Saturday, October 28, 2017

Irish Loudmouths?

Newsweek runs 'racist' op-ed asking if all 'conservative loudmouths' are Irish-American
So now we have a national magazine publish an article about how one well known subgroup are the obnoxious, biased idiots among us? I read the scholarly article behind this, and it's one of those academic exercises where the highly educated intellectual started off with a conclusion and then rolled along finding all kinds of ways to demonstrate it. Lots of examples of the ways Irish were discriminated against both in the UK and here at first, but then they "became White" and now of course have all the flaws and faults of "Whiteness". He did kind of skip JFK, and all the myriad examples of Irish contributing so much to the nation, and the Irish who were the social justice warriors of the past, like the Berrigan brothers. But let's not be picky. He also skipped the Germans who in the 1930s were pro-Nazi, the Italians famous for organized crime, the Hispanic gangs of today, and the Nation of Islam that preaches racial hatred today as well. He didn't mention how Jews make up a tremendously higher fraction of lawyers and doctors than their level in the population, or other examples of subgroups contributing either positively or negatively to the nation. This is arrogant, biased, idiot professorship at its finest, contributing to the divisiveness already far too damaging to our society. And Newsweek published it, which tells us just how bad things have gotten with the media. Heaven help us. --Del

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