Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Kuwaiti migrant raped woman on a riverbank, court hears as judge asks for pre-sentence report on his 'attitude towards women'
Excerpt: Al-Shamary, 21, entered Britain illegally in 2015 over land. He fought to be allowed to stay and received leave to remain as little as two weeks before the savage assault in May of this year. Teesside Crown Court heard his bloodied and sobbing victim, a white British woman in her thirties, was found lying face down with her jeans and pants pulled around her ankles. Heavily intoxicated Al-Shamary was arrested nearby and refused to allow a female police officer to touch him. In police custody he was heard to yell: "Do you know Saddam Hussein? I am Saddam Hussein, I will not talk to you, you are a woman." ... Ms Stirling told the court : "As he walked away he said 'Allah is going to get you.' "

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