Sunday, October 15, 2017

25th Anniversary Trip to Castle Lacrosse

Bonnie and I decided to give ourselves a getaway to a great bed and breakfast in Lacrosse as a present for our anniversary on September 5th. We weren't able to get away or book a room at this popular spot until October 12-15. Yes, it rained all four days, though it stopped Sunday morning for the drive home. We had a wonderful time anyway. It's about 150 miles from us by the back roads we prefer.

It's the grandest house we have ever stayed in. The hosts are delightful, full of conversation and stories. The chef was training in a French cooling school in Texas! It was built in 1891 by a timber baron who died before he could move in. His widow lived there until she sold it to the church, which used it for clergy for 50 years. We were in the Bishop's Bedroom. it opened as a B&B in May.

The house if full of antiques, decorative woodwork and decorated in exquisite taste, which even a plebeian like me could figure out.

Thursday and Friday nights we had dinner at the Waterfront Tavern and Restaurant (an anniversary gift from a friend). We sat outside on the Mississippi the first night--there were heaters. The food was excellent.

On Friday, we took a river cruise on the Lacrosse Queen, a paddle wheeler.

We saw three bald Eagles.

Saturday we went to the Historic Downtown Day, fun despite the rain. There was a chili cooikoff--no lunch needed. There was a great book shop and we enjoyed the Pearl Street Banjo Band.

And there was a lovely garden on the riverfront.

We were so full of chili we just snacked Saturday night. color was not quite peak, as they have had so much rain, but was nice both there and on the drives book ways.

We couldn't recommend the Castle Lacrosse more. we will go back.

~Bob & Bonnie


  1. Lovely. Congratulations, you two.

  2. Outstanding!! Great to see you enjoying yourselves.