Monday, November 11, 2019

Progressive lawyer Boudin wins San Francisco’s DA race By DAISY NGUYEN

Progressive lawyer Boudin wins San Francisco’s DA race. By DAISY NGUYEN
'm not sure how it gets any worse than this. A child of literally murderous radicals gets raised by the also violent radical partners of his parents, immersed from birth in radicalism and contempt for this nation, wins an election to be in charge of a major city's justice system. Among his major priorities are to "protect immigrants from deportation and pursue accountability in police misconduct cases". In the city where so famously a multiply deported "immigrant" shot and killed a young woman, yet suffered no real penalty at all for it. And I bet every San Francisco cop is now wondering about early retirement or transferring somewhere else, since they now have the feeling of a target on their backs not just from local criminals but the DA's office. It's going to be interesting to continue to watch SF slide ever further towards chaos. But people voted him in, and as Jefferson once said, in a democracy you get the government you deserve. --Del

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