Thursday, November 14, 2019

How the Deep State Media Operate.

How the Deep State Media Operate. By Lawrence Sellin
Excerpt: Few now doubt that the major U.S. media outlets, under the guise of journalism, function as political activists, saturating the airwaves and the internet with the talking points of the Democrat party. (It's more than clear that even before Trump took office, there were a lot of people already primed to destroy his presidency.  I remember that some of my friends always like to mention that once Obama was elected, some GOP members said they wanted to make him a one-term President.  That was true, but 1-they didn't start talking about impeachment even before he took office or anytime soon after that, and 2-he never had the level of vicious opposition that Trump has had.  (Yes, there were the minority of those who went on and on about his birth certificate and him being a closet Muslim, but such stuff never got even a tiny fraction of the attention that claims of Trump being a tool of Putin, etc, have gotten.) Check out the quotes from the "journalists" (they really don't rate that term) on the journolist site about trashing Obama's critics with slanders of racism.  That's all anyone needs to know about what kind of people are in the business, and how they utterly pervert the concept of an objective press.  And that has continued robustly since then. --Del

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