Monday, October 9, 2017


California: No Longer A Felony To Knowingly Expose Others To HIV. California Democrats don't want to treat people with HIV "as criminals."
Every time I think they've done everything crazy possible, the CA politicians do another "you can't make this crap up" thing. So... knowingly exposing others to a deadly disease and contributing contaminated blood that might infect total innocents is now a misdemeanor? Which means nothing remotely bad can really happen to you, maybe a warning or a fine at most. Telling people with a deadly infectious condition that they must tell others about it before doing anything that could pass on the infection is not just reasonable, it's insanely unreasonable for the potential victims of such irresponsible and terribly dangerous behavior. That's not treating the infected person like a criminal, it's treating them as the danger they can be. Human beings have practiced quarantine for millenia, to protect others, and that's not about being nasty to the infected people, it's about being considerate of those not infected. I really, really wonder how long California can go on being nuttier by the month before there's some very serious consequences. --Del "Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity." -- Frank Leahy

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  1. Please build a wall around California and make them secede from the Union!