Sunday, November 10, 2019

It just gets worse

Judicial Watch: White House Visitor Logs Detail Meetings of Eric Ciaramella. Logs Also Show DNC Contractor Who Allegedly Worked with Ukraine to Investigate Trump/Manafort Visited Obama White House 27 times
This just keeps getting more interesting. At what point do the Democrats realize they can't hide this guy anymore, and he's going to have to testify in public, or be discounted as just another political agent? If it is he, and it sure seems that way, I hope he gets boiled alive for this crap. I still can't get over the rationale that "the President is subverting foreign policy", it needs to be screamed out on TV and in giant type on the newspapers "the President cannot SUBVERT foreign policy, the President is responsible for MAKING foreign policy". As Obama did, in ways that many of us disliked intensely, and anyone is free to dislike intensely Trump's policy too. But like it or not, he gets to do that, get over it. --Del

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