role in the Benghazi attacks.

Israelis clash with Palestinians after Arab youth reported kidnapped, murdered
Excerpt: Israeli security forces and Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem engaged in intense clashes Wednesday morning after reports circulated that an Arab youth was kidnapped and murdered, possibly in an attack meant to avenge the recent abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers. Although Israeli police had yet to confirm the circumstances of 16-year-old Mohammad Abu Khieder’s disappearance, the incident stoked already soaring tensions in the region, raising the specter of wider violence between Palestinians and Israelis.

Palestinian teenager's funeral delayed by post-mortem
Excerpt: The 17-year-old's murder raised tensions amid claims it was in revenge for the killing of three Israeli youths. (There is no excuse for killing the innocent in retaliation for the evil deeds of others. Not only is it evil in itself, but it feeds the evil. I do, however, believe that if the enemy executes your POWs you are justified in shooting theirs as a deterrent. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), one of al Qaeda's official branches, posted a statement on jihadist forums on July 1 praising the Islamic State's recent military gains in Iraq. AQIM also calls for reconciliation between the ISIS and rival jihadist groups in Syria. The message was first obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

Afghan suicide bomber attacks military bus in Kabul
Excerpt: A suicide bomber has killed at least eight military officers in an attack on an Air Force bus in the Afghan capital Kabul, officials say. Another 13 people, including civilians, were wounded in the attack near Kabul university in the west of the city.

A Short History of Stupidity in the Middle East. By Taki Theodoracopulos
Excerpt: The 9/11 outrage has been tainted by the attack carried out deceitfully in its name against Iraq, a country that was not involved and had no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was the biggest blunder of them all and we frivolously sleepwalked into it while the neocons played us like harmonicas. Now there will be Kurdish, Sunni, and Shiite republics emerging from the rubble that the war against the pro-Christian Assad created, and after close to one hundred years the Sykes-Picot plan will have come full circle. And one day soon, I hope, people will wake up and tell the Kuwaitis, Saudis, and Qataris to stop funding hate preachers and terrorists or no more hookers or western goodies.

Indictment of suspect in Benghazi attack debunks the Obama tale
Excerpt: The Justice Department’s indictment spells out a calculated conspiracy by Ahmed Abu Khatallah and associates to attack the U.S. diplomatic mission and CIA annex, which killed four Americans. The indictment might be viewed as a death knell for a theory that the attack resulted from a spontaneous protest against a U.S.-produced video. ... “The administration knew it was a conspiracy from the start due to all-source intelligence and the warning from al Qaeda to avenge the death of al-Libi in June 2012,” Gen. McInerney said. (They knew it was a lie from day one, but as Obamacare proved, Obama is always willing to lie for political advantage, and the media gives him a pass. ~Bob)

Rome and whole world will be conquered, says leader of Islamic State. By Robert Spencer
Rome, as the leading global center of Christianity, has long been a focus of jihadist aspirations.
“Imam Ahmad reported in his Musnad that Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin Al-‘As (may God be pleased with him) reports, Whilst we were around the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) writing down, he was asked, ‘Which of the two cities is to be opened first, Constantinople or Rome?’ He (the Prophet) answered, ‘The city of Heraclius will be opened first!’” (Imam Ahmad, and Al-Albany) Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi quoted this hadith a few years ago and added: “This means that Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor, after being expelled from it twice – once from the South, from Andalusia, and a second time from the East, when it knocked several times on the door of Athens.”

Car Bombing Kills 56 People In Nigeria Market
Excerpt: A car bomb in a marketplace in Maiduguri, the northeast Nigerian city that is the birthplace of Boko Haram extremism, killed at least 56 people on Tuesday, the leader of a civilian group that recovered the bodies said.

Excerpt: “And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you,” says the Qur’an (2:191), and so Islamic holds that any land that was once governed under Islamic law belongs by right to Muslims forever. The imperative to reconquer and re-Islamize Spain springs from the same Islamic wellsprings as the jihad against Israel.

“Spanish-Speaking ISIS Fighter in Syria Warns: We Shall Liberate Spain,” MEMRI, July 1, 2014:

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