Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Trump & Ukraine

I listened to discussions on NPR about the transcript of the Trump conversation with the Ukrainian leader, and really started wondering if they'd read the same transcript I did.  Various commentators and Democrats went on at length about the clear evidence of traitorous use of presidential pressure to go after Joe Biden, and how it amounted to a quid pro quo deal for US support.  So I figured maybe in my old age I wasn't really reading very closely, and I went back and examined the document all over again.  Below is the only part in 5 pages where this subject comes up at all.
And that is the sum total of that part of the call.  There is no mention whatsoever of funding, no remote kind of pressure, which the man just confirmed in a press conference.  Trump asks the leader to talk to Giuliani about his looking into this matter, that's it.  He doesn't say "go make stuff up, go find bad things about Joe or Hunter Biden", he just says please cooperate with Rudy.
It is true that Joe Biden was acting for the US government back then, and a lot of people didn't like that prosecutor.  So there may well be nothing there.  But checking on it is not somehow a terrible, corrupt thing.  Biden's kid has made many millions in international deals, and it does seem that his father's eminence in US politics might just have something to do with it.  That's not necessarily illegal or immoral either.  Again, checking on how such things came to pass is not an unreasonable thing to do either.  It's not like the Democrats paying a former British spy big bucks to go to Russia to dig up dirt on Trump, is it?
Trying to make this into a gross act of treason is like trying to stretch a one inch piece of nylon rope from Boston to LA.  It's stupid beyond belief, but that's the new normal for the Democrats.


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