Wednesday, September 25, 2019

From a liberal: Democratic Candidates Are Misrepresenting Michael Brown’s Death.

Democratic Candidates Are Misrepresenting Michael Brown’s Death. Calling it a murder betrays the cause they hope to advance. By William Saletan
Excerpt: But at the core of the story, there was a problem: The original account of Brown’s death, that he had been shot in the back or while raising his hands in surrender, was false. The shooting was thoroughly investigated, first by a grand jury and then by the Obama Justice Department. The investigations found that Brown assaulted Wilson, tried to grab his gun, and was shot dead while advancing toward Wilson again. Despite these findings, three Democratic presidential candidates—Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, and billionaire Tom Steyer—said last month that Brown was murdered. These candidates haven’t backed down in the face of press queries and fact checks. Warren even dismissed a face-to-face question about the DOJ report that cleared Wilson. (Here is an article by a classic Liberal, certainly one concerned with racial bias and over use of force by police, and certainly no fan of Trump, but who cannot ignore the blatant false claims of people vying for the presidency. It is not just stupid of them to do this, it's damaging to us all, and it's disrespectful to Black Americans to try to manipulate them with an obvious lie, to fan more flames of anger and polarization. And for me, it says more than ever that no such person should ever be sitting in the Oval Office. --Del)

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