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The Never Ending Arab-Israeli War: This Much is True

The Never Ending Arab-Israeli War: This Much is True
Robert A. Hall
July 20, 2014

This is true: If the Arabs laid down their arms, there would be no more war. If the Israelis laid down their arms, there would be no more Jews.

This is true:  Israel uses missiles to protect civilians. Hamas uses civilians to protect missiles.

This is true: The current fighting started because of attacks by Hamas on civilians with rockets and the kidnapping and murder of three teens, one an American. The moral responsibility for all the deaths lies on them, just as the moral responsibility for all the civilians killed in WWII--millions of them including children--lies with the German Nazi, Japanese Militarist and Italian Fascist aggressors who attacked other countries.

This is true: Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties in the fighting, which is why Hamas hides their rockets and military equipment among civilians. Hamas targets civilians.

This is true: The Hamas war aims are the destruction of Israel and a judenfrie Middle East. Israel's other foes state the same goals. The Arabs are not interested in a "two-state" solution except to get concessions from Israel to advance their goal of a single state without Jews. Israel's war aims are to protect their people and to live in peace.

This is true: The tunnels between Gaza and Israel were not built by Jews seeking to kill Arabs, but by Arabs seeking to kill Jews.

This is true: As an editorial in the left-of-center Washington Post said, : "(Hamas) calculates that it can win the concessions it has yet to obtain from Israel and Egypt not by striking Israel but by perpetuating the killing of its own people in Israeli counterattacks."

This is true: Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has a free press, freedom of religion, equal rights for women and multiple political parties. Gender inequality, including polygamy and divorce laws, is mandated in Arab countries by the Qur'an and the governments.

This is true: Israel has Arab Muslims in its elected legislative body and its armed forces. I know of no Arab country that does--though actually I know of no Arab country with a popularly elected legislature.

This is true: Muslims commit over 90% of the "honor killings" in the world, where a father or brother murders a young woman for some offense against the family's honor, often as trivial as the suspicion that she spoke to a strange man. Many Muslim governments turn a blind eye to this, or impose lesser penalties for honor killings than other murders.

This is true: Iran executes gays. Saudi Arabia executes "witches." Many Muslim countries stone women to death for "adultery," including teenage rape victims who cannot produce four male Muslim witnesses to prove rape under Shari'a law's standards, and thus have admitted to illicit sex. Most Arab countries legally permit or turn a blind eye to child marriage, because Mohammad married his youngest wife, according to Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, Aisha, when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine. These are considered two of the strongest and most sacred of the Hadith, the traditions of the prophet and his companions, which are considered necessary to understand the Qur'an. Mohammad is considered the perfect example of conduct for Muslims, so anything he did in the 7th century such as owning slaves and having sex with slave girls is considered halal (approved) for Muslims today by mainstream Islamic religious scholars. Israel does not execute gays or witches, stone women for adultery or allow child marriage.

This is true: The vast majority of Muslims murdered every year for religious reasons are not killed by Christians or Jews, but by other Muslims who hold different interpretations of Islam and the Qur'an than whichever Muslim sect has the guns and power.

This is true: Every Arab country persecutes religious minorities to one extent or another, up to and including terror and murder. The Christian and Jewish populations of these countries are being steadily eliminated by murder, or being forced to immigrate by terror and oppression. The last census of Lebanon was in 1932, and showed it to be 51% Christian. Beirut was known as the Paris of the Middle East. Now Christians are estimated at below 35%, (they can't conduct a census due to the violence), Hezbollah, a terrorist organization currently taking a break from killing Jews to kill other Muslim in Syria, controls a large part of the country, and Beirut is the Detroit of the Middle East, looking like a city destroyed by bombs in WWII. Christians are declining in the other Arab countries, from the Copts in Egypt to the murders in Syria by Islamists. They seek not only a Judenfrie Middle East, but a Christian-free one as well.

This is true: FGM or the mutilation of the genitals of very young girls is widely practiced in many Muslim societies (as many as 97% of Egyptian girls have been "cut), though it is not practiced only by Muslims or by all Muslims. Some Islamic scholars say it is mandated in Islam, some say it is permitted and others say it is forbidden.

This is true: Muslim jihadist terrorists are murdering Buddhists in Thailand and ethnic Han Chinese in China. The Hamas apologists have yet to make clear how this is caused by the "Israeli Occupation" of "Palestine."

This I believe is true: The people who boycott or protest Israel are complicit with the Hamas terrorists in fermenting a new holocaust against the Jews, the results of which, if successful, will sicken even the most hard hearted and calloused. They have the moral vision of Nazis. They will then disclaim responsibility, because their intentions were good, or because the Jews brought it on themselves and "had it coming." As the US weakens and goes into fiscal collapse, and the left undermines American support for Israel, I think the future if going to be horrible, with the streets of Israel running red with the blood of Jews, including all the children. And if they want to flee, who will take them in? Certainly not the PC American politicians, although they believe we should take in every immigrant from Latin America, including criminals and gang members. They are, after all, just Jews.


Many items in this essay, such as the first two points, were taken from various sources available on the Internet, thus are not "original thoughts" by the author--but he believes them to be true. Permission to post, forward or print this essay, with attribution to the author and without editorial changes, is granted.

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

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