Friday, July 28, 2017


How Long Can the Trump Tumult Go On?
I am now in real despair about this presidency. Trump continues and perhaps even progresses downward in acting like a two year old with no self discipline and total self focus. I had always thought that regardless of his being a well known egotist and bigmouth, he does have a high IQ and would have to be smart enough to see when things were going badly because of his own behavior, and then reflect and adapt. But this is simply and clearly not the case, he is utterly heedless, and is severely damaging his own presidency, and in effect sabotaging any efforts of his own or of the GOP in Congress to get the important things done that this nation needs doing. Yes, he has intractable, vicious opponents everywhere, including the media, but he just plays into their hands with his actions. I don't know where this is going to go, but I greatly fear the deepening polarization in the country and the ineffectiveness of Congress to function as it needs to. And of course, being the laughingstock of the world isn't a positive thing either. (I still am glad Hillary is not in the Oval Office, but this is now far beyond disappointing.) --Del

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