Sunday, April 26, 2020


From a Friend:
When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee, it's not about your health.

When the State bans dentists because its unsafe, but deems that an abortion visit is safe, it's not about your health.

When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it's dangerous, but allows in-person lottery ticket sales, it's not about your health.

When the state puts you INTO a crowded jail cell for walking in the park with your child because it’s too dangerous, but lets criminals OUT of crowded jail cells and back onto the streets - It’s not about YOUR health!

When the state tells you it’s not essential to get treated by a chiropractor or physical therapist, yet deems a liquor store essential - It’s not about your health!

When the State lets you go to the grocery store or hardware store but demands mail - in voting, ITS NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.
If you think this is all about your health and safety, you’re sadly mistaken!

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