Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Doom and Dispair

The Vietnam War Documentary: Doom And Despair by Bing West
These just keep coming, and getting better and better. Another vet asked me "what can/should we do about this?". The first answer I have is letters to the editor of all your local newspapers, carefully, clearly, and not too emotionally bringing up objections to the series and what was wrong with it. The second answer is to write your local PBS station as ask if they will support a meeting of vets to talk about this, the way they did in Atlanta. If you belong to a vet organization, get the group behind you and write as a member of the group, to get more attention. We have to try to get our own stories out there, and not allow the Burns theme to go unchallenged. The nation deserves a lot more than a polished but slanted summation of the events in SEAsia. --Del

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